My dear lovebird

by dan coleman

hello I bought a lovebird about a week ago and every time I go in his cage to clean his water or food he goes insane! how can I get him to stop?

Email me at dancoleman(at)

Thanks one love

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May 20, 2008
Lovebird doesn't like hands in cage
by: Tracie

Hello Dan,

I sounds like your bird is either not hand tame or it does not like your hands in the cage while it is in there.

If you bird is not hand tame, you need to slowly get it used to your hands. Move very slowly when changing things out of the cage, first of all.

To encourage the bird to get on your hand, put your hand in the cage and just sit there for a bit. Do this every day until the bird is not afraid. Eventually the bird may come and rest on your hand, especially if you have a favorite treat on it!

I hope your bird gets used to you soon.

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