my english budgie act's strange in the cage only

by charise
(boston ma)

I just got him 2 days ago.. from a breeder of the budgie society..when Coco's in his cage he act like a dog, or Gerbils? he dose all kind of strange flips on his back.. and climbs all the way up on the top of the cage and falls down.. and keeps runing around back and farward like a dog, and looking at the bottom of his cage, he also like's to squeeze in between his water dish and food and it scratchs he's head why? he's 6 weeks old. I thought he needed a bath he's had one by me but he'll climb into his water dish and wet his self once a day strange. i'm starting to think i have a dog instead of a bird :(

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Jul 23, 2009
hes just hyper
by: Anonymous

my bird neko does the same thing, unless hes puffed up over tired falls off his perch or sleeps with his head under his wing hes fine hes just a happy eccentric bird let him out to run around to get his energy out often tho or he may hurt himself hes a beautiful little bird tho :) im sure you will enjoy him

Sep 29, 2008
Budgie acting strange
by: Tracie

Did the breeder take him to an avian vet to get you a health certificate before you purchased him? He needs to see a vet, especially if you have other birds in the house.

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