My dove's beak is turning blue...

by Kirsten Ablonczy
(Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)

I've had an albino ringneck dove for about eight years now, he's old but he's in amazing health. He gets millet and baby carrots as treats sometimes, and on rare occasions I share Rice Krispies with him. His name is Casper (due to the quiet and sweet nature and the fact that he's white and flys).

I just noticed a few minutes ago that the very tip of his beak is turning purplish blue, not around the nostrils, but in the beak itself. Where the beak begins to taper off and get thinner and come to a point. This area has become blue. It's a dark purply blue. Like indigo.

He's been eating from the same food and water dish and lived in the same cage since I bought him in 2003, and he has been eating the same brand of food all his life. I feed him the same brand that the pet store fed their doves, and the pet store fed their doves the same brand that the breeder fed hers.

He has had all the same toys since I brought him home (although I like to rotate them and change their location in his cage so he will stay interested). I can't think of why this would happen to him. Is he in danger? Please tell me what to do, if he's sick I want to get him help. He's been such a good friend to me for so many years.

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Dec 23, 2011
Dove beak turning blue
by: The Avian Vet

This could be a serious problem. I recommend that you have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian.

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Dr B

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