My Green Cheek Conure seems to only poop when out of her cage!

by Tracie
(Macomb Twp, MI)

I have a 3 month old Green Cheek that will hold her poop in until I tell her to "step up" and move her away from her cage, then she lets it drop! Get that cleaned up and then she'll get on my shoulder, and here comes the poop on my back. This is getting kind of old.

I tried leaving her in her cage for the entire day last week, and she only pooped 2 times, and that wasn't till late evening when she realized she wasn't going to get out to poop! Any advice? This is my first bird. Thanks

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Jun 25, 2017
by: Anonymous

My bird is realy amazing ,I have him now for a year ,he say,s words, hello, oke, I love you ,
pretty birdy ,he don,t poop in his cage ,he try to sit on my shoulder a lot ,wich i don,t want
becoase he poops then,how can i train him not to do that ,i have lots of fun with him .if he is on the counter ,and i have a cup there with pens
he works just as long ,until they are on the floor. he loves to sit on the phone.Can a canure wisle ,what else can i training in ? Does anybody has a answer for me ,LODY is his name

Mar 07, 2017
Outside the cage pooping only !
by: Marcel Fromond

I have had my female conure for a week now and she never pooped inside of her cage. I thought it was something of a reverse house training, but then I realized that the cage was her house and that she was actually behaving very well.

Here is what's working for me. I got the idea from a post somewhere and wanted to thank the person but never found the post again... perhaps some day !

I have a smaller travelling cage. I have tried to get the bird out of her cage and immediately place her in the travelling cage. I mimick what she does when she poops and, pretty much instantaneously, here she goes. Of course, I praise her and give a little treat.

This might not eliminate all mishaps in the future but, if I avoid the large long held production, this is a major step into the right directions.

She's only 10 weeks old and soooo much more advanced that I was at her age ! :-)

Oct 27, 2014
Green-cheek pigeon poop
by: Eddie

We have a Green cheek, about 6 months old, that lets go with what we call a "pigeon poop" (extremely large for a small bird)within 30 seconds after we let him out in the morning. In the beginning, before we realized it was a consistent thing, we'd just let him out & he'd let it go anywhere, usually on the couch. Eventually we started putting him on his external perch in front of the patio as soon as we let him out, & sure enough, he lets go there. After that , he will still poop here & there (outside his cage), but never like the huge one he does every morning. We have newspaper on the floor underneath that perch, so it is the best place for him to do his business, but we, as others have mentioned, worry about whether or not he'll go in his cage if he's not let out for a while. IE, we went on a 6 day vacation a while back, (before we had figured out his "routine"), & never thought to look in his cage when we got back to see if he'd been going. We imagine that he must have-they can't hold it for a week, can they? Anyway, after reading these posts, it is interesting to see that many conures do the same thing. We have a white-faced cockatiel who does not have this habit-he will happily go in his cage while he's in it.

Jun 10, 2014
Us too with our new baby GC
by: Anonymous

He was born in Feb of 2014. A really awesome little bird. Has one large stay home cage he will not poop in. Same as others have said---poops when he is let out for breakfast with us. He has a second cage on our screened porch that is white. He poops there as he so chooses ! Holds nothing back. I can get him to the area that has his papers to poop in the morning with no trouble. Occasionally he will wiggle from me and it will be released in 30 seconds.

Heard many medical cons on the "poop on command" so I am not sure I want to go that route. For now, yes a very clean master cage and a dirty play & travel cage. I guess if this one dump in the morning is all I have to complaint about??

Taking him to guests house over the weekend is another story as he goes most places with us since we are retired. Still working on this part of his life. He is a baby and hoping time will alter some habits.


Jan 18, 2014
What about when I'm at work?
by: O.K.

My green cheek holds it in when inside his cage too, but I can't take him out when I'm at work (6am-3pm). Whenever I get home and take him out, he drops his load, which is huge (I guess from holding it in). Any suggestions?

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Aug 22, 2009
Cage Training
by: Jenny

Our little lady used to poop everywhere as well; we said "bad" and put her in her cage everytime she pooped somewhere else, and she would much rather be out so it was a decent punishment. It's taken a whole year but now she (usually) goes to her cage to poop without us even asking. It just takes alot of time and patience, and perhaps a reward when your conure goes in the cage.
Remember to clean the cage more often if its always going in its cage though, I know with ours she starts going in other places when her cage needs to be cleaned.
When we first got her, we had her trained to go on the (laminate/tile) floor at first for an easy clean up; it worked out pretty good, as long as you notice when it happens and dont accidently step in it!

Good luck!

Apr 29, 2008
Green Cheek waits to poop
by: Tracie in Texas

Hi Tracie,

It sounds like your Conure doesn't want to soil her cage. I guess it could be instinct in some way because in the wild the bird would not want the predator to know it is up in that tree.

This could really be in your advantage! Just think, barely any cage cleaning. I would LOVE that!! Your bird sounds like a great candidate for training to poop on command.

I am no expert on this, trust me, but since you know when she will poop the first time every morning you might can work with her on this.

When you bring her out of the cage and she starts the "squat" position, say a word as she releases her "deposit." If you say that word, whatever you choose, every single time you know she is going to go, she will learn to associate it with going.

Reward her with praises and maybe even a treat immediately after she goes as you say the word. Eventually, you will be able to say that word and she will go where you want her to go. You can train her to go over a trash can, for instance.

What you don't want to happen, is that she only goes when you give the command. So don't get upset with her when she goes without your giving the command, just always praise her greatly when she does go when you give the command.

She will want to please you, so most likely she will eventually wait until you take her to the appropriate place to go and say the word. Then you will notice that she will get "antsy" when she needs to go again, if she is on you. Then just take her quickly to where she should go and say the word. When she goes, praise her and maybe even give her a treat. Make sure she connects the reward to what she just did.

I hope this encourages you.

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