My Hahns macaw wont trust anyone!!

by heather

My hahns macaw is a male and we have had him for a while now.. HE DOESNT TRUST ANYONE.. He just bites and runs away.. Hes about 7-8 months annd the feathers on his breast are are grey while the rest of him is green. DO you have any idea why this is and how i can fix this? Thank You before hand.

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Nov 29, 2010
My Hahns macaw wont trust anyone!!
by: Linda

First off, you need to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your area to be checked out for infections or other physical problems. ALL new birds must be taken into an Avian Vet during the first week because most ALL new birds have bacterial infections from the stress of being moved first into a pet store and then into another new home. A lot of times, the birds are not taken care of properly by the breeders as baby birds tend to develop bacterial infections either contracted from their parents or from their living quarters or feeding utensils. So, a trip to an Avian Vet is a must here before you do anything else.

Have the Avian Vet trim the 6 primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing because flighted birds will not tame down and will fly all over and get injured. All birds take time to settle in, and this light clipping of the wings helps them to do so.Do not allow them to clip up any higher as this cripples bird and causes chronic pain. Just the 6 long primary feathers are all it takes.

Before any training of any kind, first go the Avian Vet and have bird thoroughly checked out including basic bloodwork to see if there are any other physical problems and that organs are functioning properly.

Diet is the most important aspect of good skin and feathers, and we recommend organic pellets, with Harrisons being the best and Avian Vet endorsed. Here is a link about how to go about changing from a starvation diet of all seeds to the organic pellets. Harrison's is 100% nutrition, and there is no need to supplement with vitamins and minerals while using it. Feed NO people food of any kind or any of the junk you can buy at local grocery stores as they are poison, and the fruit and veggies are loaded with pesticide and fertilizer residue which is also poison. Feed only certified organically grown fruit and veggies and only organic pellets:

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Trusting people takes birds a lot of time, and do not begin any training until after Avian Vet visit. A sick bird cannot learn and will not feel good enough to be handled causing bird to bite all the time. Learn more about your bird through study because birds are NOT toys for your enjoyment, they are sentient beings who feel all the emotions and pain we feel. They are highly intelligent and still they will always be wild exotic animals, so learning about parrot behavior in the wild will shed light on your pet parrot in your home.


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