My fighting Conures

by Axel
(Cambridge, UK)

Me and my partner have purchased 2 18month old Maroon belled green conures, We have had them now for 2 months and they now are starting to fight. Its never for very long but it seems very agressive. Do we have anything to be worried about or is this just arguing??? We are not sure what sex they are, so could this be an issue????

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Jul 12, 2011
my fighting conures
by: Axel

well they get on 90% of the time, This last fight was over a water bowl which we bought that morning. When this fight happened we removed the dish and purchased another one which seemed to solve that problem out, but now they share the one dish :-(

Jul 11, 2011
My fighting Conures
by: Linda

Some birds just do not get along together in the same cage. If these two are having to share dishes, toys and perches, then this can cause all kinds of problems. Even with separate dishes and such, sometimes they just don't like each other. Parrots are a lot like people in that they don't like all parrots including those in their own species. I can honestly say that I don't like all humans and not feel bad about it. Just keep me in my own cage, and all will be well...

As Tracie said, separate them into two cages that can be close together. When they are out of cage together, be sure that someone is right there to stop a fight before it gets deadly. Parrots are exotic wild animals, not domesticated, and can and do sometimes get into fights to the death of one, leaving the other severely injured.


Jul 11, 2011
Conures fighting
by: Tracie

You need to separate the birds. Purchase another cage for one of the birds. You can put the cages next to each other and you can allow them to play together outside the cage with supervision, but you may have two injured or dead birds if you leave them together.

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