my eclectus has started biting my wooden furniture

by Crystal

my one year old eclectus has started biting my wooden furniture. he is healthy and talks very well. he has toys in his cage and tree branches to chew on and he does. he knows hes not allowed to chew the coffe table and the tv cabnet but he keeps doing it. ive tryed telling him 'no' and he just sayes to me 'naughty boy' 'dont do that' hes very cheeky. and ive tryed putting him in his cage and taking away his latter doent work. can i spray the furniture with something to stop him from doing it? please help!

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Dec 21, 2011
forgot to add
by: Anonymous

No, you cannot spray the furniture with anything.

You can google 'Eclectus Parrots' to get more specific Eclectus information. You can also go to Good Bird Inc which have the most wonderful & very experienced birds behavioural problems that are solved very quickly.

Dec 21, 2011
what I did with my eclectus's
by: Anonymous

Every time my eclectus' would chew something they shouldn't I would immediately remove them & place them back onto their stand or cage. You need to be extremely persistant & repetitive in doing this for them to learn tit is not something they should do. They can be very persistant themselves & they know most of us try & give up. That gives them encouragement to keep chewing when they shouldn't. Persistence always pays off, even if it takes you months to get there!

You should also do a little training. Ekkies love to learn things & are very intelligent. Every time you train the bird or it does something desirable, offer a treat or extra time with you or lots of praising. It encourages them to keep doing desirable things & teaches them what is acceptable & what isn't.

I have also discovered with my eclectus's that the continual saying 'no' every time they did something I didn't want them to do did nothing more than encourage them to keep doing it. The 'no' can SOMETIMES work to a degree, but it can turn into nothing more than a repetitive action being taken & can give the birds an unwanted reaction to something they are doing. When that happens it is nothing more than a game for them & frustration for you. So I no longer do this with excellent results. I simply remove them quiet & calmly. I do not say a thing, I react in NO way whatsoever, I don't look at them as I am doing it. Complete IGNORING & just remove them calmly from the situation. Any of my actions or reactions towards them were only given if they showed desirable behaviours. This has always worked a treat for my eclectus's. Something you might like to think about :) Good luck, they are amazing birds to have.

BTW, my eclectus's are not clipped but my house is safe & clipping is something you should try but not be condemned if you discover it doesn't work for you. While my eclectus's are flighted, my cockatiel is clipped. All birds for different reasons. There is no right or wrong in clipping or not. Find what works best for you & your bird & work on that. There are pros & cons in both so know what they are to keep them safe.

Dec 21, 2011
Bird chewing furniture
by: Tracie

First and foremost, always stay with your bird, never allow it to explore your home. Your bird could die from chewing something toxic.

I suggest keeping the wings trimmed and that you purchase or make a play stand for your bird. Then, if the bird flutters to the floor, lock it up in the cage with a "nooooo" and turn you back on the bird. After a couple of minutes try again. Keep doing this and eventually the bird will get the picture.

If you leave the room, put the bird in the cage, do NOT allow your bird to explore your home.

We have some training material on our Parrot Training page that you might want to read also.

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