My little Chaos

by Pepper
(Greenville, NC)

My Grandbaby Chaos

My Grandbaby Chaos

Chaos is the product of two seperate species of Conures falling in love.
His mother is a Jenday conure and his father is a Nanday conure.
His was hatched out on April 21st, 2008.
I call him my "Grandbird" because I call the parents my children.
More about Chaos:
He got this name because from the time he could walk, he had a destructive, but fun behavior.
Chaos is the only one from a group of four hatchlings that is aventurous and ALWAYS into something.

When I give him and the other grandbirds food, instead of eating out of the bowl he takes his beak and knocks the seeds everywhere as the others are trying to feed.
I have two dogs (One a Pit Bull and the other a Chihuahua).
Chaos loves to follow the pit bull around. When she goes to drink her water, Chaos comes and jumps in her bowl to take a bath whether he has already had a bath moments ago or not.
Whenever I am gettting ready to apply makeup, Chaos likes to get up on the vanity and rummage through my makeup.
He is also there when I am trying to have a private session in the bathroom. He comes in screaming and does not stop until he has managed to climb on top of my head!
He follows me everywhere waddling like a duck.
I had intentions on selling all of the grandbirds as I have enough pets already, but there is no way I can let Chaos go.
I would be totally lost in the morning without my little green Hulkamaniac jumping in my shower with me or preening through my hair after I comb it as if I didn't do a good job.

Here is another submission about Chaos from Pepper:

Hybrid Jenday and Nanday Conure Cross Photo / picture

Chaos is a a Hybrid as a result of a Nanday and Jenday conure falling in love and breeeding. He was hatched out on April 21st and there has not been a dull moment since.

Now that he is able to wander about on his own, he LOVES to follow me everywhere! I mean there are no exceptions! He follows me to the bathroom and is not content until he has managed to climb on top of my head.

In the mornings when I shower, here comes Chaos. I put a towel on the side of the tub and he just crawls up and dives in. I have three other baby birds and when I put food down to feed them, they happily enjoy their meal until Chaos comes in and jumps between them and starts flinging seeds around.

He also loves to bathe in my dog's water dish, but only when she goes to drink out of it.
He loves to take a morsel or two out of her food dish as well. It does not bother Chaos that one of my dogs is a Pit Bull terrior. Size does not matter to him and fortunately, she does not mind Chaos.

Whenever I sit down to do anything, Chaos has to help. In the picture that I submitted, I was going to fill out some forms, but Chaos decided that he needed the pen more than I did. He tries to help me type when I am on the computer as well.

Whenever I drink anything and use a straw Chaos wont stop until he has taken the straw out of the drink and crawled on my shoulder to chew on it. It is nothing unusual to see him laying on his back playing with a toy or anything else that interests him. He is truly an entertainer! I would be lost without this little bundle of joy!

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Jul 25, 2008
by: April Shelton

That is just about the neatest thing to hear about. Thanks so much for sharing your great story with us!

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