My Eclectus Parrot, Buddy

Male Eclectus Parrot

Male Eclectus Parrot

What types of fruits are eclectus parrots allowed to eat? Are they allowed to eat nectranes??? or plums? or prunes? If my parrot poops only a little should i give him lots of fruits to allow him to poop normal? What should I do?

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Nov 23, 2009
Eclectus dieting
by: Anonymous

There's a huge variety of foods they can & should eat. IMO they should not get less than 80% natural soft healthy foods. 20% everything else including pellet & seed. eclectus are quite sensitive to what they eat. Pellets should be organic & eclectus specific.

you can get more info on their diets here:

Oct 17, 2009
Feeding your eclectus
by: The Vet

Most important is that you feed your eclectus 70% pellets. The other 30% should be mostly fresh vegetables, some fruits, and grains. Most birds do not like fruit as much as vegetables. However, you can feed your bird any fruit that he likes. The only fresh food you cannot feed is avocado.

Dr B

Oct 17, 2009
My Eclectus
by: Linda

If your bird is not pooping normally, take him to the Avian vet immediately. I think the fruits you mentioned are okay for a bird, but your bird may have some kind of bowel obstruction, so before proceeding, make an appointment with an Avian vet in your driving area and have bird checked out. Give the vet your bird's history, which includes what he eats regularly, how much water he drinks, anything else you are feeding in addition to a highly nutritional diet recommended for Eclectus. I do know that seeds should just be a part of their diet. Also, feed ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC DRIED FRUITS AND VEGGIES. The stuff you get in the regular grocery store is preserved with sulphur which will kill birds as the kidneys and liver have to process this toxic poison, and birds are so small it does not take long for their organs to fail trying to process toxins. You can find certified organic fruits and veggies in health food stores and at food coops where organic and free-range growers come together and share in the profits. Any dried fruit MUST say either organic or NO SULPHUR USED AS PRESERVATIVES. The drying process is enough to preserve the dried fruit and veggies, commerial growers and processors add the sulphur so the shelf life is longer, and they do not care about either humans or animals being harmed by the sulphur. Always read ingredients on everything you feed your birds. If you see chemical preservatives, the food is dangerous. There are some high-end parrot food companies selling mixes with dangerous chemical soups as part of the ingredients. These foods are life-threatening for your bird. Harrison's is an organic food and they use a cold extrusion method instead of heat in their manufacturing process. You don't need to add vitamin/mineral supplements, and your bird is receiving everything needed as a basic diet. Pellets with color dyes added are also not recommended, plus their ingredients are not usually organically grown.


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