my eclectus had her eye pecked out by her mate about 8 years ago

by sharon

as it has been a number of years there is no drainage and she does not to seem she is in pain the lid does not close and she is blind in that eye. is it recommende to have it removed and is this type surgery hard on a bird she is 16 yu

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Sep 12, 2009
Eclectu with eye pecked
by: The Vet

Most cases like this it is recommended that the eye be removed. However, it may not be necessary. If I could examine your bird I could give you a more definitive answer. Surgery is always a risk because of anesthesia. But if your bird is healthy there should be very little risk.

Dr B

Sep 11, 2009
Eye Injury
by: Linda

If she is doing well right now and eating good, playing and appears to be healthy, I would go ahead and consult with an Avian Vet. Surgeries are VERY HARD on birds for many of the same reasons they are hard on us or our pets. Birds normally carry no fat on their bodies, and anesthesia has to be extremely carefully monitored to keep from any type of over dosage. An Avian Vet should be able to perform surgeries where there is no overdoses of the drugs, and is also a good idea to have no bird surgeries that do not need to be done. If a bird is ill or has an active injury requiring surgery, you must do that. If, as in this case, bird is doing well, I'd talk with the vet about it. The only thing that is usually done with a dead eye is the eyeball is removed and lid is sewn shut to protect the inner eye from any further damage. Talk with your Avian Vet as to the right course to take here. It could help her be more comfortable to have eye removed and lid sewn shut, so please talk with them about this.


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