My Green Cheek will not play with toys.

by Kris
(san jose, ca )


My green cheek conure will not play with toys. He is very healthy. He eats a variety of foods. He has a large cage. He has a large sleep cage. He has two play stands. He steps up without problem. He steps down without problem. He lets most anyone hold him.

The only thing he likes to do is be held, which we do a lot. He will not play with any of his toys. I have spent a lot of time and money on acquiring a large variety of toys. I have tried playing with them as he watches. I have tried games. He wants nothing to do with them.

If we aren't holding him he just sits there waiting for us to pick him up. He will eventually start calling us by saying, "step-up" or "come get me" He is not a screamer, he does not pluck. Should I be worried that he will not play?

Thank you,

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Jan 03, 2009
Green Cheeked Conure won't play with toys
by: Tracie

Hello Kris,

It sounds like you have spoiled your bird, which in one way is really sweet. Some people do not spend nearly enough time with their birds.

Our Green Cheeked Conures don't play a whole lot with their toys either. Unlike your bird, ours DO SCREECH all the time for our attention. You are very fortunate to have a GC that talks and doesn't make a ton of noise.

We have found with our birds that they prefer toys they can shred and tear up. They love toys made with Popsicle sticks, paper, and the like.

I don't really know how to help you any more than this, just keep trying. Thanks for loving your bird so much that you are making such an effort to keep it happy.

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