My green cheeked conure Sasha

by Meaghan
(Sudbury Ontario)

Basically,I have a green cheeked conure named Sasha,She just turned one on the 4th of February.I got her when she was 5 months old.
She is the love of my life,and is an amazing pet,boy does she have a BIG personality.
I'm just rather curious about what these things mean when she does them:
1)She bobs her head up and down fast.
2)She puts her beek down and runs along the couch.
3)She rubs her beek all over my hand.

She is in a good mood when she does them so i have NO idea what they mean,she's such an odd character.This is my first experiece with a bird.To be honest,I was NEVER,not once interested in birds until the day I saw Sasha.

I was on my way to the pet store and I was looking at fish for my new apartment,and i thought,hm,well might as well take a look at all the other animals i cant have or afford.I was walking by the cage of birds to see the hamsters and so on when something caught my eye.
I saw a bird climbing from bar to bar just to watch me walk by,I did it again just to see if she would do the same,and she did,i knew at that very moment,I had to have her!!So PLEASE help me,I really would like to know how she feels,she means the world to me,and is totally worth the 750$ that i didnt have at the time.


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Feb 08, 2009
by: Lori

I can't tell you what it means but my sun conure
does all of those things as well. When we have people over we will ask Willy questions and he will bob his head up and down really fast like he is saying yes. He also walks around with his beak on the ground of his playstand. I thought maybe he just liked the noise it made on the metal but he also does it on the glass table. Willy will be 3 on the 15th of feb. Conures just seem to have great personalities and lots of energy.

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