My Jenday Conure is laying eggs

by Jackie Cheveallier
(Reynoldsburg, Ohio U.S.A.)


Just need a little direction please. My Jenday Conure is laying eggs one so far she looks like and feels like another is on the way soon. What do I need to do for her and the egg? Will it be a hazard to have the male remain in the same cage with her?
Thanks, Jackie

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Mar 09, 2012
how my jenday bird had an egg
by: elex

My bird had no male to mate with and had an egg but no boy bird to have the egg with. but one day I found the egg in it's cage I didn't know what to think.

Editor's note: Egg laying and mating have nothing to do with each other. Many birds lay eggs without a mate.

Jan 11, 2011
My Jenday Conure is laying eggs
by: Linda

Hi, Tracie pretty well covered the issues here, and I'll just add a post script about the male. If you have a breeding set up in place, namely a nestbox with outside access, and your bird is laying in the box, then the male will be okay in there. Watch them to see if they show an inclination to break the eggs or anything, but usually the male is the protector of the nest and would be very upset if he was taken out. Protecting the hen, eggs and later babies is his job, and he will become fierce and aggressive about this. New parents do make mistakes, so keep an eye on them.

If you do not have your hen laying in a nice clean nestbox, then you have a different set of issues. Namely eggs being laid in bottom of fecal covered cages can become contaminated with feces and salmonella. You'll need to get a nestbox set up for the pair, and you'll also need to candle eggs to see if they are fertile. This means to carefully take each egg and shine a bright light behind it. If there is nothing showing through the egg, it is clear. If you see a little spot or a bigger spot, it is fertile. If eggs are laid in bottom of cage, and are infertile, Dr. B says to take them out, boil them to kill any salmonella or other bacteria on the outside and allow them to cool and give them back to bird in a clean nestbox up off the floor.

Tracie covered everything about Avian Vet visit to make sure parent birds are healthy and what to feed to get and keep birds healthy, so I'll sign off and wish you all the best.


Jan 11, 2011
Conure laying eggs
by: Tracie

I think you are saying that the eggs might be fertile? Are you wanting to breed your birds?

First, if your birds are eating an 80% healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's , then you don't have to worry about egg binding. If your birds are not eating a high quality pellet diet, then watch the hen for signs of egg binding.

If the hen seems to sit for a long period of time straining to lay, then it may be egg bound and will die quickly if you do not get her to an avian vet.

Find an Avian Vet

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Even though this appears to be the first time your bird has produced an egg, you might want to read the Chronic Egg Laying article an avian vet wrote too.

Our bird only laid an egg every 3rd day instead of every other day. If the bird shows an interest in sitting on the eggs, the let her sit until they either hatch or she loses interest.

I will let a breeder answer your question about the male. I believe that it is fine for him to stay if he is not disturbing the nest.

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