My Green Cheek Conure freaked out and started flying into things

by Mariana
(Ontario, Canada)

My 9 year old green cheek conure Kiwi, started blinking rapidly and then breathing heavily. Kiwi was on my boyfriend at the time when he notified me of his weird behaviour. Then Kiwi freaked out and started flying into walls, windows and a mirror. Even when i picked him up and tried to put him in his home, he was still freaking out being all jumpy.

I put him in my shirt and fed him a treat and he seems to be feeling better. But if a family member tries to ask him to step up, he starts to flare up and get nippy. Any idea what is wrong with him, I was so scared he was having a heart attack. Please Help.

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Oct 19, 2009
Green Cheek "freaking out"
by: The Vet

I do not suspect a heart attack. It sounds like something has startled or frightened him and he had a phobic experience. This will sometimes happen in a room with too little light. However, if our bird has not been seen by an avian veterinarian in the last year, I recommend that you have him in for a check up to rule out any medical conditions, such as stroke.

Dr B

Oct 19, 2009
Green Cheek
by: Linda

One question I have is, was he friendly and comfortable with others before this? If his personality has changed in this drastic a fashion, I would be inclined to say that he may be ill. I'd take him to an Avian vet in your driving area and have him checked for infections and also have bloodwork done to see how his organs are functioning. I believe they call this bloodwork a Comprehensive Panel where blood is checked for high white blood cell count which indicates infection, and kidney and liver functions are also checked. For a bird his age, he should be seeing an Avian vet at least once a year to have all this checked to make sure all is well with him physically.

So, take him to Avian vet, and then you can look at some other reasons for behavior. One thing you need to have done at vet is to have his PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS CLIPPED--JUST THE PRIMARY OR FIRST LAYER OF FEATHERS ON THE END OF WINGS IS ALL THAT NEEDS CLIPPING. Tell vet you want his Primary flight feathers clipped. What this will do is take away the "lift" to be able to fly into walls, mirrors and windows. It will allow him to gently go down to the floor but will not allow him to fly up which is what you want. Your bird can be badly injured being able to fly up and into hard surfaces sometimes resulting in head trauma and death.

If he gets a good bill of health then look at how people are picking him up, and how they are dressed. If people are wearing hats or scarves, and he is not used to seeing them dressed this way, he will freak. I came out of the shower once with a towel wrapped around my hair, and my two Amazons went bonkers until I took towel off. They saw me as a total stranger and were very frightened. First, get him checked by vet and then we can proceed to analyze this further.

Keep in touch and let us know what vet had to say.


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