My Conures nose is bleeding

by Claire

My boyfriend and i bought a conure a couple of months back. beautiful male 3 years old fun happy bird. his nose started bleeding randomly a couple of days ago. we thought he may have gotten into a fight with another bird we bought recently and he was ok that night and next morning. that afternoon my boyfriend noticed blood all over the wall where his cage is situated as if he'd sneezed it everywhere. we watched him closely for a couple of hours made sure he was eating and keeping his fluids up and he seemed fine again.That night he started sneezing again this time chunks of blood and kept trying to fall asleep. Ovcourse we have taken him to the vet but they wont let us know whats going on. any ideas what could be the problem? what could have caused it?if its treatable?

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Feb 16, 2009
Conure nose bleeding
by: The Vet

This could be caused by something lodged in the nares (a foreign body), or by low humidity, or by infection, or by someone using tobacco in the home. Other inhaled toxins can be blamed, too, such as Teflon and scented candles (among many others).

There are many other possibilities for the cause of this, including nutritional deficiencies. You should take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian immediately. You also should be feeding your bird a pellet or formulated diet such as Harrison's to be sure he is getting proper nutrition.

If the vet you took the bird to is not treating the bird, then find another avian vet ASAP.

Dr B

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