My Indian Ringneck TInkerbelle SHivers.. Please help

by Danica

I took my bird Tinkerbelle to the vet on 4-25 because he was shivering he does quake like a quaker but this was different. she put him on sntibiotics which he has taken well as long as it is in a little bit of donut. today is his last day he is still shivering and the vet said that we have to wait five days after the antibiotic to test his poo.

I keep him at about 85- 87 degrees in my room. i kept his toys with him because I did not want to stress him out. if I lower the temp he shivers more. as long as I keep it warm he only shivers sometimes. sneezes about 4 times a day but that is normal right I think it is just dust from the pollen? the vet said she could not see any signs of respiratory problems she said that this time of year (spring) that birds get hormonal and it can weaken them and make them ill.

I have had tinkerbelle 3 years and he is a major part of our family we all love him dearly. He yes Tinkerbelle is a he we disovered this year when he developed a ring around his neck lol..eats ok and drinks fine just not as spunky as usual. am using pediatlyte and a few drops of aloe in his water for detox.

please can anyone help maybe tell me what else I can do or what this might be. i hate seeing him like this, I had to use our bathroom 250 watt heat bulb about 2 feet from his cage, I bought a nocturnal reptile one but it was only 100 watt and he just would not stop shivering with it so after 30 min I went back to the other one. I also have a heat ing pad uder his cage, to me this seems so hot but the vet assures me that it helps him regulate his temp and that his normal temp is 108 .he does seem happier with the heat but at night he cant't sleep well he likes it totally dark and I can only cover half his cage because otherwise he shivers cause he can't see me and he needs the heat.. he is still active but not as much, talks some but not as much, you know we can just tell something is wrong and we are worried that he might get worse..

Does it just take longer for birds to get better or something.. I just don't want to wait if their is something else i can do.. also give him baby rice cereal and applesause millet spray, yogurt any other ideas would be really appreciated thanks... Danica

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May 08, 2012
bout my ringneck that shivers
by: Danica

Yes I do feed him tinkerbelle many veggies, fruit some seed and Pellets, laffebers premium parrot food. plus an egg mix a few times a week. I tried giving him his antibiotic with yogurt, juice, applsauce, rice cereal, and 7 grain bread with a touch of peanut butter but he wouldn
t go for it. I also give him grape pedialyte in his water to keep him well hydrated, which I read my a board certified avian vet that these thing are good for a sick or stressted bird. my vet said that anything to get the med down is fine just so we got the med in him. we are talking a small pice of donut we just soak it in med and he eats it no problem (of course I don't do it all the time) also i read on the internet that these things are good for a sick or stressed bird so that their weight, and fluids stay steady (excluding the donut of course). the small bit of donut with the antibiotic is the only way I can get him to take the med. what would you suggest? I do have a avian vet, two actually because my vet was in the hospital I went to dr. Kamaka who is very nice and works well with my birds. I just don't know why he is shivering off and on it is now day 13 into his antibiotic and he still shivers tomarrow is his last day on meds. I wish tracie that you could give me more ideas than just to get a vet, i did that. She said he showed no signs of respiratory stress, or yeast problems, no mucous in eyes or nares. what more can I do? I need real advice from someone that maybe knows what this means or has had a bird do this before. Like I wrote previously I have him at 85-87 degrees heat lamp and heat pad on half his cage. my vet said we had to wait 5 days after the meds to test the poo so that I should wait and then bring him in when we could test and do everything all at once. before I get any mean comments about not taking animals to vets. In that last 10 years I have taken 2 cats, 3 hamsters and 3 birds back and forth to the vet I have three vets to handle all our furry and feathered friends needs and this year alone I am in debt with my credit card over 6,000$ trying to save my best friend my kitty Isabelle from dying of liver cancer. just in case i get a comment about not taking care of my pets. I know most are like us just trying to do the best we can to keep our friends happy and healthy. I just need any advice about maybe something else could try I hesitate to ferry him to the vet too much because it is 45 min away and I am afraid the stress and temperature change would make him worse. I plan on calling the vet again tomarrow, so any advice on maybe what test to ask for or maybe other food he would like. the doc said his weight is great, no runny poo just the shivering, and it isn't like a quaker shiver he does do that too. thanks for any help in advance it is very appreciated.

May 08, 2012
IRN parrot shivers
by: Tracie

It does not sound like you took your bird to a certified avian vet, but maybe a dog/cat vet? If one of my vets found out I fed my birds donuts and junk like that he/she would hit the roof. Also, I would have a diagnosis of what is wrong, so I would know what they are treating.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine and test your bird. Maybe your bird doesn't need antibiotics, maybe it needs a medication specific for what is wrong with it.

I am so sorry you are going through this. Bless you for doing the best you know how to care for the bird. I hope you find a different vet, one that will run tests until they discover what exactly is wrong so they can treat the bird for that specific issue.

Once your bird gets well, and can take the stress of a diet change, please read our Switching Birds To Pellets article so your bird will live a long healthy life.

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