My jenday chewing ladder

by Lisa Diamond
(New Orleans)

We just got a baby african grey in a separate cage from my jenday and conure. Now our jenday is chewing all the wooden ladder apart in their cage. Should I worry about this behavior and what should I do?

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Oct 19, 2011
My jenday
by: Lisa

I appreciate your answer and information pertaining to the ladder linda, however my concern was my jendays manic response to the new african grey baby entering our managerie. I did give my jenday more attention and he stopped chewing the ladder as much so I think with time, he'll realize that I love all of them equally! Thx, Lisa

Oct 18, 2011
My jenday chewing ladder
by: Linda

All parrots like to chew wood, so provide both of them with wooden toys not the acrylic ones. Pick toys appropriate for your size bird not too big and not too small and have no bells or other small parts on them. Just wood that can be chewed is all parrots need. All the colors, plastic and glitz is for humans not the birds as they have very simple tastes.

Thanks for writing,

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