my female macaw is laying eggs

by Amanda
(Jupiter Florida usa)

I have a female bird and she really wants a baby and can i give him somthing to help him breed with her we have pine shaving at the bottom of the cage . should i get box for them to breed ??? please repond ????

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Jun 13, 2011
my female macaw is laying eggs
by: Linda

Firt of all, you cannot make a male want to breed a female since this is their business, and they will do what nature intends when they are ready. Your bird does not "want" a baby in the same sense that humans may "want" a baby. It is natural for hens to lay, and she will be more apt to stop if you take out any nesting box and allow them to get back to normal. Unless you are very experienced at breeding birds, the Macaws are very difficult to handle as the male will become aggressive once hen is sitting on eggs. Your box needs to be very large and needs to have a back door where you can access eggs and babies to make sure everything is okay. You'll also need to know how to handfeed the babies using baby parrot formula using a syringe just in case mother does not know how or does not want to do it. Handfeeding is a learned skill, and handfeeding Macaw babies is particularly difficult as there is a lot of head bobbing/jerking that goes on. You need to learn alongside a breeder of the Macaws before having any babies.

The other thing is to remove the pine shavings. Do not use pine bedding because it holds bacteria and can be an incubator for disease. Do not use cedar bedding because the oils coming from it are toxic to birds and other small animals. The pine can be used in small animal cages, but the cedar is not good for any bird or small animal.

You need to be using clean newspaper without print for cage bottoms. This can be found at your local newspaper office as they have partial rolls of unprinted newspaper left over all the time. It is sold dirt cheap and lasts a long time. It is clean, safe even for bird to tear up if they want to. I would use nothing in the nest box. Make sure nestbox is made correctly. A correctly made box has an area in the middle scooped out so eggs cannot roll all around the box which helps the mother bird when sitting on eggs. Anything you put in there is going to get filthy and carry germs and disease so get or make the right kind of nestbox and leave out any shavings.

Thanks for writing,

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