My DYH drops his food

by Milton
(Coconut Creek, FL)

I watch my bird eat and it seems like he does not know how to eat. Everything he wants to eat he breaks it up with his beak into tiny pieces that fall to the floor. No mater what it is, pellets, rice, egg, apple, pears. I have seen parrots eating on YouTube and they swallow their food. My DYH is 6 months old. Is that normal because of his age or is there something I can do to teach him how to eat?

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Sep 29, 2011
My DYH drops his food
by: Linda

First, take your bird to be examined by an Avian Vet for infections or other physical problems. Do this now and before anything else.

Secondly, if your bird was not weaned properly, he does not know how to eat and may starve to death in the meantime. Have Avian Vet weigh him and see how his weight looks. If he's underweight, then you have a bird who has not been weaned but just dumped onto the first person who came along. Some breeders do this to get the money faster, and the birds they sell cannot yet feed themselves because they have not been weaned correctly. Weaning is a process and does not happen overnight. Birds have to learn how to eat after eating formula from a syringe for several months. If the weaning process is not completed, then bird does not know how to eat. Try soaking the pellets in just a little water, just enough to soften them a bit. Do not add too much water as it will be sloppy, and bird will not eat that. Also remove any wet food after 2 hours as it becomes rancid and will poison your bird. You may find that he eats more and drops less of this moistened food. This is the way babies are weaned from the syringe(bottle) to real food. Also offer him some baked sweet potato as this is usually well liked by parrots. Not too much though. The object in weaning is to get bird to eat more organic, high quality pellets than anything else.

If you're not feeding a high quality pellet, then now is the time to start doing so. Harrison's is the best and there are a few more here that are also very good. Organic pellets have no dangerous chemicals to hurt bird plus offer a complete diet.

You may want to find more information on weaning on the internet too. Making sure he is healthy by taking him to the Avian Vet is a must as he has to be cleared for infections or other physical issues. Then concentrate on weaning your bird onto a healthy diet and all will be well.

Thanks for writing,

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