My green cheeked conure bites everyone but me

by Cookie
(Rutherford, N.J.)

Hi, My green-cheeked conure Skeeter is about 9 months old. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. When we first got him, he liked everyone in my family and let them hold him.
Now, for the past 5 months, he bites and literally attacks the other members of my family if they go near him or me at all.
They are all scared of him and he is not well liked any more. He loves me and only me.
Can I do anything to correct this?
Skeeters Mom

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Jun 06, 2017
Scarlett the Biter
by: Lucy

My son's green cheek, Scarlett, has recently started biting him. The last few weeks have been terrible. We never had Scarlett sexed so I'm not sure if hormones are to blame. Scarlett mostly attacks his face, biting so hard blood is drawn.
She plays nice, giving kisses and then attacks.
Any ideas what could be wrong? We have had Scarlett since she was four months old, she is now four years old.

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May 11, 2017
My lovely conure bites now
by: Claire

All the comments are similar to mine. My GC Conure used to step onto my finger, sit on my shoulder and nuzzle me. Now he bites. I won't get rid of him because that would be wrong. I still love him but it makes me so sad.


Nov 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

i sold my pinapple conure about6mo ago i lost my husband iand i didnt wont anything anymore but the lady couldnt take care of him so i got him back today but when i go close to cage he fans his tale out i tryed to get him out of his cage and he bit me good help what can i do

Jul 11, 2015
Bonded with one
by: Jesus

When I head green check conure at 9 months he didn't anyone at that time but today he defense when people get close to him or me,why does is this happening ?

Sep 20, 2014
buddy turned bad
by: jenny

I have a green cheek I got him at 6 months old he just turned 6 years I don't like him caged so he has free roam which for the most part he stays on the cage. He use to be so friendly give kisses and let us touch him if he was on the floor we could tell him step up and he would with no problems but now he bites everyone unless you have food for him he has started biting the dogs they are now afraid of him I don't know what to do to make him stop being so hateful at first I thought he was just grouchy but it has bee going on for about a year now I've tried to reward for good behavior but it seems like there isn't any good behavior anymore I hate to give him up but he is disrupting the whole household now Help please!!!

Editor's note: Please visit our Parrot Training page for help. Also, it is not a good idea to have a bird roaming your house, you need a bird room and you must handle your bird daily to keep it tame, usually.

Jun 25, 2014
Green cheek
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
I came here trying to find a situation similar to mine but to no avail.
My bird is looked after by myself and my mother. She is well socialised and will sit and interact with all of my family. She clearly prefers me but is fine with other people. My mum will interact with her and play she responds and even snuggles into my mums cheek etc. the problem is very random...suddenly for reasons only she knows, she will run and bite my mum. There is no pattern to this. She will be snuggling then suddenly bite her. Or she will be across the room and decide to fly at my mum. The only reoccurring thing is that she always goes for mums mouth. Sometimes she draws blood and then will go back in for a cuddle. We just can't work out the trigger in order to solve it. Any other ideas for help would be much appreciated!

Oct 20, 2013
Help please!
by: Elli

I'm having som trouble with my greencheek, he is about 10 months old and I've had him for 3 months.
He is so sexuall he's having sex with every thing in his cage and often tries to do things to my boyfriend.
He's almost always nice to me, but a couple of days ago he just attacked my hand for no reason and bit me real hard :(
And he done it more times after that.
I understand that its hormones but its been going on for almost 3 months. Should I go to the vet for hormone shots or will this behavior pass?
Or is it something I can train?
So thankfull for answers!!

Sorry if my english is bad I'm swedish

Aug 07, 2013
Pineapple Conure Biting
by: Anonymous

My Pinapple conure, Thio, tends to bite new or infrequent visitors. Last week he was biting my friend who wanted to hold him. I told her to just talk to him and NOT go after him. After 10 minutes of talking, Thio was trying to get to her to sit on her shoulder. He stopped trying to bite her.
He does the same thing with my nephew. My nephew talks to him and Thio eventually jumps to my nephew to hang out and cuddle.
Never let anyone go after your bird. That's when they will attack.
When Thio wants to be held, he stoops down and wiggles his tail as if he was going to jump fom his cage. He also jumps on the sofa, walks over to a person and jumps on him or her.

Aug 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

This was very helpful info thanks alot but i recomend you guys to stop putting adds of the birdtips site because they like to charge people to share their knowledge but here people share what they know for free i actually dont have a conure yet i only had a budgie and a parrorlet but i was doing research and i found this site
i have no doubt that this site is the best parrot site i have seen so far

May 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

i have been doing just that, but without the treats. so i will start using the treats as a reward. many thanks for the advise. steve.

Dec 31, 2008
Biting Conure
by: Tracie

Hello Cookie,

First of all, you should read the articles on our Parrot Training page.

I will try to explain how we helped our Green Cheeked Conures stop biting me. We also got our birds just after they were weaned. I am within 5 feet of their cage all day long and I am the one that feeds them.

At first our birds would go to all of us, but favored me. Then one day, it seemed like it was out of the blue, they decided they preferred my husband over me. They would also tolerate my daughter, but would bring blood on me.

Since they preferred my husband, he worked with them every day before he left for work and in the evenings when he got home. He would get them out and hand one to me. As soon as the bird opened it's beak and showed it was going to strike, usually before he even got close enough to hand the bird off to me, he would bring the bird close to his face and give it the "evil eye" and say "noooooo" in calm low stern voice.

Since my husband is "top bird" to them, they want to please him. He would keep doing this until one day he was able to pass the bird to me without me getting bit.

I would only take the bird for a moment and my husband would quickly reward the bird with a treat and then take the bird back. Of course on the days the bird would bite, he just did the evil eye thing and no treat at that time.

We had to do this for months before the birds would behave without treats and having him there to protect me. The birds still don't prefer me, but they rarely bite me. If they do, and my husband is there, he will correct them quickly.

Our birds are both cage territorial. That means that none of us can put our hands in their cage without being bit. We open the door and let them climb onto the door and get them from there. We feel they should be able to protect their home and do not try to change this behavior.

Please remember that sometimes your bird will not want to be held or picked up at all times. Even if you "train" the bird not to bite most of the time, it may still bite when that is the only way it can "tell" you that it doesn't want to be picked up at that time.

You can find several great books and DVD's on bird training right here at our Discount Parrot Supply Store also.

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