My green check concure is losing feathers on chest and back off nec

by jay
(Sydney Aust.)

I have a pair of green check conures the female has no feathers on her chest or back of neck, the male bird is not tuching her wot could it be

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Nov 21, 2012
My green check concure is losing feathers on chest and back off nec
by: Linda

The only way for the feathers on the back of neck to be pulled is by the male. The hen may be pulling her chest feathers but cannot reach behind her head. You will have to separate the birds into two cages at least for the time being. I have a pair of bonded, proven Amazons, and they had to be separated years' ago because she pulls out his neck feathers and bites his feet. He happens to be smaller than she is, and was sick back some years' ago. He lost two toes to those dry, horrible pumice perches supposedly made to keep their toenails trim. She actually ate one of his toes and they have had to be separated ever since.Don't use any of the pumice, sand or concrete perches because all they do is dry out bird's feet. Eli's toes were just dried husks when they fell off because he loved the perch so much. Take birds to avian vet for toe nail trims when needed which is when there is a point on the ends of the nails.

You will also want to take both your birds to be examined for infections or other physical issues by an Avian Vet ONLY. The hen may be sick or they both may be sick. Infections are highly contageous. Overbreeding the hens will cause their bodies to break down, and they then succumb to infection and possibly death if the overbreeding does not stop. Parrots need to be bred no more than twice a year, and I highly recommend once a year to keep hens in good condition.This breeding all the time is called extreme cruelty and results in the loss of many fine hens.

So, to sum up, you need to separate birds, have both examined for infections either bacterial or viral. If they have infections, it causes their health to deteriorate to the point where all kinds of physical problems begin to show up. Poor diet of all seeds or junk pellets, i.e. Lafaebers or ZuPreem, will cause lots of physical problems as well.


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