My little bundles of joy! Lovebird Story

by Morris terence

Swift on the right Nip on the left

Swift on the right Nip on the left

Swift came into my life on the 2/1/07 as a little fuzzy Lovebird. It wanted to be cuddled the moment I picked him up, he was a playful little fuzzball. He followed me every where I went and was my little companion.

He doesn't like other people but I'm trying to get him used to everyone. He only likes me and my mum and bites everyone else really hard.

The first few months his high pitch screeching to get my attention was unbearable but nowadays he would not scream. He does the wolf whistle each time I walk past his cage.

I let him fly around my room but once he got stuck in a tree. That was when I decided to clip his wings. He likes to follow me around the house waddling across the living room like a duck.

On the 5/6/07 I decided to get swift a companion. I took him to the pet shop. It was love at first sight. He jumped off my shoulder and landed on a lonely Lovebird's cage.

His companion, I named Nip, was not hand tamed and always bit me. Now swift bonds to Nip more than he does to me but I just didn't want him to be lonely whenever I was in school.

They both have a tree I picked out on the road side. After some cutting it was their favorite playground.

Lovebirds can be really grumpy if they are not in the mood but they are still a sweet loving companion bird.

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Mar 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Awww my lovebird is like yours! And a close call happened today... She flew out of the garden trying to chase a sparrow0.0 I ran out of the house to find her... I heard her chirping when I chirped and I finally found her on my neighbors car! She was looking at me
! I was zoo happy:3 now she stays indoors at all times hah aha! Is this a sign I should cut her wings? And she now follows me and flies to me wherever I go...

Jun 05, 2011
Little angels
by: Truth teller

You have cute lovebirds

Jun 05, 2011
Little angels
by: Truth teller

You have cute lovebirds

May 16, 2010
that's so sweet
by: Anonymous

i wish my lovbird would follow me around. Ha-ha thst's not gonna happen because my brother has a dog so the poor thing has to stay in her cage. were still in the training stage so she still bites me but i hope that I will have as much fun with her as you have with yours

Feb 16, 2009
by: Mike

Thoroughly amazing, beautiful and loveable creatures that bring joy to many peoples lives.

May 16, 2008
Sweet Lovebirds
by: Chickabeee

I used to breed lovebirds and found them cranky little rotter's, BUT after having a pet one, I NEVER new the love that these little birds share and want. I work from home so my Peachface is with me all day, and he never wants to be out of my sight. He has some funny little ways about him that are so indearing. Ive done some videos of him on youtube if you want to peek, just look up my name. Cheers

May 05, 2008
nice story
by: jose

I just got a peach faced female lovebird, I really like it and also my kids. Im looking for the peache faced male lovebird for her not to be so lonely. I try to hold her but she bites. Is there any one who has an extra peach face male lovebird that I can get?. if there is any one pls call me at 780- 462-2526.
Thank you, Jose

Feb 18, 2008
by: tiffy

I love your story and your picture i have a love bird to but since we are moving i had to get rid of him i miss him so much

Jan 20, 2008
Clipping wings is cruel
by: Anonymous

Clipping a birds wings is selfish and cruel.

Editors note: This is not the opinion of everyone. Some feel that they live in an environment that the bird could get hurt if it could fly, thus it would be cruel not to clip their wings to save their life. (Ceiling fans are deadly, for instance.)

Dec 04, 2007
My lovebirds
by: Anonymous

Great. I Have 2 Lovebirds as well, Blossom and Willow. When I first got them they were so frightened as they had not got to know people, but now they follow me around in my bedroom and chirp to get my attention.

They don't like other people coming near them, only me. Whenever I leave the cage door open, they move quickly and if I turn my head for 2 seconds they are on my shoulder climbing in and out of my hair and out of my shirt sleeves. They really have made loving them a lot easier compared to some of the shrieking they do.

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