My little girl conure died in my hands yesterday because of my ignorance!

by Cara

Close up of Pauline and her coloration

Close up of Pauline and her coloration

Close up of Pauline and her coloration
Pauline and my puppy Isidore
Pauline on the kitchen faucet

My little sun/hybrid conure Pauline, named after my mother, passed away yesterday in my hands. Pauline was very attentive, loving and would eagerly stand on anyone's finger, including strangers. When I talked to her she always became very quiet and would listen intently. In the last few weeks she had been mumbling something and two of my friends said she was trying to talk. Sure enough, she began saying "Wait, Wait!" I realized how much I repeat those words to my little pup. Everytime I filled Pauline's little stainless steel water bowl, she would almost curve her whole body in almost a closed U shape position. Then layed like that in the water dish. The last few days she started staying on the bottom of the cage. I had just put down a new type of liner (we-we pads for dogs). I ran out of the ones with taped edges. She started staying on the bottom of the cage and pulling at the pad. I inserted it as flat as I could but she managed to get it anyway. In the last 2 days I noticed her feathers were fluffed, spikey looking with each hair separated as if I put gel into her head. Sometimes her feathers fanned out but had had this beautiful blending appearance that created an awesome, miraculous sheen of coloration. At those times, although she did not say, hey! look at me, I immediately took notice and said oh, what a pretty girl. I looked at her stool about a week ago and it looked somewhat watery. Believe it or not, I am embarrassed to say I am an R.N. Although, I pick up minor changes in human patients, I never knew about birds. Do birds cry out loud? They do and I did not realize it. Before going to bed for the night, I said Pauline, are you ok? She seemed to be opening and closing her mouth but came up to me by nestling her body against the bars so I could rub her head. The past few days she was crying with a low voice but a high little whistling pitch lasting about 15 or 20 seconds. I thought she might have been mimicking something I had been saying or wondered if this was a sign of illness? My friend, a bird expert, had seen her the day before. She said, I think she is making a nest and laying eggs. I stupidly said, how in the world can a female bird lay eggs without a man? Another thing I realize

I was doing was spraying my carpet with lysol without ever thinking this would affect Pauline. Although my dog has fewer accidents now, when he does, it is right next to the bird cage. Another important oversight, was Pauline ALWAYS drank a lot and messed up her water every day by dunking her food in it. Her water bowl was clear and not discolored as usual. I killed my bird with my stupidity and ignorance. I leapt up while in the middle of doing something the following day to check on her and she was lying on her side on the bottom of the cage. Her eyes blinked. I grabbed her and she was cold. I screamed a blood curdling cry, Wake up! Get up! Suddenly her eyes became lifeless, began receding and a clear but blackened fluid film covered them. The hair that overlapped her tiny ears flattened back exposing the miniscule orifice that allowed her to listen to natures songs and all the happiness she responded to hearing my voice. She was gone. My bird Pauline loved me but my neglect caused her demise. I am sure that most bird lovers would call me a bird brain or worse. As a nurse, I’ve learned never to take anything for granted. Sometimes people don’t know things you might expect them to understand. All I can say is any change in your bird’s behavior may be a cause for concern. I am generally never neglectful of my pets and usually overly cautious. A difference in behavior may mean nothing, but it is better to be air on the side of caution and get it checked out by an expert. I didn't take my own advice. I had read that spikey fanning feathers may mean the bird is not in a good mood but they outlive humans. I had no idea that it could mean they are sick. Sorry for the long drawn out story but for those few who question something odd that you can’t pinpoint, it’s best not to play doctor or nurse as I did because it may be too late. It may cause the loss of a life that always a smile on your face. I buried Pauline surrounding her with the "Forget me not" flowers around my house in memory of my mother, Pauline and now my little conure Pauline. I am sorry I had not seen this extremely informational site before. I will recommend it to other bird lovers so that they become educated in identifying signs that maybe a potential problem. Sincerely, Cara

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Dec 30, 2018
by: Anonymous

I read your story due to concern about my little man, he is still eating and drinking but around his neck don’t seem to be as flat or separated as normal he also seems to be licking my skin more than normal, I have two dogs that live with us but they always have I haven’t changed anything or used different stuff in the house. Could the licking be salt as I know skin has a lot. A helping hand would be appreciated as I really don’t know.

Concerned lovebird owner

Dec 08, 2018
So what did she die from??
by: Denise Clements

Did she die from tge Lysol or the Dog pads??? Your not supposed to use either! Think of a pet has is you would a baby then intensify it times 20 as to how little of stuff you want around a bird! No sprays of any kind No pads unless it’s for birds! Nosmell good stuff at all!

Nov 19, 2018
my carelessness killed my bird
by: Anonymous

I just killed my little pretty green cheek conure :( i feel miserable. she broke her leg three weeks back and has been in bad shape since then. i didnt take her to the doctor since i thought she will self recover. i saw her starting to fly but was still unable to walk properly. the last two days, she was in bad shape. today before i could take her to a doc, she got fits and died in my hands. i feel miserable.

Nov 13, 2018
Thank you to all of you who share
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to the conure owners that have had to experience the death of your sweet heart. I have night mares of things happening to my Georgia. God bless all of you bird lovers that help by sharing your stories. I am with you. You are not alone.

Oct 19, 2018
How sad
by: Anonymous

I could never live with myself if my conure died because of my ignorance. I mean Christ, having a cat in your arm and a conure on your shoulder at the same time?
Not paying attention to the health of your beloved pet or using toxic chemicals in your home.

Oct 10, 2018
by: Kelly

I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. By posting this you have help to save many birds. I’m sure of it. It doesn’t make it any easier but at least your baby didn’t die in vain. Something good can be taken from it. Hugs

Sep 23, 2018
My beloved Izuku (my lil green baby) (my green cheek conure) is gone!
by: Sad bad bird mom

My Izuku has passed three days deeply saddened by his passing...its all my fault! He was the sweetest bird to me but all my other birds were so scared of him..little Izuku the green cheek...chased all the bigger birds away from the food n water from mommy from his favorite perch spots...he was the only one that slept in my room, not because i wanted him to but because once his wings grew back he was not going back in the cage...i enjoyed him being on my shoulder, my hair, n everywhere with me. He ate my food, he drank my juice n water...he just loved us n my husband. Well i never clipped his nails n they were getting abit long n sharp.. i noticed he got caught on something and caused his toe to get red n swollen n he wasnt standing on it too i also noticed that when he climbed around it must be getting caught on alot of i decided to trim for the first time ever. I was so surprised that he let me trim them without a fuss he knew i was trying to help him out somehow...cause he knows i loved him so much. Anyways..he would always sleep in a crack on the corner of my bed by the wall...but sometmes during the night i feel him cuddling in my hair or trying to get into a tight spot..but i always wake up n move him back tk his spot ..i am a very light sleeper n hear him make noise during the night like a squeek here n there or a beak grinding noise .but i also have trouble sleeping and this night i took some tylenol pm and went to bed as usual. ..i always look for him During the night n check periodically n he always goes to his spot.n stays there..well about 2am i awoke n went to the bathroom but was super tired so i didt remember to check on him..but i heardnone of my other birds in the living room Where their cages are, making some noise n went out to check on her..ok so she was fine n i went back to bed..well around 4am my husband went to the bathroom and came back n he also checks for izuku..n found him dead in the crack where he sleeps but a pillow had been over the opening and im sure since i had cut his nails that day he was not able to climb out as he usually does n suffocated n husband n i were in tears as my worst fear came true...i also had a dream of this incident days b4 that really rattled me...n stupid me still let him stay with us. All my other birds have bonded w another but zuku was bonded with us only, so i felt sorry for him too plus he didnt get along with any others..but he was just starting a new friendship w my baby cockatiel, qhich he would actually put under his wing n cuddle very sad for the baby as well wondering where his friend has gone.😭😭. Im so devastated and i hate myself for this! I hate that i cant have him anymore. Im so distraught..i even took days off from work...i wish i could go back n change things..he died an awful death because of me...i soo sorry my Zuku..i miss u sooo sooo hurts soo bad! Videos n pictures make it worst...i cant stand to be in my room..where evrything reminds me of him!
I hope this pain will end soon..but i doubt it! RiP my baby Izuku! By the way he was only 1 yr n a half and now hes gone..he was soo smart n was learning to talk..he could say baby n some other words that i really couldnt understand..but i loved him soo much..and still do!

Sep 13, 2018
You’re not ignorant
by: JD

My baby Abigail Cockatiel passed away yesterday. I rescued her 11 years and 3 months ago. She was my daughter. I estimate that I held her or had her on my shoulder over 8000 hours, probably closer to 10000. Her wings because too weak to fly for the past 5 years. Unfortunately another cockatiel I rescued 2 years ago would fly causing her to jump and fall to the floor. I assumed her foot was hurt and thats why she appeared to lose her balance recently. Last Friday she fell and may have hit her head. However, she acted normal for the next 5 days. When I got home I noticed she was eating and I put more seed in her bowl. I was only away for 5 minutes tops. When I returned I could see Matilelda eating out of the bowl with Abigail out of sight. I figured Matielda ran her out like she always does. But that’s when I saw her in the water bowl face down. The vet said she may have had a seizure. I am devastated and feel guilty for not taking her in last week. But she was eating fine and didn’t exhibit any type of illness. I saved her from being egg bound about 8 years ago and have always been on top of any type of illness. I noticed she had a cold this past February and I immediately took her in. I absolutely know how you feel. Our babies are in heaven and we will see them in the afterlife.

Aug 24, 2018
Two Baby Sun Conures RIP
by: Anonymous

I didn't k now that bitter melon is toxic to birds. I had the two Baby Suns for less then one week and played with them all the time. They had their own room and very large cage. They simply were amazing and fun. One appeared droopy and died shortly after in front of me. The other I thought was ok but we found him dead the next morning. We buried both near the beach and I can tell you I felt and still fill very very sad. We went out a few days later and bought two more,needless to say we are much more careful.

Jul 26, 2018
My lil Mithoon died today
by: Anshu

I'm sorry to hear about ur losses.i had 2 children- one is a young girl who is eleven years and the other one was a sweetheart an indian parakeet who only knew how to muzzle and cuddle. Never did he peck or bite.i killed my baby with my own stupidity. My friends said bathe him I held him under the running tap. He didn't like it but I insisted.
Water went into his nose and he had a chest congestion.i took him the vet. He treated him and told me that fever is down and he'll be o.k.
I force fed him to recoup
Alas he looked up at me if to say ...bye I'm going. One last scream and silence. I cried Mithoon don't leave us but......gone for good

Jul 13, 2018
I've been there...
by: Nikki

Just sobbing at your story. I am so sorry for your loss but words dont heal the heartache or fill that terribly empty place shes left in your life and heart. They can die so quickly, it shouldn't be so easy to lose something so precious should it,
I lost my beautiful girl in Jan but I'm not ready yo share her story yet. I dashed out within days and bought another bird, I couldn't bear the silence. I now have 5 birds, all different species, searching for the bond i shared with Luna. She's simply irreplaceable.

Jun 19, 2018
My amazon died in my arms
by: Anonymous

I lost my precious orange cheeked amazon suddenly 3 nights ago. I can honestly say it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had. He was my first bird and we adopted him 10 months ago. He was on my shoulder or my adult son anytime we were hanging me. He was th sweetest boy and became excited any time he heard my voice. But Over the course of time my inexperience cost him his life. I didn’t see the signs that he was ill with some crop disease. So although he was eating every day he wasn’t digestive. And thus became malnourished and state rd to death. Suddenly he became listless and head feathers tanned and hunched on his perch. I quickly got to the avian vet and she told me he was gravely ill and may not make it! I was shocked and confused. How did I miss this??? I told pd her I’d do everything we needed to do to save him. She thought he should be home with us and gave me fluids antibiotics and a feeding mix to syringe feed him. But we tried it and he progressively got weaker to the point that I knew he was dying. I held him and stoked his head until he passed. I spoke to him the whole time and he managed a couple of sounds and he looked at me before his last breath as I kissed him and told him I love him. I’m a mess I can’t stop thinking about him I’m so angry with myself. I missed seeing him so much I’m just lost. I never realized how much you could bond with a bird. I’m so heartbroken

Jun 01, 2018
My galah Lincoln my baby girl gone
by: Anonymous

My Galah passed away almost a month ago she had some runny poo for a few days but other then that was well. I got home from work and my husband and I decided to take her to our local avian vet we found out he was on holidays then instead of calling the local emergency hospital we just took our girl their as we knew the avian vet worked late. Once we got there she was also on holidays. We we're gathering our thoughts when the receptionist recommended another hospital my husband called and we went there thinking we are out already why not get her checked right away when we arrived we found out there was no avian vet on. If I had known I would have just taken the morning off work and taken her to another avian vet the next day. My husband was not working far away so they said they could take her and the vet would see her first thing in the morning. Huge mistake the runny poos were solid again after medication the next day was no big deal but the vet said that she had a sore leg I said no she was sitting ontop of the cage balancing ready to swoop the nurse when we brought her in she did not have a sore leg. The vet said probably just muscular and gave her anti inflamitories, at home we had her in a quiet room and smaller cage over the weekend so she wouldnt hurt her leg anymore as she was very active. A few days later her leg was still hurting the vet called to see how she was and once I told her she said bring her back in. After xrays it was found that her tendons of her knee had ripped and the joint between her leg and knee, they admitted it happened at some stage they didnt know when during her stay and they would pay part of her treatment. We could do surgery which would give her a better quality of life and some movement but not full movement or splint it, with any of my animals they are family so we always go for better quality of life. I said to the vet because she has had runny poos a bit of bacteria in her tummy is she ok to have an operation I was told yes she is fine. Because I had seen her poos were great again and I listened to the vet she had surgery which went well she was so good they had to quieten her down right after. Next day she would not eat which was highly unusual I went and saw her that night and she whistled said her kissy kisses but did not move much. I asked the vet the next day if she was a bit high or something from meds the vet said no I also said it was highly unusual for her not to eat seed as she loved it but did not get it at home the vet said she was not worried they were crop feeding her. The next day midday my baby girl crashed head down and throwing up we rushed in to see her results came in 5pm organs were good which means she had an infection sepsis we stayed in a hotel near the vets calling every 2 hours overnight. The next morning she did not throw up and her head was up everyone was hopeful things were looking up. Then midday that day we called no change but she was ok shortly after she had a seizure we were already on our way back to see her again when she had another one the infection was attacking her brain, we walked in and she was sitting in a towel. I said we brought her in here for runny poos was simple she then hurt her leg here then she gets an infection and now she is not going to survive it was a nightmare. She purred in my husbands arms as we stroked her head she had mimicked our cat she kept opening her eyes to make sure we were still there she had a tear in her beautiful brown eye that flashes in my head every day. My heart is so broken her last days at home were not in her cage but a quiet room alone not thinking she would never come back alive then we took her to a place that ended up jabbing her with needles and force feeding her she had spew all over her which would have been hell for her she did not deserve this. We had her for over 10 years she was my rock through a lot of hard times she was the loudest in the house the character that galahs are she was the heart of the house. They said that the infection may have come from the surgical site or from the IV stiring up the bacteria in the intestines that was still a bit there from the sloppy poos which is most likely after talking to a few people. I asked the avian vet the question before surgery is she ok for surgery even though she had had runny poos the answer was yes but it should not have been. Sorry this is so huge but ive been regretting my decisions I made if she had the splint she would have a stiff leg but she would still be here today, if I had thought right at the beginning I will take her to a closer vet in the morning she would still be here today. This has broken my heart I hope she didnt think we put her there to hurt her it was the oposite we over compensated because we loved her so much and we had lost our cockatiel 5 months before due to anesthetic when she had too large an egg removed from her we didn't want to loose our other girl. Again sorry this is so long but I feel like no one understands other then people who have lost their bird their friend, I was meant to have another 30 years with my girl we had plans for our future house that included things just for her she will be forever missed.

Jun 01, 2018
My beautiful little girl
by: Anonymous

I have just had to say goodbye to my little faithful friend Lola. A green cheeked conure, she was my first ever bird which I had for 10 years. I was feeding her the other day and she snook out and flew straight into the window very hard. I tried to nurse her but I could see she was suffering and I couldn’t bear to see her this way. I took her to the vets and it was time to say goodbye. I have cried and cried I feel the loss so hard, the house is so empty and quiet I miss her little noises and calls, but my favourite thing of all,was cuddles. I feel so guilty and keep going over it in my mind, if only I had been more careful. I gave her a funeral in my back garden and a little memorial plaque. I treasured having her I just feel so empty. Fly high my little angel, I love you so much.

May 29, 2018
My complacency killed my Kirby
by: James

I had the most amazing Sun Conure up until about 6 months ago. His name was Kirby because he suckered me into buying him(I never liked birds)just like the Kirby vacuum salesman who forced me to buy a $2400 vacuum because it was THAT amazing. Anywho, went to the pet store to buy my daughter a Cockatiel for her birthday and saw the bright little piece of sunshine in a cage. He was looking at me rather intently, so I opened the cage and he zipper right out onto my shoulder and started to rub his head against my cheek, bobbed his head up and down against my cheek a mile a minute and made little 'gurking' noises at me. This bird chose me, but as I said, not a fan of birds. Asked what he cost, was told $280, gasped a bit, and put him back in the cage. I obviously hurt his feeling, because he hung his head and looked at me with bowed head, like I had just broken his heart. 2 minutes later, I was walking out the door with my new friend. He was one of the few things in my life that made me smile, and was always so excited to see me. We have cats. A lot of cats. My cats were terrified of Kirby because he bit like a snapping turtle. I could put him on my Maine Coon, Sebastian, and he would look at me with 'please, get this thing off of me, he bites', and sit still until either I removed him, or Kirby got bored and wandered off. My wife brought home a stray from a shelter she was doing volunteer work at. His name was Spectre, and he was sweet, funny, and had a great personality. Here is where my complacency and trust killed my bird. After a week or so of having Kirby on my shoulder and holding the cat at the same time, with one not paying any attention to the other, I came up on the cat on the cat tower with Kirby on my shoulder. Spectre glanced at him, and I leaned in saying 'go ahead, sniff Kirby...he'll bite the crap out of you'. He took my wonderful friend right off my shoulder. I couldn't pry his mouth open, and Kirby was just flapping and screaming. Finally had to slam the cat against the wall to get him to let go, but it was too late. I believe Kirby's neck was broken, and he was an almost lifeless form in my hands. I tried to break his neck to finish him, but it just spun, so that told me it was already broken, and I didn't know what to do. I just wanted his pain to end, so I did what I could at the time and cut his head off with a pair of snips I had on my desk. I have never felt so devastated and angry. I took Spectre outside, along with a .22, and put two into his head. I have NEVER killed an animal unless it was injured beyond help, and I like animals more than people, so this was a huge deal for me. To this day I still think of Kirby and either smile or get choked up. I miss him so. About a month ago I got a 4 week baby Sun to hand feed and raise. His name is Pipsquack. He's not a replacement, nor could he ever be, he's just a new friend. I'm sorry about your poor bird, and I understand how heartbreaking it can be. It's weird, because it's 'just' a bird, right? Nope. They have huge personalities and quickly become a family member. I'm so sorry I failed my friend

May 28, 2018
So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

Those dog pads have a chemical on them so that they pee on them...

May 24, 2018
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's funny how these little creatures can make you love them so much. I too just lost my green cheek conure about an hour ago. Went to the vet to clear a blocked nostril and I guess the stress was too much for him. His poor little heart gave out. He was 25 years old and lived a good life but it still sucks not having him around.

May 23, 2018
so sorry
by: Khaled

I lost my African gray last year, I know how its feels its very sad, but we should know how sensitive they are especially for the temperature fluctuations .. now i have a new qaique and i learned how to take care of him he is my son and i want to note that don't give your bird too much fruits every day, it's not good at all you should ask a doctor to give you a schedule to knw how to feed your parrot.

best regards,

Mar 18, 2018
You cannot be hard on yourself
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your lost of your baby, u can't be that way to yourself like that. You know in your heart you didn't have the intention of this. Forgive yourself a my thoughts and prayers

Mar 04, 2018
me too
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. I also just lost my Annabelle, a 4 year old Quaker. I have NO idea why she died. She was an other wise healthy bird, so active, so talkative. It has only been 24 hours, my heart aches so badly for her!

Feb 10, 2018
lots to know
by: jack

even though a lot of the stories can be heartbreaking, there is a wealth of good information here - air fresheners, cleaners, ceiling fans, open toilets, cookware, toxic foods, etc. while conures can be delightful pets, don't forget they're fragile. avoid a diet of seeds and nuts. zupreem makes a good food and google helps with research. good luck

Feb 01, 2018
Sorry for your loss
by: Carolinecat19

I want to get a green cheek conure... any I should know?

Jan 29, 2018
Im So So Sorry
by: Denella

I'm so sorry for your loss. That is extremely difficult to deal with. A similar thing happened to me with my first conure. She was a sweet wonderful bird, she would love to hear my voice. She loved to cuddle with me. At night I'd ask her if she wanted to cuddle, she would just chirp excitedly until I got her and put her on my chest, she would snuggle in so close and lay her head down on me with her beak on my lips. Some times I would just watch her play on my chest and she would roll on her back and play there. She only wanted to be with me and she was always so excited to see me. Months ago one evening just after hand feeding her, her formula I had to wipe her down because she made a mess eating which caused to to be wet and cold. To warm her up I put her in my shirt to use my body warmth. A little later I noticed something was wrong. I noticed her formula inside my shirt so I grabbed her out. She was choking on her food. By me trying to keep her warm and putting her in my shirt I caused her to spit up her food and inhale it. She wasn't able to get it out of her mouth to breathe so she inhaled her formula. I tried to save her life, I even tried mouth to mouth, she hang on for a little bit but then died in my hands. Her name is Lena and I miss her so much.

Jan 18, 2018
by: David carney

I held my parakeet while he declined. It was a sad day. I had him since 2005. He lived longer than expected. He was my buddy and i miss him. He was old and i prayed he died because of his age. Its sad when he died.I thank God i didnt find him dead but was there to tell him i loved him and he took his last breath..i sobbed..I couldnt bury him in the ground so i had the vets creamated him...I will miss him...I know deep down he is flying in pet heaven...Anyone who experienced this...i feel for you.He was my family. ..

Nov 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am sorry to read of your lost. I know how hard it can be. Be strong.

Nov 18, 2017
to anonymous
by: heartbroken 4ever

She ultimately died of what appeared to be a heart attack. She was extremely stressed by the X-ray on the last day and was respiring heavily, splayed out in the bottom of the cage. Then when I placed my hand over her, she bit down and died. Everything we did actually did in those previous years prevent her from making any eggs, but she developed an enlarged heart and calcified aorta.

The doc said the long nights couldn't have caused that and that when birds get that sick, secondary things can start cropping up, like infections. But I feel so guilty that in my attempt to keep her alive, I prevented her living her life until it was too late.

I wish I had just stuck with the shots and if they didn't work, let nature take it's course. :(

Nov 15, 2017
The loss of your presious bird
by: Anonymous

We have a young Jenday Conure he is beautiful and so full of fun., but I was intrigued by your post and the reason you lost your presious girl. Whilst I don't wish to bring up sad memories I wondered what was the actual reason was that she died as you stated it was your ignorance. Was it that she was a female and eggbound as you don't actually say.

Nov 14, 2017
I didn't realize til it was too late...
by: Heartbroken 4ever

I had a lovely wild-type female cockatiel, Bean, 13 years old when she passed on just last month. She had a number of health issues throughout her life. She had a prolapsed cloaca for unknown reason about 11 years ago but miraculously survived, multiple interventions and surgery.

Then four years ago she became deathly ill. I was sure it was my fault because I had given her some bells - thought it was metal toxicity. But it turned out she had an infection develop in her coelom from trying to lay eggs and that infection had given her a dreadful liver disease. Vet said she needed Lupron shots regularly in order to prevent her from up-regulating and trying to make any more eggs.

Over the course of the following year I made sure she got her shots, but eventually the shots stopped working very well and I was taking her twice a month just to suppress her urge a little. At some point a vet suggested I try some behavioral changes, like changing cages now and again, moving her spot around, and keeping her cage dark at night so her hormones don't get confused. At that point, an idea arose about shortening her day length to make her think it wasn't egg laying season.

I can't now remember if I came up with that myself or if someone at the vet brought it up but here is the horrible part. At the time she was getting up around 9am everyday and then would be ready for bed around 6ish often - once the shadows became long or dark fell she was ready. But I used to just cover her with a sheet and if she wanted to get up earlier she probably did. Not sure at this point.

Anyway, being determined to save her from that awful liver disease again, I shortened her day length by a couple of hours, started moving her cage around, shifted her between her big and small cage now and again, and kept her cage dark and quiet at night.

With these interventions, she still up-regulated but the Lupron shots began to suppress the cycle again so she never went all the way or got sick again and the shots were needed less frequently during some phases. This routine went on for a little less than two years total before she passed. So, a couple of months ago, she had blood in her poop. I took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with a flagellate bacterial infection. No explanation as to why. I treated her for that until the flagellate was gone and she seemed so strong.

During those discussions, for the first time, I started to wonder if her long nights in the dark had an effect. Maybe she held poop inside too long? She used to move around at night and poop at least once before morning but she had not been doing that recently.

Anyway, I thought about it briefly and wondered if I should make a change, but then I had to travel a bit and use caretakers so I kept her on her schedule "to be safe". When I returned, only a week or so later, she showed symptoms of a respiratory problem.

Back to the vet. We missed the avian doc and she had to stay overnight in their ER ICU in an oxygen cage. They examined her in the AM and sent her home with an antibiotic. The stay had stressed her and she had dropped six grams. I had a follow up appointment the next Tues. They decided to flush her nostrils because it was the least invasive of the options they had and they were going to culture the bacteria that they retrieved.

Results should be ready by Friday, hopefully. If she had to come back she would have to have X-rays and a blood draw. So we went home and continued the antibiotic. Next day her breathing was wetter, more snotty.

I called the doc and they said just bring her back if she showed increased effort breathing. It was difficult to tell if there was a subtle issue - the snotty nose and sneezing was the most obvious thing. So I kept her home. The next day, Thursday, she continued to be snotty and rested a lot in her morning, but then she rallied in the afternoon and played with her spinach, seemed to eat well.

I was not convinced she was worse than the day before and was hoping for the bacteria culture result the next day. But then when I checked on her that night, I surprised and her breathing did seem a little heavier. Now she would have to go back to the ER ICU so I wanted to make sure she needed to go. By the wee hours, I thought she was miserable enough to go back even if her breathing was more or less the same and I packed the car for the hour and a half trip to the vet.

Called the ER to warn them and see if they could prepare a quiet cage for her and the tech suggested I try a steam treatment first. I did. She got quieter and more restful with that but started up snotty again after. It was time for her medicine and a treatment with a birdie 'flonase' and I took her out to give her these and she mouth-breathed after the 'flonase'.

So I didn't give her the antibiotic because the vet may want to give her a better one when they saw her and off we went. She spent a while in the O2 cage and then the vets decided they had to have more diagnostics. The least stressful. they said, would be the X-rays because they give them a little anti-anxiety med that they give birds in respiratory distress anyway. So I agreed.

I practice reiki and I did that and meditated while she was going through the procedure. The whole time, instead of seeing chakras, I saw fluttering rainbows. This worried me but they eventually came out to tell me that she had survived and was resting and that the vet would talk to me about her results soon.

Eventually, they came to show me the X-rays and I was shocked to see she had increased patchiness in her lungs, an enlarged heart and a calcified aorta! No treatment for that. They had given her Lasix and I could see her now. All their faces were glum and when I finally got to see her, she was flopped on the bottom of the O2 cage mouth-breathing furiously with her neck arched back and her wings out.

At first I just peeked around the corner because I was terrified to excite her but my heart just told me she was dying and I couldn't step away. They gave me a chair and I watched and tried to do reiki for her but my heart was aghast and breaking and when she realized I was there she did get excited and tried to move around, ending up flopped against the wall. I opened the cage and set her back on the towel, chanted a little healing over her and supported her head. Then let her be again.

But then I watched her eye and it looked like she was getting ready to pass, so I reached in again, laid my hand over her precious body and said, "it's alright", and she bit down on the towel and passed. I was in shock. Bundled her up to my heart, wrapped her in my shirt and started away with her.... The horrible thing that has come to my consciousness since then, is that, in my attempt to prevent her from up-regulating and making eggs, which I was told would kill her eventually, I had deprived her of a full day of life each day, subjected her to a long dark night every night, and kept her away from brilliant sunny windows.

I was sad when I was doing it but felt I needed to help her this way. But hindsight is 20/20 and I feel certain now that I basically tortured her those last two years with an unnaturally short day. The doc did not feel that intervention could have caused the heart disease because she had three of the biggest risk factors for that - being a female cockatiel, chronic up-regulation, and a history of liver disease.

They said reproduction issues are the primary cause of death in female cockatiels. But I feel now that being kept so sedentary and having such a curtailed lifestyle, not enough sun, could certainly have exacerbated her condition and eroded her health. I told many people I had her on a short day, even the vets, but nobody ever said - hey that sounds austere. And no vet even asked me, how short? And I had the best vets around.

I feel like some of you - so heartbroken and horrified with myself that I am not moving on. She was a sweet, sweet creature who loved and trusted me and I betrayed her. Poor beloved little Bean....

Oct 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

I know how u feel. I had an 18-year-old cockatiel who was my best friend since I was little. he died a few months back I think cuz of old age or a heart attack. 2 months later we got 2 conures, one green cheek, and one pineapple. both are so cute and friendly but I will always miss my blizzard.

Oct 28, 2017
Know the pain
by: Anonymous

On the fifteenth of this month my little girl Petri died as well in the same fashion for the mist part my daughter walked by her cage and notice her on the bottom of it almost looking like she was nesting. I called many vets in my area and was told that they didn't have specialist on until Tuesday (this was Sunday). I brought her to a nearby animal hospital when I couldn't bear to see her suffering. They took one look at her touched her belly she opened her eyes and screeched.

They told me that since these birds (Green Cheek Conure) do not so distress until it was too late, the most humane thing to do would be to end her pain. As I signed those papers I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest. I still wait everyday to hear her say give me kiss or even just to dance with her the way we did. I seriously feel like I lost one of my kids. I want to extend my condolences to you for I know your pain.

Oct 22, 2017
Today my bird s die
by: Nia

One day before diwali I wished tat suddenly I let my parrot out from cage and forget to off the fan. Then suddenly she hitted by fan and bleeding but bleeding stopped after certain times.In my area no vet there and My family too much busy for work on Diwali so nobody taken it seriously bcuz after tat accident she eats food take water but bird one wing s completely broken and tear down.Everytime I didn't feel well and cry and tell everybody to do anything for her but nobody doesn't care much for it but Today at noon certainly seizure happened to my bird and she might b had respiratory problm. I cried thn I used to pray to God to take the life of bird without so much pain thn after sometime my bird s death in her cage. I cried still also crying bcuz I miss the voice of my bird on morning.
But one thing s learned may b birds r very delicate and they may b safe in wild with their creatures than with humans. Death s most important phase in all the life tat exist in world. So better to keep them at their place with peace. So I requested everyone tat we can make a campaign slogan for stopping the sail and sold of birds. They r very unique and given by the god itself. They have no bad thing in their.mind like humans. If all support my words thn nobody sold a bird but we can hold the food and water of bird on our roof. So Try it. May it possible

Oct 14, 2017
Gizmo Britches
by: Anonymous

Melanie, I found my little parakeet facedown also. His little eyes were sunken in , and I just scream cried. His name is Gizmo Britches and he is with me in spirit. Melanie, I am so sorry about your loss.

Oct 09, 2017
by: Jennifer

Awwww I am so so SORRY.. bless your heart.. I found my little parakeet dead hours ago... I hate losing a pet

Sep 21, 2017
hope you'll be feeling better soon
by: jack

Wishing you well and hope you'll be feeling better soon - jack

Sep 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

Sorry for all your losses.

Sep 19, 2017
My sweet Birdie
by: Melanie

I lost "Birdie" when I came home yesterday and found him face down at the bottom of the cage. His wings seemed to be spread and his eyes were open. He was 15 years old and showed no signs of being sick. He ate all his crispies in the morning and he seemed fine. I guess he either died from a heart attack or choked.

I’m just so sorry I wasn’t there for him. I had given him to my Mom in 2004 and she had him up until she passed in 2008. Then I took him, he seemed to always want me around him. Last year early in the morning out of the blue he started saying…I need a cigarette…cigarette…cigarette. I knew he had been listening to Mom when she was alive and was imitating her. That made me smile. Now I feel like I have lost her all over again and can’t stop crying. Birdie used to yell to me when it was time to go to bed. So I would place his cage close by and he would be happy. Then in the morning I would place it back in the living room.

He never let me get too close although I used to put my hand out and he would hop on. That’s the closest he got. He seemed to be very nervous yet I used to talk to him all the time and he would whistle and yell to me. He seemed to always alert me of things such as a fire engine coming (even before I could hear it), a kettle boiling or the phone ringing. He was like a guard dog. Last night the house was so quiet and I can’t stop getting choked up and crying. I buried him today, took me 3 days to do it but I had to finally make the move. I’m a mess. Thank you for listening.

Sep 13, 2017
I am sorry for your loss.
by: Vickie Gay

I am so sorry for your loss. OUr little fragile friends add so much to our lives. I know in my heart your little girl conure is with you in spirit. You were the greatest time of her life. Blessings and love, Vickie Gay

Sep 05, 2017
We had to move to an apartment
by: Anonymous

We had to move to an apartment recently because we had sold our house. A few years ago i had brought home a beautiful Sunday Conure bought as a gift for my husband. They fell in love with each other. Kiwi loved to dance, loved to flutter around and gave sweet kisses. Kiwi had a night time routine that was so cute. She would do flips over and over and then go into her house to sleep. So so cute. We just gave Kiwi to our housekeeper about 5 weeks ago. She had taken care of Kiwi for years and knew what to do. My daughter just told me today that Kiwi has passed away on Tuesday. Apparently they had come home and the alarm had gone off and it is very very loud. It scared Kiwi literally to death. They think she had a heart attack and died right then and there. Now how do I tell my husband what has happened to his little Kiwi? I just don't know what to do or what to say.

So so sad.

Aug 21, 2017
Sorry for your loss
by: Patty

Omg that's so heart breaking and I'm so sorry for your loss. I to just started an intrested in birds two years ago I was given two budies and then six months ago I was given a cockatiel and a red cherry head conure. And they r a hand full it's like a full time job for me!! Lol and so glad I don't have to work right now. But they are so very fragile and the only thing or cleaner I use is vinegar to clean their bowls and my room and bathroom. I don't use perfume,deodorant,hairspray or anything like that because it can hurt them or make them very sick! And stay away from carpet freshers they r the worst. Again I'm sorry u lost your baby and I hope some of this helped out some.Goodluck sincerely patty

Aug 17, 2017
so sorry for your loss
by: Jack

Our everyday environments can be dangerous to our birds. Lots of stories have been shared about other pets attacking birds, fumes from air fresheners and cleaners, ceiling fans running, and of course your story. Thank you for sharing this. Hoping you'll be feeling better soon.

Aug 16, 2017
Rest In Peace, Nimbus ❤️
by: Anonymous

I had my baby lovebird for a little over a month, but it felt so much longer. We literally did everything together. He loved eating oatmeal and blueberries off my plate and enjoyed sitting on my shoulder/head while I drove. Today i came back home from the gym and began to blow loud kisses, which always got immediate responses. I heard nothing. Went over to the bathroom and found his dead body inside the toilet. I can't help but blame myself. He was only 7 months old and it was not his time to go. I don't know when I'll forgive myself, but I hope I see him again one day.

Jul 30, 2017
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

I commend you for sharing your story Cara. It was very touching and brave of you. You were a wonderful parent to her and you couldn't predict what happened. it's really hard to stop eating yourself up with guilt and only if's but you sharing your story teaches others.

Jul 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

My two dogs killed my baby girl Thursday I can't stop crying. It was my fault.

Jul 06, 2017
Da Birdie
by: anonymous

I'm sorry for all your losses. Birds are incredibly fragile but extremely loving and rewarding. I lost my baby kakariki this past winter. She was only 6 months old. She was extremely healthy and nothing was wrong with her. I took her to the vet for an overdue general checkup (they recommended me that I should go within two weeks of taking her home, but I had procrastinated). I wish I had never taken her. Everything was going well in the checkup, and her siblings had been checked so she was not known to have any diseases. The vet asked if I wanted to check for diseases for her specifically, it would cost extra money. I asked him what he would do in my situation. He said it was better to be safe than sorry and I agreed to the disease testing. He drew a lot of blood from her neck, and it seemed like way too much than what was safe. I was about to say something, but I didn't, because I figured he was a vet and knows what he's doing. She tested negative for all the diseases. She was incredibly quiet afterwards, which makes sense, because checkups can be stressful. She was dizzy and wobbly for the next few hours all the way until bed time. They said that she would be tired and it would be normal. I thought nothing of it. The next morning I woke up when I heard a loud clashing sound in her cage. She fell off her happy hut and was stuck at the bottom. She didn't even have the energy to move. She hadn't been eating or drinking the night before, despite my desperate attempts to get her to do so. I helped her out of the bottom and talked to her sweetly. I tried to call the vet but hey we're unavailable, and we made an appointment with the hospital. Before leaving the house she had a seizure in my hands. I cried the whole time from home to the hospital. Her body slowly tensed up and became stiff and cold. I know it wasn't just the stress of the checkup because there was blood in her stool. She had never ever had health problems before I took her to that god forsaken checkup. It's 6 months later at 3 am and I still cry over her. Birds are extremely unpredictable. I spoke with the breeders and they said that they don't take their birds to the vet unless it seems that there's something wrong with them. I believe that this is a good rule to go by. They just get so stressed out. Also, please don't draw blood unless it's absolutely necessary. I would hate for someone to go through what I did. I know she's in a better place now and I hope she knows I miss her tons.

Jun 22, 2017
UnLucky bird
by: Anonymous

My bird named lucky most likely has a liver disease. I'm really scared, I got this bird about a year ago from petsmart. I didn't know much about birds and was to stupid and lazy to research. The past three months I've finally got off my lazy butt and looked up stuff about birds, I should have done this in the first place though. I was finding out so much about lucky and was happy to be interacting with him/her more, until I realized a possibley fatal mistake I made. He's had a diet of seeds. The pet store as most bird owners know kept him in horrible conditions. But because of me not changing his diet he might die. The worst part is, my mom has a head injury and can't understand the importance of this fact, she can't drive either. I have no access to the pellets I need for this bird, I'm feeding him as much fruits and veggies as possible. He has signs of liver disease and I'm afraid I won't keep my promise. I named him lucky because he was lucky to get out of the glass cage In The pet store. I should have taken bette care of him before, and if he makes it though this I will strive to be the best owner i can.

Jun 01, 2017
I lost my baby girl
by: Anonymous

I lost my girl yesterday night. It was the worst Night ever, I can't stop crying and I can't help to feel it's my fault. I was at the gym and my baby was at my sister's house because she had a play date with her birds and my bird. I drive to her after the gym and I arrive to see my girl the second I walked in she jumped on me and I was so happy to see her because I have already missed her, I wanted to take a quick shower before I sat down to cuddle with her so I put her on her cage and for some reason she flew into the other room and stood on the door. My other sister comes to the apartment and she walks into the room not noticing my girl on the top of the door and shuts the door with power. She falls down and all I can hear is screaming I grab a towel and walk out to see what's going on and all I see is my beloved girl on the floor with blood coming from her eyes and ears. I tried to save her, picked her up slowly and called the vet but exactly 30 seconds later her eyes just turn darker and her head tilts backwards and she passes away. I am completely shattered, I lost my everything I'm going to miss her so much and I am breaking writing this comment. I hope she forgives me.

May 30, 2017
I killed my bird with my ignorance
by: Mammie

I found him outside cold and sick, i took him in and fed him pronutro and antibiotics, 3 days after he was doing just fine, flying around.When i woke up to fill up his syringe he was weak and thin all of a sudden! I took him to the Vet knowing he'll be okay, got a call later saying they put my little birdy to sleep :( how coukd i be so dumb? Why didnt i take him to the vet after finding him :(. I killed my bird!

May 29, 2017
my parakeet's mystery
by: Anonymous

I have like....4 parakeets and my favourite one was this plum-headed parakeet . I called him bob.he was cute and poufy.I loved him very much,he would lay his little head in my fingers while I rubbed him.that day,I was going to feed him as usual when I saw bob acting weird .His body looks terrifyingly weak and he was breathing hard.more like panting.I took him out of the cage and I tried every way to help him.until...I realised it was too little bob,suffered so much,I could feel his pain.I put him in my hands till his last breath.when his body stiffened and calm,I couldn't help but cry all day.I buried him in my balcony garden.I hope now that he's free.

May 20, 2017
by: Tony

I lost my conure kiko today the most playfully happy bird i loved him so much he flew into a door laid in my wifes hands and passed away we are both so sad I'm hoping that writing about him will help. I don't even want to be here. How can this happen how stupid what had happened. The house feels so empty now so quiet.

May 07, 2017
My beautiful conure LU LU died
by: Dana

I am writing this because I am devastated with by the loss of my little conure that I have had for fourteen years.It was an accident that she was hurt. I woke up yesterday and she was doing her usual begging for a piece of cereal.About an hour later my husband said she was shaking at the bottom of her cage, I went over to hold her and assess the situation I stepped back about 10 feet from her cage and did our usual gentle urging to see if she wanted to fly( I'm not sure why I did this.) and she didn't hold onto my finger even though it was a gentle nudge. She fell off my finger and broke her wing. Took her to emergency bird clinic and the doc said he thought she was sick to begin with. Of course between the possible illness and the fall she couldn't take it. Also the taping of her wing severely stressed her out. I found her gone this morning. I can't tell you how saddened and disappointed I am with trying to see if she could fly. I feel like I complicated her situation by her falling. I've loved this bird four fourteen years, not sure why I assessed her that way....... not sure how to cope with the situation,I feel like I betrayed my bird by my bad decision. Not sure what to think.....miss her so much, I feel like I had been working so much and was tired that I wasn't really thinking,plus she was fine so I thought two hours prior.

May 03, 2017
I know your feel
by: Cat

My lovely budget died the day before yesterday and Ifeel so guilty. I left her alone for two days with enough water and food. We used to do that and there wasn't any problem, she always was ok and happy to see us again. But not this time. I left her on satursay evening in her cage with plenty of food and water, I couldn't play with her because it was late and I regret that. On monday I returned to my house. I couldn't wait to se her and play with her but I found her dead. I don't know what happened. I must have taken her with me, but when I left her she was well. I can't stop crying since then. It wasn't her time, she was only 4 and a half years amd I miss her so much.

Apr 25, 2017
my lost animal pets
by: me

i also lost my twin lovebird parrots when i fed them poison instead of their food it was hard for me then i lost all my 29 goldfishes then a twin canary then 6 zebra birds and forgot my pigeon outside and a cat came and killed her and 2 cats. i have now another twin lovebirds and hope they will stay alive

Mar 31, 2017
Dusky conure - Amelia
by: Lori

I just lost my Dusky Amelia two weeks ago due to gout. She was 21 years old and I still cry every day. They say it's an age related illness, but her droppings had changed 3 weeks prior and I didn't pay attention. The vet said at that point he could not have done anything, but I still feel so bad. She was such a sweet, cuddly little thing... I hope she is at peace in Heaven.

Mar 27, 2017
There is pain, guilt & grief
by: Zazu's Mom

These stories are heart wrenching and just what I needed to read. My 3rd little Quaker Zazu left us yesterday. We adopted her the year after we lost our little "WackyBird" in the spring of 2004. She was a couple years old and the sweetest little bird although my "Princess" didn't think so, bonding was a little tough for them. Zazu had seizures shortly after we adopted her. Princess had them since a new born so I knew how to comfort through them and knew she came to me for a reason. How could I know the next year I would lose Princess to the illness that caused the seizures. I was devastated to say the least. I fed her mashed pears as a baby!

While Zazu gave me comfort, love and a reason to go on, I had a hard time bonding in the same way. I didn't want to feel that pain again. We've had Zazu for 14 years and she easily became a part of our family. She said so many cute things, meowed like a cat, whistled la cucaracha and yelled "it's okay baby" when you brought something unusual into the room. She lived in a fabulous play pen my husband built and was only caged at boarding. She was always in the center of our activity and home.

We came home from a few day trip and I noticed she was more loving than normal. The next morning even more so, alarmingly so. I knew something was wrong and just held her in my arms until I gauged the rapid increase to her weakness. Given my experience with Princess I felt I knew what was coming. We took her to emergency and turned her over for care in the incubator, The last I was to see her as she passed a few hours later.

My guilt: I should have loved her more, I should have kept her with me while she passed instead of her being in a strange place. I know there are stages to this grief but the guilt is awful!

Thanks for letting me share some of this as I keep waiting to hear her chatter & sing.

Mar 24, 2017
I understand your pain!
by: Kelley

So sorry! I do know exactly how you feel! I lost the love of my life, my little Green Cheeked Conure,Finnegan, in June, 2015. He was absolutely the most wonderful pet I've EVER had and I loved him as if he was my child. He loved to cuddle and he slept in a purse in his cage every night. He would repeat over and over "I'm a pretty bird, I'm a pretty bird!" GOD I LOVED HIM! He was potty trained and would tell me, "go pooty poop" to tell me! He said his name, "Finn,Finn,Finnegan"! All the time and woke me up every morning by yoo hooing for me! One morning we found him under my 9 year old son in my bed. My son was sleeping with me, and Finnegan had crawled in bed with us and snuggled under him and smothered! It was the most horrible morning of my life and I will never forgive myself for not locking his cage door. We buried him in his purse in my backyard with a plaque that says "Hope is the thing with feathers"....I'm crying as I write this because I loved him so much and I feel the pain that you feel. GOD BLESS YOU! Time will help but the memory of your precious bird will always be with you, as it should!

Mar 16, 2017
by: Catherine

I am so sorry that you lost her...your grief is the expression of your intense love, and she is at peace and you are forgiven....

Mar 10, 2017
to anonymous who's budgie died in her hands
by: Anonymous

I have 2 parakeets. Zoe will be 7 years old and Rocky is 10 and I hope they live several more years. I had another parakeet Clio who lived almost 9 years....she was so active on the morning she died so when I went to her cage later that day, she was dead. I was so shocked - it happened suddenly but I realized she probably died of a stroke/heart attack. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Please keep in mind, parakeets need to be kept warm all the time - no fans or AC blowing on them. Also, do not use any sprays, scents or other strong smells/odors (nail polish, remover, cleaning solutions, etc) near them. Hope this helps. Birds are a wonderful part of the family and we want them to make sure they live a long healthy, happy life.

Mar 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

I feel for your loss, I just had my best friend, my little budgie die in my hands due to what i think was my own fault.

I came home alot later than usual and went to cover his cage as i normally would, and he seemed to stir, so having not seen him all day i put my hand in as i usually do for him to perch and we gave each other kisses as we usually do then i put him back on his perch and went to cover him and he just lost all sense of balance and could not hold on and started to fall, so i caught him and held him as i just figured he was still half asleep. He look at me and gave two off beat chirps and then just went limp in my hands.

I feel terrible and think I just killed my best friend.

Crying as i type this, i just needed to get this out of me :(

Feb 27, 2017
I'm so sorry and know the feeling
by: Anonymous

I had a female Conure she would nap in my hoodie. One night I put her to bed and covered her cage . Not long after she was squeaking I thought she wanted to stay up and I wasn't feeling well. I kept telling her it was ok and mommy was right here. After maybe 5 minutes I got up and tried to see into the cage, when I put my hand in there to find her she had a chain wrapped around her beck from a broken swing! I couldn't pull I held her body as close to top of cage as I could but she twisted and struggled so long her neck snapped. If I just got up when she first cried out! I cried for days because I killed her. I had her creamated.
WATCH what you use for toys I ONLY use plastic rings for my new bird I don't think you or I will ever get over it. I cry every time I think about it. Why did I have to be sick plus angry with toy maker! Good luck everyone with a bird they are fragile. My new one I flew in and he's a he and very different but does have to go to bed in my hoodie before I put him to bed. I love them both!,,

Feb 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about sunbeam. I'm sure it was extremely difficult to witness that and especially to a pet that you've had for20yrs. As difficult it may seem, try think about the good times you had your bird. I too, lost my bird but mine was actually attacked by my dog, at the time he was still a puppy. My parrot was only 3 when his life was taken. But I have since then learned my lesson and take extra precautions around the house with my two other parrots. Not only around my dog but also with other house hold products such as cleaning supplies, candles, cooking pots ect. I also check my birds cage daily to make sure that their are no toys that can eventually be a threat to my birds. I hope, with time you can make room in your life for another bird. Again, I'm truly sorry to hear about sunbeam.

Jan 31, 2017
R.I.P. Sunbean 9/4/1997 - 1/25/2017
by: Anonymous

I just lost my best friend Sunbean last week too. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know this sucks! We are so stupid. Sunny was by far the best pet, and friend, I've ever had; she was my world... So cute, happy and affectionate... the kind of love that turns you into a goofy little high pitched retard you know. Like you, I too was in denial that anything was wrong until it was too late. I woke up in the morning to her in a puddle of her own blood, still alive. She's was always twitchy, so I didn't think much about it... she was so happy. Sure she slept more and more often, she was almost 20 years old. Turns out the twitches were mini seizures. She must have had a really bad one while I was sleeping and got herself caught/stuck on something in her cage... At least that is my theory. Her wing was ripped off, legs swollen and her toes chewed off. WHAT THE F***!! It was the most devastating thing I've ever seen. It was so bad that the vet asked me if my cat tried to eat her. I had to put her down, I feel like such s***. It's only been six days since she's been gone and I'm still crying. I don't think I'll ever get over her, the way it all went down was horrific. I miss my her cuddles and kisses.

Jan 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

Cara.. I just read your post. My heart hurts for you,and tears of sadness for your beloved Pauline.

My most sincere condolences to you dear lady..


Jan 15, 2017
by: fay

My little green cheek conure has been a bit unwell his poo is a little Runnymede is eating and is about sixteen years old can any one give me an idea what's wrong ..

Editor's note: Your bird needs to be seen by an avian vet to answer that question.

Jan 13, 2017
Heavenly Wings
by: Emily

I remember getting my first conure, but I also remember losing him too. The memory is a scarred wound that is seared into my mimd.
I had rescued a green cheek. His name was Kiwi. He was my Caiques best friend. I traveled long distance to retrieve this bird. I taught him how to talk, and I taught him how to fly. He loved playing hide and seek in the pet store. His wings were a great advantage.
I took my Kiwi everywhere. We even shared meals together.
But until that night...

Kiwi is afraid of the dark, and I always leave my light on. I came home and was having a rough day, and I laid on my bed as my Kiwi came to cheer me up. As I place him on his cage, and tell him goodnight, I proceed to bed, when without a thought, I turned out the light. Kiwi knows how to find my bed in the dark, but I had been so exhausted, I was passed out.

I wake up to feed my kiwi and could not find him, I'm freaking out, as my fiance turns down the covers, and we see his lifeless body cradled into the fabric of my blanket. His feet broken from getting caught in the stitching, his chest collapsed from being crushed, and his eyes sunken in from being smothered.

I lost my best friend. It was an accident, but I didn't neglect him. I loved him. Now I know, that he is getting more love high in the sky and can now fly free with his "Heavenly Wings".

Dec 28, 2016
by: Jack

The comments from BEWARE THESE DANGERS are extremely good - unfortunate experience suggests that dogs should be added to the list as well as cats - also, non stick surfaces are also in small heaters as well as cookware and can also be dangerous to birds, I've had good luck with the oil filled heaters turned down low, they're about $35 at Wal-Mart - might also include open toilets and fish tanks, - never lay down with your bird where you could possibly roll over on it and beware of ceiling fans

Dec 25, 2016
by: Jessica Peter

Hi guys,sorry for your loss.My Jendai conure is 12 yrs old,since this morning,we have noticed that his high pitched voice is very low,he normally makes a lot of noise but he's very quiet,we are very worried,we will be taking him for a checkup tom.Plz guys,do you think my baby is sick??

Editor's note: Your avian vet will be able to diagnose the problem and give your bird the meds it needs.

Dec 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

Cats and birds DO NOT mix. You are inviting trouble and tragedy if you have both together in the same room, not just the danger of the cat killing the bird. But also the fact that a predator is roaming around constantly stresses out a bird. Stress causes illnesses for birds. Plus, a cat's saliva is toxic to a bird and even if not bitten, whay may seem like cute harmless fun is not - even if just licked, birds can develop a fatal infection!! So beware and be super careful with birds when you have other pets or vice versa. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL.

Also, these products are DANGEROUS, unhealthy, and oftentimes fatal to birds if used in your house:
- non-stick cookware and other products with non-stick surfaces (like teflon)
- scented candles, perfumes, febreze, air fresheners, body sprays, cleaning chemicals, powders, carpet cleaning powders or solutions, heated vinegar, smoke, and more. These products also irritate humans to varying degrees especially asthmatics and people with allergies.

Birds should never be housed in the KITCHEN. Even overheated cooking oils can diffuse in the air and harm them. Their respiratory systems are extremely sensitive.

Dec 02, 2016
Heart broken
by: Alcapone

I'm a bird mother who raises and domesticates birds.

I bought a dusky for my boyfriend of 6 years. Duskies being a magicians favorite bird tend to be escape artists...

Well trained as a pup Tyson fell in love with him. He could fly to your finer, tell you to pick him up... It's been a little over a week. I came home late from work last night to find the dusky out of his cage but thought he was hanging out with my other birds on perch.

Little did I know he was cuddling him. :/ I told him never to do this but it slipt his mind... he just wants to cuddle him as he lay. not knowing; I left him on the couch to sleep in the bed....

If I knew I would have woke him.. Grabbed the bird warned him.. I woke up to him crying... Weeping. Rocking his lifeless body he said I thought I heard a squeak Krista. I killed him. Omg why didn't I just out him back? He's still alive. Rocking his hardening body. His eyes told me it had been almost half an hour. I see them die often raising. I knew right away before walking into the room. I've never seen him cry that hard. Perhaps after his mother passed..

I trained him and raised him... It's hard. I hand fed him to give him a better life. Tyson is so hurt... What do I say? What could I ever say to make it right? He lost his new best friend. He finally is resting... I don't know what to say to make him not feel god awful. I just wanted to bring him a bit of happiness with a new buddy. Now I feel I caused depression. Fml

Dec 01, 2016
by: ISH

I am so sorry about your lost. I understand how you feel. My RN daughter gave me my Pasha ( pachan) that I fell in love with. He is only 8 months old. on THANKSGIVING DAY HE DROWNED IN MY FISH TANK. how could I not see this coming since he always sit on the edge and look out the window to the birds outside as a daily routine.

only thing I can think of is he ws crazy about water and tried to take a bath and couldn't get out. no one was home. I dont put him in his house day time and I left him and my cockatiel Cooky 10000 times befor. just to see them so happpy when i open the door or screaming together when I put my alarm on befor I leave the house. I have been crying... I still hear his calling and kisses. and I feel the nibbles on my ears . he was crazy about food. I told people I have a cat because if a dish not covered he will eat it.

when does this pain go away..I dont think it will at all..he wasnt done living...eating..taking showers with me...or dancing for my sons songs...

I will never dance again the way I danced with him... I cant look at the fish tank..I still see his lifeless body floating..his pink feet turned white his mouth opened..thats all I saw...I asked my son to burry him in my garden.I havent been out to the garden yet but I look out the window and cry...all him and wait for him to call me heart broken , my thanksgiving years will never be the same...why didnt i cover the fish tank...did I really thought he knows what he is doing !!! I was looking forward to growing old with him..

i miss you Pachan...I cant wait to see you in the other side...I just cant ...I know you see me crying for you and I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH i LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU..

thank you for letting me write this much..

Nov 27, 2016
Pour Evie😳
by: Anonymous

I put my bird Evie outside in her small tree,
Then I went inside two minutes later I hear Evie
Scream and a hawk then I turn around and she's gone!i looked everywhere but I couldn't find her

Please don't make the same Mistake!😳

Nov 26, 2016
My sun conure Artie died on our bed
by: Ellen Medina

I had Artie since April 2008 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had been my loving and caring bird until today. She loved to cuddle and kiss me so I made her a little "nest like" bed and slept with me and my husband every night. She would wake us up in the morning when it's time for her to poop and will fly over to her cage. I noticed she had been quiet last 2 days but didn't bother, I thought she was just getting nice to our neighbors as she had been noisy all those times. This morning was really unusual for her to be really quiet as she would always tweet when she hears car is parked and someone is coming home - we all know our pets have a very good sense of hearing and smell. Me and my husband didn't realized that we're missing her, she slept under the pillow and found her dead this afternoon. It seems to me that she showed signs that we are going to lose her but didn't pay attention - I should have and could have saved her life. May she rest in peace. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm been crying all day. I will forever remember my lovely and beautiful conure named Artie.

Nov 24, 2016
My bird died in my hands too
by: Anonymous

My little blue parrotlets lucy and I were inseparable for 7 years. I had just nursed her back to health after a broken leg and she was in
Perfect health.
I was wrapping gifts with her on my shoulder. She jumped down excited and broke her neck. She died in my hands. I can't stop crying. It's been 5 days and I'm so
Lost without her. I feel horrible guilt when does this grief leave us.

Nov 21, 2016
So sorry to hear of your loss
by: Jack

So sorry to hear of your loss

Nov 13, 2016
Sad day
by: Anonymous

My conure loves cuddling in the bed with me for 15 minutes before I took him to his cage every night. Last night I fell asleep with him in the bed with me and I woke up this morning and he was dead. I am devastated he was my baby please don't make the same mistake.

Oct 24, 2016
Great loss...
by: Anonymous

Sorry, to hear about your little girl....:(

Oct 17, 2016
Sorry for your sad story
by: weebirdies

Dear Cara,

So sorry for your loss of lovely little Pauline. You told a loving, poignant story about a beautiful little creature who loved you dearly.

Birds are amazing... Most people who have never bonded with birds don't know this.

Birds are so subtle about telling us that they don't feel well. I have found too, with loss, that we must pay attention to those vague signs and ask if something is going on.

Best wishes to you.

Oct 16, 2016
so sorry about your loss
by: broken hearted

So sad to read everyone's comments. I lost my green cheek Zazu last Wednesday. I am so hearbroken don't know what to say...I cant function without him. He spent every day and night while hes up on my shoulder. Kisses me always was soooh intelligent I blame myself for not taking better care of him, looks like he flew too fast and hit himself into the glass doors. He said "see you" to mus when we leave and everynight he wuld say sleep around 10 if I don't put him to bed, he will say his name really loud if he needs me to take him, I miss himsoooh much and wonder if anyone know of a support group I can join as I am totally lost without my best friend.

Oct 12, 2016
Dont become doctors take expert advice
by: Piyush-India(Delhi)

I had picked up two Budgies CupCake and Muffin , my two pretty birds in May 2016. Both were really chirpy and playful with each other. I could never make out who was male or female but the person who sold them knew that both were not same sex. I was quite casual in terms of their food and water, thinking their eating habits will be same as any bird. But we loved them especially my kids who were extra careful with her and let them fly in the room and play with them occasionally. I always thought they being birds should be kept in cage in the open as much as possible. And one day when they were outside in their cage a crow poked his beak into one of the budgies - Cupcake. She had a broken leg and could not walk. I couldn't find any vet for birds in the neighborhood so I went to a charitable hospital for animals where the doctor put some Betadine bandaged him and gave me homeopathic medicine to treat her. I treated her and watched her regularly and she was soon back on her feat. Whille doing this I got somewhat close to the birds and started taking better care of them. It was after a month or so the one who was attacked showed signs of sluggishness one day and died the other day when we got up. I thought it was because I didn't feed them properly and the cage was not clean. I felt really sorry buried her at the backyard and then started taking much more care of Muffin the other one, cleaned waterfood cage regularly. She seemed to be fine and happy in a day or two and I thought of getting a companion, I saw that she too loosing some feathers same as my earlier one but thought it could be change of weather since she was otherwise active. My next one joined her couple of weeks back and they immediately became pally, but in a day they both became very quite and started sitting close to each other. Muffin started become fluffy and sleepy and I thought maybe she is about to lay egg. But just couple of days back I thought let me take my new one and show at the pet shop ( lack of pets for birds in this part of country). She died before reaching the Pet and I was told Muffin too might not survive. I was told about a doctor in another older part of my City ( Delhi). Since I had to leave for work I thought of showing her next day. Which I did and the doc there gave an antibiotic, liver medicine and a pain killer. I came back and fed her with a lot of effort but by evening she too was dead. My advice is read about an animal and how to keep it before buying, ensure you have a doctor close by because he is the best judge, your assumption is not a conclusion so always keep taking expert advice. We all love you Cupcake, Muffin and Bubble, I am sorry I was unable to take care of you, we all enjoyed every moment with you, hope it was the same with you. RIP

Oct 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

I lost my conure 6-years ago due to my neglect. I was only 18 years old and I had other issues in my life at the time. I did not care for her as well as I could have. She needed her food bowl changed when I found her. I feel so guilty. For the past 6-years all I've felt is remorse and guilt. She was the MOST GORGEOUS CONURE ever and I killed her. I will never get over this and will take this grief to the grave with me.

Thank you so much for your post, forcing me to write this.

I'm sending love and have so much empathy with you xxx

Oct 05, 2016
Sick pet birds
by: Ria R.

I lost a little conure I loved due to my negligence about what is and isn't normal breathing. He had aspergillosis and died in my hands. That was YEARS ago. No you won't forget. Right now I have an African Gray that is snoring. She has an appt. in the morning. I pay attention now. Been there. You are not alone. People beat themselves up over this. And I'd lose another bird if I listened to my husband. Birds look sick you take them in right away 1-2 days tops or regret it. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have no words and suffer the same.

Oct 03, 2016
Lost my beloved conure
by: WallyNola

I'm so sorry for your loss. I cried as I read your post. I lost my sweet little Wally just 3 days ago due to my negligence. I absentmindedly left his cage door open and my dog got to him and killed him. My heart is in pieces. Wally was so sweet and every time he heard my voice he would make the kissing sound so I would give him a kiss. He brightened my day and was a source of happiness for me. Yet I failed him by one foolish oversight. He lost his life because of me.

Sep 29, 2016
Your little girl....
by: Kim

Thank you for your post. My wonderful GCC is sneezing a great deal and cannot keep her eyes open. I was debating about getting her in immediately or waiting for an appointment in a couple of days. I will find someone today. Thank you for your loving comments about your little girl. I adore mine and cannot believe how much joy she brings to our household. Sorry for you immense loss!

Sep 16, 2016
To Barb
by: Senegal

Sorry about Olivia. I'm sure it's been hard on you. I believe you did the right thing in getting another feather baby. I hope everything works for you and your pets.

Sep 09, 2016
About your baby
by: Barb Scarantino, RN

Hi. I feel your pain. I had my Quaker parrot, Olivia, euthanised this past Sunday at the Small Clinic at MSU (East Lansing, MI)

I did not take her outside, so I did not clip her wings. She would fly onto my shoulder,fly into the bathroom to be with me.

Well....I, also, have two cats. Mary is nearly 14 yrs old, gentile and as feminine as a girl cat could be. She NEVER paid attention to Olivia.

Simba, my young boy cat was interested. When I come home from work, Oncology, hospital..I sit at my kitchen table and play on my computer. Olivia would be on my shoulder with Mary and Simba hanging out on the table, in front of an open window.

Simba would reach his arms/paws to touch her. I, always, stopped him.

I left Olivia's cage (house) open when I was gone.
After seven years, this was fine.

Long story short, I believe bit or clawed her....Over a three day period...she got closer to death,so I chose to have her uethanised.

My heart is broken. I am a believer in the Lord. I KNOW that I will be with her again.

Dumnb fucing me.

Well....I cannot replace Olivia....I went to Preuss Pets in Lansing. (google this)...These people are extrordinary!

So, I can fill the hole in my heart. Yesterday, I went to Preuss (that is their last name and I love how they know fish..freshwater and salt, reptiles and birds... birds r the biggest.....

I purchased...hate how that sounds, like I am buying a piece of furniture....Chose a Pineapple Cheeked Conure.

Named her Olive in memory of Olivia.

Can't pay in full til five weeks from now. Visited her today. She is five mos old. Very looking forward to us getting to know one another.

Lesson LEARNED.....When I am gone cage will be closed

Talk about feelig guilty....

You and I cannot hang onto that, our babies would not want us to feel this way.

I have had shit sleep...taking a trazadone and going to sleep. Hopefully.

Call me if u want to talk..



Aug 21, 2016
To jack
by: Senegal

Thank you for your kind words, Jack. They truly mean a lot to me and helps me through this sad time. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in a terrible situation such as mine and have move on and have learned from that. Really, thank you so much. Best wishes to you and your four feather babies.

Aug 19, 2016
Your beautiful gold cap
by: James

I feel so bad for you I know how sweet they are as all conures i know i would want to kill my self if my green cheek got sick i had other birds if i think about what happened to them i get so sad I was searching to see why my green cheek out of breath & panting when he flies always did for 8years I can't answer cheeky is my only real friend I ever have i think no 1 wounld feel like i do & the way parrots take to me I could be wrong.

Aug 16, 2016
To Senegal
by: Jack

so sorry for your loss - I too have lost birds to other animals years ago, I think I know something of what you are going through - I currently am looking after 4 birds, and no other animals are allowed in the house - when things go wrong, it happens in a hurry - thanks for sharing and wishing you good luck in the future

Aug 15, 2016
by: Anonymous

I recently lost my senegal parrot ,Yoshie. I was looking online and found this page with a lot of sad stories. I'm truly sorry hear about everyone's loss and that you are not alone. My baby bird past away and was almost three years old. He was such a great pet. I thrive and try to be the best pet owner possible. However, accident do happen and no matter how much I thought I was a great parrot owner I lost him for being careless and now a life is lost and I'm left with a broken heart. I left his cage open and he flew down and my dog jumped on him. Everything happend soo fast and when I went to go pick him up he died in my hands a few minutes later. I tried to be the best parrot owner by not using chemical cleaner ect. But I still failed him. I still have an other parrot that I need to take care of and use this as a lesson and hopefully for others. This tragedy will not stop me from loving my pets I will continue to share my love in the future with an other parrot. I hope everyone with time will do the same. There are parrots out there who could use are help and love.

Jul 19, 2016
Hey, it's me again
by: Anonymous

I got an email from this website and thought I would just tell everyone that I'm "crying" from down below, and THE BIRD WAS ALIVE
Houdini lived. Me and my best friend searched my room from top to bottom, but we couldn't find him. it was a really hot day, with no air con in my room.
5 hours later, when we went back to continue looking for the body of my bird, we heard a tiny chirp and found Houdini behind the bookcase.
Still no idea how he got out of the cage, I checked it like 5 times that night, but I was so shaken that I gave away both of my canaries, Houdini (real name actually Collipe), and Little Rikki to a lady and her 12 year old daughter.
I didn't mention Houdini's amazing skill, but he hasn't escaped them to my knowledge, and the daughter has actually trained my "crazy" birds to do tricks. Who knew.

Jul 14, 2016
I lost my African Senegal today
by: Anonymous

I lost my african senegal today. When I found her dead at the bottom of the cage, she was still warm. It hurts my heart so badly, I am so sad, I feel so guilty. I am currently pregnant, and she slept in my room, but since I am almost due, I set up a different room and moved her so she would get used to it... she seemed ok, yesterday she did seem weird, like she did not wanted to go out, but I thought she was sleepy. I think she died of sadness, it hurts my heart so bad that she died alone, that she had loneliness in her heart and had to suffer this. Wish I could take back time and do things so different but is too late and she is gone

Jun 06, 2016
to Sharon, comment date April 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

Dear Sharon,

please take your Conure to the vet. please don't think of cost; his/her life is at stake. vets are always willing to get with payments, so please take him to an avian vet asap.

Best to your little guy

May 18, 2016
The most importaint thing:
by: K80theSHADE

I am very sorry for your loss.
I lost my little pigeon-wife last year and it still hurts.
I'm afraid I must have missed the most important part of the story: what did actually cause her death? Did you ever find out for sure?
Thank you.

May 10, 2016
Moth Ball warning too
by: Anonymous

So sorry about your experience- it's very sad. For others information, I had a too similar thing happen to a parakeet from 'moth balls" Please BEWARE. Do not hang moth balls anywhere near your birds (probably other animals too)

May 09, 2016
for 2 year old green cheek loss
by: jack

So very sorry for your loss - We experienced the same kind of thing years ago - looking after 4 birds now and no other animals allowed in the house because of this - I know this is a most difficult thing to experience - I'll be thinking of you for some time now and praying this bad time will pass soon.

May 08, 2016
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. I just lost my 2 year old green cheek a week ago and still can't breathe. My baby died because my husband's dog got into the cage and ....I can't even tell you what happened. The pain is unbearable. Again..I am sorry for your loss.

May 08, 2016
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I am so soon for your loss. I just lay my green cheek conure named Sebastian last week and it still hurts so much I can't breathe.

Apr 28, 2016
My sorrow for your loss.
by: Mac

Cara, I recently lost a feathered friend, though the loss was "expected" since he was a sickly bird when I adopted him, it was still hard. The bird rescue said he would probably not last more than 3 or 4 months due to age and health, but I got to love "Go-Go" for almost 2 more years.

I feel your pain and I hope that you are able to find another great feathered companion to love and care for. I also hope you use this as an educational experience and ignore the "haters" comments.

Best wishes to you!

Apr 22, 2016
aerosol, powder, perfume, baking soda,OIL burning heaters
by: Anonymous

Possibly toxic fumes.
ALL animals (AND most likely
most humans) should be kept away
from these. I have posted several
times about the dangers of these types
of items & products. ALL advice given
to me by an Aviary Vet many years ago
but still useful knowledge TODAY for free
on this page/blog. Please listen. Thanks!
Best wishes to all.

Apr 22, 2016
to Jack and Sharon re: conure anxiety
by: Anonymous

Yes, a radio/TV is perfect for
a at home alone bird as long as
the bird is listening to "calm chat"
or soft music. I pay 4.99
per month for my dog to
DOG TV (on DirecTV) when
I'm not able to do so.
It works, I have proof
on my dvr surveillance
home security system of my
dog being interactive with
the content on that channel
while I am not home.
Maybe even DOG TV would help
with a lonely or bored bird?
If that is the problem.
There are samples of this channel
on YouTube: DOG TV
Best wishes.

Apr 20, 2016
hope this helps
by: jack

I feed my conure pellets from Zupreem and add fruit treats like some banana or apple. I have parakeets and a radio nearby so she has someone to socialize with, and music to listen to when I'm away. As a younger bird, she was harder to handle and was prone to chew up stuff. Hoping this helps. - jack

Apr 19, 2016
to Sharon re: bird
by: Anonymous

My dog "picks up" on stress between me and my husband and she sulks/hides when it occurs. Perhaps that is it with your partner's bird. You said that they are out of work at moment, so perhaps it's stressful conversation that the bird overhears? You can still call an aviary Vet and ask for suggestions at what this might be (maybe the bird is just simply bored?) or ask for a discounted vet visit. No vet wants a pet to suffer.
Best wishes to all.

Apr 17, 2016
by: Sharon

My partner has a green conure, had him now for 2 years and when I stay (about 3 times a week) we both love him and he's always been happy. He has a large cage but he isn't locked in it. He wasn't when we got him, so we didn't lock him in. All was good until about 10 days ago, he is pulling out the feathers on his chest, and he has stopped bathing and is sleeping all the time, my partner can't afford a vet as he is out of work at mo. There are no dangers in the room and no smellies either, we just don't know what has gone wrong, hate seeing him like this, he doesn't say words, but he isn't making any noise at all now. He won't and never has let us touch him. I don't know what's wrong.

Mar 22, 2016
Please read if you own a bird OR if you are pet-sitting a friends bird
by: Anonymous

This is advice/instruction from an aviary vet in the 1980's. STILL in use today. Do not use any Air fresheners: solid like Glade brand stationary gel and warming plug-in gels and oils,SCENT oil absorbing sticks, automated "sensory" air sprays, canned aerosols of all types(cleaners too) HAIR SPRAYS, and "anti-bacterial" air sprays and vacuum air fresheners (those that you would put inside an vacuum air canister or that you would put in/on your home Air Conditioner air intakes AND aerosol or spray perfumes and body deoderant sprays AND powdered carpet including scented baking soda
AND it is always best to remove- for a couple of days (let a responsible friend/family member keep your birds for a couple of days?!) -your birds from any area where carpets are steam cleaned until carpets are thoroughly dry and then vacuumed a couple of times after drying (change the vacuum bag or clean the bagless vacuum canister before using again).
ALSO, place your birds in another closed off room when mopping any floor with a scented or anti-bacterial type of hard floor steam mop or wood floor cleaners. Allow the cleaned area to have fresh air (keep your birds in a secure cage/closed room). This info was given to me by an aviary (bird) Vet back in 1980's. STILL APPLIES FOR TODAY. Aerosols are not ANYONE HUMAN OR ANY! ANIMAL'S FRIEND and they damage the ozone layer of OUR Earth's atmosphere too.
When in doubt, ALWAYS telephone and ask a Aviary Vet and EDUCATE all your family members and your children about how to be AERSOL safe around ALL inside animals!

Mar 18, 2016
I learnt the hard way
by: Anonymous

hi i read your story and wanted to let you know it happened to me too..... we had a young fischer lovebird in our house. one day she started acting strange, falling off her perch and looking very ridgid.... not eating..... then an hour later she was dead. It was all very quick no puffed feathers or signs of illness like your bird. that day my son went a bit crazy with the air freshner in the bathroom. I also remember him having the fischer out in the room next to the bathroom. they were playing together...... it was that evening the bird died. my son was so upset he made a little box for the bird and we buried it. BUT the moral of this story is this AIR FRESHNERS, HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS ARE DEADLY to our feathered friends!!! I learnt the hard way :(

Mar 16, 2016
conure a year old
by: Jack

My conure has been under the weather recently. I fed her some apple in addition to her regular diet. Made sure she was drinking water, I think this was important. While I sit in a recliner, she liked to be under the lapel of my coat. I stayed still, and she'd take a nap. Very important, I do not snuggle with her in bed, only in the recliner. I use an oil filled radiator heater to give her some gentle heat. I kept it on very low so she would stay comfortable in her cage. Maybe some of this can be helpful. I hope so. I'll be thinking about you and your bird.

Mar 14, 2016
My conure is only a year old
by: Anonymous

My conure is only a year old and suddenly he/she can't hold her/his head up.

I am devastated. I don't have a vet in my area, so I have done telephone conference and all the vet can tell me is she/ he probably had a stroke.

She/he eats fine, poops are good looking. I don't know what to do. Any advise!!!!

Mar 12, 2016
To angry bird mum
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure why you felt the need to come onto this post to badger everyone who is in pain. My bird died, drowning in a toilet. We always kept lids down and bathroom doors closed except for one time. Why? Because we are human. The quilt is beyond comprehension. To everyone here that lost a part of thier heart, please ignore this stupid rant if this holier than thou person. God forbid something happens to her birds. I'm sorry for your losses and I'm sorry this person has zero compassion at a time like this.

Mar 06, 2016
Bye Bye Birdie
by: Mspoppi

Oh I read up on your loss and I was touched.
One day i came home and didn't see my little pineapple baby anywhere. I looked everywhere for her and finally found her on the floor near the couch.
She wasn't looking well and I cradled her in my hands and placed her near my heart where she died...was a sudden death and I never knew the cause of her sudden departure. She wasn't even a year old and I lost this day I wonder was it something I did..
I feel your pain trust me,my little bird was the joy of my life but we can't put the blame on ourselves,we just have to be more observant and watch carefully what our little feathered friends may get in to.
The day my little pineapple died a part of me went with her...I learnt by my mistakes as we all do..but as with everything there will never be another like the one we loss.
I have 2 conures again but they haven't replaced my pineapple but its a start.
God Bless you and your feathered friends.

Mar 06, 2016
my condololences
by: nick

We share as well as many bird fanciers love love love for our two legged friends/pets/children...
have you heard of the rainbow bridge.?..please read it very will see your little friend again..our loved ones are waiting for the future always read about your pet before you purchase one/them..they have certain needs that make them uniquely deepest sympathies

Feb 23, 2016
Dear Nurse
by: Anonymous

I know you must have a lot of guilt, but your avian Vet & even the bird store should of educated you! Certainly, if you had known, you wouldn't of used Lysol! You're only human! Because you're a nurse, your expected to not ever make mistakes, or you could loose your license , job, a patient, get sued, or go to prison for one mistake! But don't forget that you're human! You don't have a a degree in animal biology! Don't beat your self up now! Get another bird & learn all the rules! Basically, no chemicals, no heated Teflon, no predtors, no fans, mirrors, uncovered windows. They need direct sunlight with half the cage covered , for relief of sun when needed. No breezes. Nothing below 70 degrees! Don't kiss th.. Our normal flora is different from theirs ( no yogurt chocolate or avacados) . Use reverse isolation tequniqes. They can die from our germs & your dogs germs.. I clean with alcohols& water solution. They need fresh water, fruit & veggies! My two conures have their own room & I let them fly! They need 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night! My babies are 25&23 years old ! I have a great vet that taught me the rules! There's a lot to bird keeping💕

Feb 17, 2016
Goodbye Mido
by: Tio

We just lost our 3yr old red cheeked conure named Mido... (short for Midori which means green in Japanese ). Such a senseless accident..he was playing under the sofa and my daughter sat on it and his neck got caught under the bar and broke..he died so quickly in my hands.
We miss him so much. He was the perfect fit for our family..he ate on the table with us from his own plate, was always on someone's shoulder cuddling up at the side of our neck. He loved music and would dance..singing Mido,Mido.
Would you believe he played peek-a-boo? I played with him once when he snuck under my shirt..and he picked up the words...if we covered our face and then revealed ourselves he would say peek-a-boo..or he would hide under a blanket or someone's shirt...pop out and say perk-a-boo.
We never knew to train him when we first got him to poop in his cage...he learned to poop in the garbage. Such a smart bird. Oh! How I miss him.
Our home won't be fve same without him.
Thanks hor letting me share. I had to keep it together I'm front of my kids who were hysterical. I asked them to remember all the good times we had with him. They are devastated.

Feb 17, 2016
Do some research beforehand!
by: Angry Bird Mum

As a very happy owner of 5 awesome conures reading some of the stories here has my blood boiling. My darling pineapple conure died last year because of a seizure, but from the moment she and the other conures entered my life I made sure to take proper care of them. I threw out all things dangerous to them and know exactly what food they cannot have, because I did my research. Although I love all animals, I will never keep a dog or ferret or whatever else even remotely dangerous to them as long as my feathered most precious kiddos are alive. It is only logical that you don't use chemicals around them , keep dangerous animals away from them and sleep with them. The risk some of you took with the lives of your precious bird is beyond stupid! Before getting a bird make sure you know how you are going to take care of them or don't get them at all. I recommend all bird owners to do proper research. There are lots of lethal household items and food that you will propably not know of until it is too late. And for those who killed their birds by crushing them or let their toddlers play with them I say: don't get anymore birds cause you don't deserve them. Birds are not toys and kids should definetely not be around them without supervision. Sleeping with them is also the dumbest thing possible, if you do that you might as well sit on them right now because sooner or later it will go wrong! So please stop doing that, no matter how cute it is. If you have birds do not get dogs or cats. If you have dogs, cats, ferrets , dragons, lions or sharks do not get birds! They will suffer a death that is pure horror for them and yourself when they are attacked by your cute harmless pet! Now excuse me while cuddling my conures will help me reduce the anger produced my some of the stories here.

Feb 04, 2016
Very sad to lose our precious little ones
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry your little Conure passed away. Our little birds are so precious and so giving, and it is very sad when they become ill. It is unfortunate that the signs of illness are so subtle with birds, that we need to be watchful for any behavioral changes.
I too recently lost my sweetie Dove. Just a few weeks prior, she had arrived home from the hospital because of an infection, which I think she caught from her previous visit to the vet clinic. She was so active and happy being home, but then she injured herself climbing the cage bars, and the emergency hospital could not do much because they aren't avian trained. We had to wait out the weekend until Monday when Avian vets are open, but my little one lost her appetite. I hand fed her as much as I could, but she could not eat enough and passed away Sunday night. I wish I had been holding her when it happened; she needed me the most then. Sad that when birds are ill, it affects them tremendously and to help them, time is surely of the essence. I miss my little Dovey so much. I adopted her when she first hatched as a baby and she has been with me for just over twenty years. I love her so very much, and she has such an adorable personality. She always knew when I needed her beside me. There is no one like her. I will miss her forever. I hope she is in a wonderful place that is pain free, safe and happy flying with friends of her kind. My thoughts are with all of you who have lost our darling little one.

Jan 30, 2016
I lost my Blue Headed Pionus after 13 years by ignorance
by: Anonymous

I just can not admit this but I actually have two birds a conure that is 23 years old and a blue headed pionus who is 13 years old. Taking care of them is very easy especially when you have a set routine. Every morning before going to work I gave both food and water and cleaned their cages each week. I recently going through a divorce and the last 3 weeks was everything that was not routine.
I suddenly found my Kiwi the blue headed pionus with nearly no water or seed. She was clinging onto side of cage making awful lot noises and disorientated. In a panic I gave her water and seed and slice of apple. Kiwi drank water and ate seed and part of the apple slice. 15 minutes later she seemed to recover to my relief. 2 hours later she seemed to be choking on regurgitating food. I held in my hands and held her cupped in my hand upside down with her back in the palm side of my hands. Immediately I sensed she could not breath. I put right side up on the sofa 2 minutes later she died.
Yes, I blame my self and take the responsibility of loosing the only pet that I loved so dear and my support system. I learned the hard way. My mistake was not following a routine, a simple calender to mark every day for feeding of Kiwi to force routine. Mistake two feeding her seed was not right, instead a eye drops with water and baby food. I consulted with a VET and he said she did not suffocate but had a heart attack. Oh my god my whole world is upside down and I am ashamed and cry all the time about the loss of KIWI. God forgive me, I do not deserve a new bird. Yes men do cry. This is the ultimate pain loosing KIWI, not my divorce.

Jan 16, 2016
My bird was a Lovebird
by: Anonymous

My little "Woodchippy" was my little bird. He loved me so much and would nest bird in my clothes and attack any unsuspecting finger who got in his territory. He brought so much life to our family. We all loved him so much. I was grading my son's paper on Thursday night and my daughter came and took the bird to play with. Not an unusual thing, as she really loved Woodchippy a whole lot. She obviously did not see him standing there on our coffee table but she accidentally sat on him, she is 5. He squeaked very loud and my son brought him to me. I held him in my hands knowing he was dying and there was nothing I could do. I held him and said, I love you Woodchippy, I am so sorry, I love you. He died in my hands five minutes later. I had to separate myself from everyone during these five minutes. I sat and rocked him in my rocking chair that night while my little buddy died in my hands. I stayed out there in my rocking chair for 20 minutes before coming in the house. I was there to feel and see him take his last bird breath. I feel so sad. I did not yell at my daughter or say anything to her except that he is gone and he won't come back. She has been having nightmares ever since and when she was ready for bed last night she said I miss Woodchippy Mom, I want him back, and she cried in my arms. I know how she feels. I have not hid my tears from my children, but I don't say much about him. It hurts too much right now. The what if's are horrible, and I completely dislike them, and that is all I can think of right now. RIP my sweet little Woodchippy. I love you. I miss you.

Jan 16, 2016
Just lost my Little Wing, green checked yellow sided conure last week
by: Anonymous

I completely understand your loss, my sweet little wing died in my arms last week. We rushed him to the vet and it was even after hours, but it was too late. He was such an amazing joy to be around and a gift from my husband after I lost a child, I saw him as our little child, he would take baths in my hands if I cupped them under running water in the sink. He said good baby, goodnight, I,love you, etc.Made the cutest kissing noises always! He was also a best friend to our Quaker parrot that was a rescue and needed to be preened by him, they lived together and we're best friends too. I felt he knew my soul too, he was there through really really hard times. He loved to cuddle above me on my pillow, I never let him get lower as not to crush him. My husband and I were out of town for a while to deal with a family emergency and had our home broken into. Of course our birds come with us everywhere, so we drove back three thousand miles to take care of our home, amidst the mess that this man left our home we struggled to clean up the mess that was left. Last week on the eleventh my husband took both of the babies out of their cage to say hi to them, our Quaker got startled by something as my husband sat down on the couch so I went to go and pick him up, that's when we thought little wing followed his brother and amongst the mess my husband and I did not see our baby little wing climb back up the couch and my husband accidentally squished him as little wing was running as he always did really fast so we both missed seeing him. I was always so so protective of him, I wouldn't!t even let me husband take him for car rides or outside unless his wings were clipped. so so awful. As I said we can!t have kids of our own, our birds are our children. I can't help but feel so depressed, I just can't believe he is actually gone. The next morning after he passed I sat down with my Quaker and told him what happened, he seemed as though he understood, he had his head puffed up and bent down and made a noise he never made before. It sounded like a yes, when I asked him to be strong and help mommy get through the,loss. He is now even sweeter than when little wing was here, cuddling even more. He has helped immensely.

Jan 15, 2016
by: John, nj

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of 16 yo blue crown conure died suddenly yesterday; had her since 9 weeks old. she stopped talking about 10 days ago; but everything else was normal. she was molting and growing in new feathers; and sometimes i know they get quiet and dont like to be bothered.all other behavior was normal; especialy playing with toys a, eating, and her droppings. i'm a physician and had a bird before and been to the animal medical center in nyc. there are not many true avian vets that can realy diagnose. i found her lying on the bottom of the cage with blood from her mouth,about a hour before i was feeding her pellets.Dont beat yourelf up over this! i so devasted! she was the only one left in my family alive. I'm not sure if i would have taken to a local vet not in acute distress, they would known whats wrong and saved here.My other bird, died of avian tb after i took her to 2 vets and 3 days at cornell vet school. they put him through so much stress and told me it cant be cured anyway.bird are so loving, and when they pass is so much pain. sorry for your loss.

my 16

Jan 13, 2016
So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I just lost my bird , a sun conure , Butters , today. She too was my everything --- friend , confidante , support system - you name it, she was there. She's seen me through many a tough time in life , and was my ray of sunshine in a sometimes stormy world . A lot of people think it's weird that a bird would be my best friend , but she was. Always on my shoulder , helping me cook , do housework , study , and even sat on the shower curtain railing when I showered . For a time , she would even sleep in the bed with me. Suddenly , she began to lay more eggs than usual , and a noticed a dark purple spot on her belly. She seemed okay though , and since she was making another egg , I thought nothing much of it. She ended up having the egg, but a today we found her dead on the floor ( she had been laying in the bed , as usual ) in the hallway outside room. It appears her clochea is distended and looks to be protruding. My guess is she had a tumor or some sort of embolism. It's amazingly difficult to have her gone. The pain is so raw right now , all I can do is see her cage and cry. I totally understand what you're going through as far as guilt too , cause I wished I'd done something more. Yet , what's done is done , and the birds are in a better place. They were loved in their time with us here , and we need to remember that above all else.

Jan 12, 2016
te: my baby fanta
by: Anonymous

Why do you say that,
what happened to Fanta?

Jan 12, 2016
My baby Fanta
by: Anonymous

Just last night, I was cuddling with my little green cheek. I meant to be with her for only a few minutes but STUPIDLY I just dazed off and fell asleep. I woke up this morning to a dead parrot. I wish i could just replace her but honestly i dont believe i deserve another pet. EVER AGAIN

Jan 07, 2016
i lost my friend

my jenday was 11, said over 30 words, was loving and smart. i found her on the bottom of the cage at 3am, she wouldnt move it was a sunday, i moved her to a smaller cage small heater by her then she started looking like she was doing crunches, i thought she was egg bound, but it seems she had a heart attack or a stroke, she was soo vocal, but i never heard her little voice again, she dies in my arms and altho im a man, im still crying, and feel like my hearts breaking. she was the best gift i ever got, and i miss her sooo much.

Jan 05, 2016
Pauline ♡
by: bird/animal luvr

Sorry for your loss of Pauline.
It sounds like you were a very good parent. I was wondering if you
knew that SOME dog training pee pads
are chemically treated with either
natural/unnatural "scents" to
attract the dog to urinate onto
the pad. Perhaps it was that,
or the Lysol/febreeze you used.
For example, my vet told me to
remove my Parakeets from my apt
for 3 days after having the carpets cleaned. They stayed at friends until
my carpets had dried, I vac'd/dusted
and aired the apt out well and then
got the apt back up to normal temperature
before bringing them back in.
Its scary how lung sensitive birds are.
Best wishes to you.

Jan 04, 2016
My canary
by: Crying

My male canary, nicknamed Houdini, died today. The cage he was in, a parrot cage, was IMPOSSIBLE for him to open, and I still to this day have no idea how on earth he did it, but one day, my little "Houdini" got out of his closed cage, out of the curtains around his cage, and started flying around my bedroom, which is where his and my other canry, Little Rikki's cage is. I got him back in after about an hour, but, little did I know, he did the impossible again yesterday. I had no idea, and when I checked on him today, his cage was empty, no signs of life.
I looked around, but still haven't found his tiny body. I have to, clearly, but my bedroom is a mess, and I have asked for help with this body retrieval.
I haven't a clue how he got out, the bars are thick and close together, and the door is hard even for a human to open.

Dec 16, 2015
Birds are wonderful creatures
by: Licia

Dear Cara,
Thank you for sharing what happened with Pauline, your beloved bird, and your feelings with us. I have two budgies and one seems to be sick. The aviary vet visited them - apparently they are both sick - and prescribed an antibiotic and some vitamins. I hope they get back in shape! A couple of months ago Joy, a budgie I had fell sick and shortly after died and I felt very sad. I felt like this little bird could 'understand my soul' - and he loved the music I played! After almost a year together, he was suddenly gone. Especially at the beginning, I missed him so and thought a lot about how I could have prevented him from dying. We bought another companion for the bird who had remained alone and was feeling lonely. I fully understand your love for Pauline and your regret for not knowing what you know now. By the way, I haven’t understood what, according to you, you did wrong. Was it a substance you used for cleaning which was toxic to her? I also felt guilty when Joy died; I thought I should have done this and shouldn't have done that. The thing is, I did the best I could. You took the best care possible of Pauline and I know she felt very loved by you. I never thought I could develop such a strong bond with these small, cute birds but I have! Even if my budgies can't talk, they are so communicative. I like to speak to them in sweet voice and they close their small beady eyed with delight. My 12-year old daughter is also very attentive to them, plays tricks with them and they have good fun together. Are you going to get another little conure Cara? Which of course would never replace Pauline but would mean exchange of other beautiful moments together?
Greetings from Sardinia

Nov 29, 2015
Poor birdy
by: Anonymous

Acctually female birds can lay eggs without a partner. Is horrible really, I use to burn insence around my rats, and I think it contributed to their respiratory infection, I did not know. I have 6 birds now and I am very careful with stuff. Its sad for sure, I understand the feelings you may have against your self, but maybe your story will save many lives. Poor birdy, maybe get a new one or adopt , seems like you are a good bird owner at heart, just read about all the hazard of keeping pet parrots, there are many more , they are sensitive to everything, so many things can kill them from chocolate to teflon pans.

Nov 26, 2015
by: ValPotgieter

I am so sorry for u. I think we all make mistakes because we think we know. In time,get another baby. Never the same,but it helps. Lovebirds are so sweet. GoD bless.

Nov 14, 2015
Sorry about Pauline
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about your conure. I have a green cheek conure named Riko. He's almost three and we just got another little girl conure named Zoey who's almost two.
I heard about the cleaners, perfumes, smoke, and most anything can harm the bird. I went from using smelly candles, carpet fresh, lysol, and pinesol to using only pinesol and carpet fresh on my floors when the birds are in bed(they have their own room) and a little lysol on pillow cases in a closed room. I do this carefully and not even a quarter as much as I did before I had birds. Again, so sorry to hear of your loss. Now that you know I'm sure you'll be a good pet parent.


Oct 18, 2015
In just lost my sweetie pie
by: Anonymous

I had my babybfh for just a few days, I had made the mistake of not researching my cockatiel before getting him, he was still young. But as soon as I got him, I bought everything he needed and more. Today I noticed that when I came in he didn't jump at the cage to get to me, I looked and he was sleep on the bottom of the cage. I thought this must be normal. young then tonight I went to go get him. Again he was at the bottom, and lethargic, I picked him up and noticeand disorientation, first thought qa his blood sugar is down and it was, I brought my baby back from death. This is where I went wrong, I put him inside the cage and didn't close the cage door thinking he would be fine. I woke up with him on the floor head tilted under and rigamortis setting I. I'm so devistated.I am sorry for all of your losses... Praying or you all.

Sep 24, 2015
by: Doris

Dear Cara and everyone who's hearts are slowly healing from our loss of our best buddies. It's been over 9 months now since my dear male 12 year old Cocktail Birdie flew away because of my negligence. I have been through the depths of despair and am slowly coming back into the living through the love and caring of my family and friends and through finding my faith in God who is helping me every day slowly accept the loss and continue to live by accepting what I cannot change. I am getting better each day but will always love and miss my Birdie. I wish for all who suffer some peace and hope through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless, Doris

Sep 22, 2015
Very Sorry
by: Anonymous

I won't go on too much. Just wanted to say I hope you will or have taken a chance on bringing another bird into your life to love. You know more regarding how to keep him/her safe. ;) So many things can be toxic. You have to be careful. It is heartbreaking to loose a loved pet. I lost one last summer so do have much empathy. Know they are in heaven, and happy now. ;) I still talk to my Green Cheeks - Poppy - daily. ;)

Diana, Alaska

Sep 16, 2015
My sweetheart Rio..
by: Akshata

My little baby sun conure Rio stayed with for 2years... Me and my husband were so much bonded to her and we felt n treated her like our little kid.. she gave us so much love.. we wer complete family... Two times she escaped and we called for her and she was waiting for us and she responded back..thank God we got her back and from dat time she never tried to go out.. our day would start wit her and end wit her... Last month don't know how she escaped out of semi half opened door in evening... I called her n she responded.. but it become dark.. n she stopped responding.. we wer confident to find her.. tried searching everywhere.. someone saw hr.. but we couldn't find her... We know she is safe somewhere... Please pray for her.. I want her to b u baby.. thanks for coming into our lives...

Sep 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

I do feel your pain but suiside is not the answer. My bird drowned in the toilet because I didn't shut the door or lid. I cried for months. It was an accident. It was your babies time for what ever reason. You must live on and know you will see your baby on the other side. I still cry, you will still cry. It's ok.

Sep 15, 2015
Lost my most valuable buddy bcoz of me.
by: Vinod T K

Last month I lost my beautiful parrot just bcoz of my ignorance. He was with me for the last 5 years. When I had most of the tough time in my life, he was the inspiration for me to move on.

After my father death my mother was alone staying home and I was forced to relocate bcoz of my job. Even-though mother was very much comfortable bcoz of my little friend. They were really close together and she used to spent most of her time with him.

My parrot loved my mother and my sister most than me. Last month my mother went abroad to be with my sister for 3 months, so I took my bird with me.

I had spent almost 1 month with my bird and used to provide at-most care in the absence of my mother.

One day I went out without closing the cage and later I realised and called my friends who were in room. They said they will take care and I trust them.

Later when I came back room I could see that my parrot was not there. That moment was heartbroken for me. The saddest part is that I already cut his feather bcoz not to fly away from me.

Bcoz of my friends negligence my parrot got missed from the room, and I am sure that it cannot escape his own bcoz it was unable to fly his own.

So I forcefully send my best buddy in this world to death just bcoz of my negligence. Even after passing a months time I am still unable to his memories. Sometimes I feel to commit suicide so that I can reach him.

He was one of the main reason for me to move on as I had lot of tragedies happened in my life.

Now I feel that he went to my father as bcoz my father brought him home for the first time.

Still I can't realize that I am not going to meet him fore ever.

Miss u my "kunju". Forgive me for my mistake which makes me sleepless till date.!!!

Sep 08, 2015
sorry to read that
by: Anonymous

Hi Cara, so sorry about what happened to your bird and thank you for sharing, that help us be more careful with our birds. Are you saying that she died because of spraying lysol on the carpet? Do you think the fumes did it?


Sep 08, 2015
Lost my Pipsqeek on my Birthday 2 years ago
by: Jim

I never thought I would love one of god's creatures as much as I loved her . She had a companion and they were raised together I homed a Teil and a Conure not giving up on loving a bird and knowing being a Parront is a special thing. I am so glad I did my little Pineapple girl(Bella) and my Latino tiel (Snowflake) are the best healing I could ask for .

Aug 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

I woke up to find my pineapple green cheek conure lying dead in his cage. I only had him for 4 weeks but I never thought I could fall in love with him like this. I want another bird but no one could ever replace him. And I dont know when to get one and I dont know how to live without him either. We did everything together. Now my house feels empty.

Aug 02, 2015
So Sorry
by: Anonymous

My cockatoo died in my arms April 1st, a day afrer I had surgery. She was only 16. She shared oatmeal with me the day before. She also died in my arms before my husband could get her to the vet. I am still crying today, in August. It was so horrible. I accepted a re-homed Quaker who is very sweet, just last week, but I feel like I let my Rosie down. I really do feel your pain. I hope, as time has passed, that you have been able to forgive yourself. You did the best you could, as did I. Big hug to you.

Jul 27, 2015
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

It has been some time now, and I hope you're feeling better. I also lost a bird unexpectedly and feel responsibility. I've had birds since the '70's and know what I'm doing, but I missed some signs because I had surgery 2 days before she died. The grief was horrible. I said I could never have another bird, but after a few months, I found a little guy who needed a home, and now I have Pickles. He doesn't replace Rosie, but I am falling in love with him. I hope you're feeling better now. Be kind to yourself . I also appreciate everyone else's positive comments.

Jul 17, 2015
south carolina
by: angie

Dear cara, you are not along in this matter i had a porret named ruby because of her beautiful and i got her froma a bredder not to lone after i had her she started to look sad she did not play and even wanted to bit me so i let it do her thing aftera while she was not eating so i took her to the vet they took xray found what might be cancer the vet told me to take her back to the bredder and let there vet take a look well on the way to there vet she die in my arams so i know what you are going through. With birds it is hard to tell so i went to a pet shop and bought a re midrit conjur and his with me 17 years,

Jul 08, 2015
Just a hug
by: Johann

Dear Cara,

I just wanted to give you a long hug.I know how it feels to lose a beloved companion parrot.

Kind wishes;

Jun 19, 2015
Heart broken
by: Lida

I lost my love a few hours ago, I googles Loss of conure cuz it gets so bad.... I didn't think I could get so attached.. She was so sweet and loving...

My heart hurts so bad.. I had got to hit for my parents whom are really old but somehow she became my bird.

They are just as upset as I am and she went As far as comparing her death step to my sisters death whom we lost a few years ago-

Everyone says to get another bird but I can't replace her.. She was my best friend and I don't know how to deal with this.

Apr 25, 2015
Sorry about your bird
by: Mena

I read about how your bird died. I also read the other comments and I almost cried! I can't imagine what would happen if my 2 cute little babys died. There names are Tweety and Angela and there my little budgies. Tweety green and yellow and Angela white and blue.

Apr 20, 2015
move on
by: Doris

Hi, I appreciate your kind words of losing my bird. Thank you. Getting another bird doesn't take away the gut wrenching pain of losing my sweet Birdie. I got another bird and I am trying to celebrate her uniqueness and individuality. She certainly helps give life back to me and my home. If someone has suggestions on how to go on after the loss of our best friends would be most welcomed. Thank you for listening and will look forward to any and all life giving suggestions. God Bless, Doris

Mar 25, 2015
Don't beat you self up
by: Chrystal

Don't feel bad you did not mean any harm. Get you another bird. My bird just past today as well. I bathe her, she was shivering so I took her and sat her in the sun. She was a fighter. She stayed with me for about 45 min., passing away slowly. You do all you can and all you know. There is not anything else you can do. Your bird would not have been happier anywhere else but with you. It will be okay. Will get through this together. Birds get sick and they go to a better place, where there is no sickness and no pain. Do something good for yourself like working out and being with family. That always make me feel good when I'm not by myself studying for school. Don't be sad.

Mar 24, 2015
we are not alone
by: Doris

I am so sorry about you losing your best friend. I also lost mine due to my stupidity. Of all the millions of times I put my love Birdie in his safe place before I opened the doors (a normal grey Cockatiel I had for almost 13 years) why that day did i not? I figured I could open the kitchen door and quickly close the garage door. Well he saw an opportunity to escape and he took it. I am emotionally crushed and can not stop crying. The guilt is just to too much to bare knowing this tragedy was preventable. It's been 10 weeks and I am not doing any better to accept this heart wrenching life changing loss. Life without my best buddy and love bug is incomprehensible. How do I go on with out the love of my life? Thank you for listening. Doris

Mar 06, 2015
To conner's mom
by: Anonymous

I lost Billy in November to a drowning. I completely know how you feel. I prayed that all the angels and asked for them to give me strength. I did get another bird. Billy was a blackmask lovebird so I got a dusky conure. Lexi in no way, shape or form replaced billy. I still cry, I still miss him, I still can't believe he's gone. I ring his bell and still talk to him. I cried harder when billy died than when my brother and my father passed away and I can't explain that at all. I'm loving Lexi in a different way than I loved billy. But, she filled a void and makes me smile again. They cannot be replaced, period. God puts these little souls in our life and they leave before us so that when we leave this earth, we have our beautiful animals waiting for us in the other side. All the children that have passed on, well, they need our birdies to play with until we join them. Hugs to all of you and I'm so sorry for your pain, connects mommy!

Mar 05, 2015
Just reaching out...
by: Conner's Mom

It's been about three months since I lost my beloved bird. I am having a difficult time. I have lost my parents and a brother over the years and have mourned and learned to move on. Yet, I can't seem to move on from the loss of Conner. I miss him in the morning when I wake up; I miss his greeting when I come home from work. I miss play time before bed. He was with me most of the time when I was in the house. Even though I have a wonderful husband and two great kids who are very compassionate, I still miss Conner a great deal. I guess more time has to pass before I learn to "move on." I find myself thinking about getting another bird, but then I can't imagine having a relationship with another like I had with Conner. For now, I enjoy watching the variety of birds at the feeders in my backyard. I hope that some day I will be able to take a chance and fall in love with another bird. We'll see. Thanks for listening...

Feb 24, 2015
thank you for your comments
by: Jack

Thank you for sharing. I do wish things could be different for you. You have actually found a very educational, and heart wrenching website. Others have lost their birds in horrible ways, and we all hurt when these events occur. By sharing these experiences, I've learned from others. So, thanks again Here's hoping your bird finds his way back. - jack

Feb 20, 2015
Lost my happiness lost my budgie
by: Anonymous

My little budgie flew away today and I am extremely sad.
I am so sorry for your loss and I really do understand how you feel. Loosing a bird or a pet is like loosing your best friend. I got my budgie four months after I moved to uk. I knew no one but my husband and she really made my life happier she became my best friend! She will even remove my tears when I cried. She was the cutest little creature in my world and she was a big troublemaker but I loved her for that. She used to keep me in company, eat with us, she used to eat everything with us and she even stole our food, played with the water while washing. She even slept in my bed on my tommy while I was sleeping. She loved to kiss and stand on our shoulders. I was really never alone when she was here I miss her so much and I can't stop crying :''''( Every time I do something I remember her. She used to be all over the place with me even when I was showering she will jump in to play with the water. She used to sit in my bedroom and throw my perfumes down of the table oooo I could carry on for years telling about her she was going to be one year old the 26th of March. I haven't had her for a year but she really made life a lot happier place to be. She only slept and ate in her cage it was never closed so she flew wherever she wants whenever she wanted. My deepest feelings is with whomever have lost a friend as I really know how it feels. My budgie is not dead but I don't know if it is easier as I think a lot about what she might be doing, did she have anything to eat and dring and oooo its so cold outside I can't stop thinking of her I hope at leat someone found her and will be very nice and gentle with her.

Feb 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi Pauline:

I was touched by your very accurate description of loving, caring and nurturing your bird. Could it be that Pauline was ill before you bought her..Birds take along time to share their ills with us..usually for me ,,I try and use preventive medicine which costs a lot of money to keep them alive(i raise exotic finches)..I can sympathize and emphasize your feelings because I too have made errors and cried uncontrollably about loosing any of my birds..they mean soooo much to me..did you ever hear about the rainbow bridge..please read about it ..your animals/birds go with you when you cross to the other side(heaven) so read up about it..I admire your admiration about Pauline..she will be with you and your mother when you cross over ..stay strong

Feb 04, 2015
my boy brandon
by: Anonymous

Dear Pamela,
I am so sorry about your Parrot. As devastated as I was about kiwi; the pain does subside some! I certainly know how you feel, and my daughter wanted to get another but we aren't ready! Something had gotten into his cage and I couldn't protect him! We will always hold our little friends in our heart! This forum does help! I hope it helps you!

Feb 01, 2015
My baby boy Brandon
by: Pamela

Brandon was my amazing green cheek conure who clearly said always "I love you" and "Si, si, si" which means yes, yes, yes in Spanish. He was the best cuddle, so deeply loving, so funny, smart. He died sleeping with me. He always sleeps in his cage, but I took a nap and he just wanted to be with his mommy. Brandon thank you for all your love, all your laughter and fun times. You were my best friend in the world. I love you and I will see you again one day. I love you, love mama.

Jan 13, 2015
we are not perfect
by: Anonymous

reading these posts can be very difficult yet comforting. we are not perfect. we strive to do the best and be good stewards to our birds and other animals but alas, we are fallible. my experience brought me so much pain that i tried very hard to block and forget. I left a cage door open which resulted in my dog getting to six of my seven birds. I had left to go shopping. The only survivor was the Patriarch. His mate, their son, his mate and his three babies were all killed. Burying them was the worst. I wanted to move from our house because of the trauma and the visual images that I couldn't erase. I got another female but it was never the same. About three months later the patriarch died, and i believe it was from a broken heart. If we could just turn back time to do things differently ...
I also rehabilitate cottontail rabbits and I had two in an outdoor run. One had been raised by a woman for about a month and had no fear and no flight instinct. When going out to offer food at dusk, with a flashlight, I stepped on the one and crushed her skull. I was devastated beyond belief. This still hurts as if it was yesterday, and it's been about 3 months. It's very difficult to forget and move on because of the guilty, but somehow we do. So sorry to everyone who has lost a loved baby. You are not alone.

Jan 05, 2015
Air fresheners and Plug ins...
by: Anonymous

I had a cockatiel that just died. He was about 15 years old. We let someone move into our home who loves to burn smelly candles and uses plug in air fresheners. I think that's what killed him. He was fine until this person moved in. I'm putting this on her as a warning to others, please don't use these around your birds. He was fine before this person moved in and he did start sneezing. He didn't have any nasal discharge so I thought he was okay. He was a great bird.

Jan 05, 2015
by: Sandy

I am so sorry for the loss of everyone's beloved birds that I have read about in this thread. Reading about them all has helped to alleviate some of the guilt that I, myself, have been feeling ever since the loss of our beloved cockatiel, Mandarin. He was my daughter's bird and we all adored him. I had read about sharing food with your bird many times after we brought him home (he was our first bird) and for the 3 years we had him, my daughter often shared her breakfasts and dinners with him. (he loved oatmeal and my apple chicken chili!). We had noticed him hanging out on the bottom of his cage with his feathers fluffed out one evening, but didn't think anything of it as he sometimes liked to wander around the bottom of his cage. The next day we were gone most of the day and didn't get home until the evening. My daughter went over to his cage to say 'hi' and then screamed upon finding him lying dead on the bottom of his cage. We were heart broken! I wanted to know why this had happened...and it wasn't until looking up causes of death that I discovered avocados were poisonous to birds. I had made an avocado sauce in the previous nights dinner, which my daughter had shared with Mandarin. I couldn't tell her that she had poisoned her bird, and convinced her that he must have been older than we had been told when we got him. But I have cried over his loss and the reason for it ever since! It makes me feel a little less awful to have read the many stories posted here, as I realize that I'm not alone in having made a mistake and been ignorant about something. It still breaks my heart to have lost our Mandarin, but I feel a little less like a horrible person. We did eventually get another cockatiel, a pretty little girl who we named 'Le'Mon' *my daughters idea lol) and now there isn't a food that is shared with her that isn't first researched and double checked beforehand!

Dec 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

On Christmas eve day my husband went next door to my grooming shop, to check on kiwi myvquaker parrot; to make sure he had enough fresh water and food! I had knee surgery and wasn't able to take care of him! My husband came back to tell me kiwi had been eaten! It literally made me sick, and I haven't stopped crying over this! Something had gotten into his cage and I feel awful! My daughter bought him to be the mascot in our shop, and he was very entertaining! Most of my customers loved to see him when they came tovpick up their dog! Plus when I was there by myself he was always talking to me; and was such good company! I loved that little bird and its gonna be so hard without him!

Dec 23, 2014
Conner's mom....from Jaspers mom
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your nephew's's the most comforting and true thing I've read and heard since I lost my wonderful jasper. We're all going through the same loss and hurting.... Much love to you all. I hope, in time the pain eases for us all soon x

Dec 23, 2014
by: Conner's Mom

I am so sorry Jocelyn for addressing you by your beloved Gabby's name. Please forgive me.

Dec 23, 2014
So sorry Gabby...
by: Conner's Mom

Hello Gabby and all who've lost their beloved bird:

My bird also died as a result of sleeping in my bed. It has been a devastating loss-I loved him and I miss him so much. The guilt and thoughts of putting my bird through any sort of pain are crushing. My nephew, who is also a bird lover, sent me this note:

"It is ok to be devastated. It's a process. Some people have never even touched a bird, let alone experience that level of companionship. Take time to grieve, don't suppress anything. It's very, very sad and right now a healthy response is to feel sad. That's ok. Just take your time. There's no fair way to put a positive spin on anything right now. However, I encourage you to think of this: Any idiot could have walked into that pet store and got Conner. People don't care about animals, people don't take care of things. He could have sat in a cage full of droppings for the remainder of his life. He could have never had a relationship with another person. He also could have stayed in the pet store for God only knows how long with people poking at him and messing with him. You were and remain in spirit the best thing that ever happened to him."

My nephew's words have helped me as has the support of my family. His words hold true to all of us. I still cry and expect that I will for a while. Gabby, please know that others share your grief with you and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you navigate through this painful journey to healing.

Dec 20, 2014
by: Anonymous

March 20, 2014 I adopted a bird name gabby, she was really sweet, smart, and beautiful intill one morning at 12-19-14 she passed away. Gabby loved me so much as much as I did too. The first time we got gabby she didn't like cages, she wanted to be out and play with me. So one night gabby didn't wanted to sleep in the cage so I didn't let Her, so instead I wanted her to sleep with me so we did, the next morning she was fine so I kept sleeping with her every night. She loved to cuddle with me every night and puff up in my chin. Intill one night she some how went under my pillow by accident and couldn't breath, I woke up trying to look for her. I looked in my moms room, I couldn't find her, I was worried so I went back to bed and try to look for her, then I reached out in my pillow flipped it up and found her, I picked her up and she couldn't move I turned her around and I found out she was dead. I began to cry and cry, I felt so broken hearted, I felt guilty, I couldn't stop crying. I didn't know what to do. I told her that I was sorry, I loved her and that I will miss her forever and that I will never ever forget her no matter what. I felt like my life was over and that I'm done, I just wanted to die and be with her cause that's how much I love her. I wanted die. So now as I write this I'm still crying, I will never forget you and I hope you will forgive me
I will miss u gabby❤️

Dec 20, 2014
My lovebird drowned, I feel so sad
by: Therese

My lovebird was not caged. He was 7 1/2 years old. He used to sleep under covers in a cat bed in the drawer of my nightstand. He loved his night night. when he was ready to go to bed he would get on my shoulder and fae forward. It was so cute. Billy went everywhere with us. He loved to travel in the car and as long as he was with us he was happy. One day we got a hotel room so we could visit friends and then leave the next morning. I set up billys play pen, lamp, food, toys, everything. When we got home that evning, Billy was no where to be found. My husbad came out of the bathroom with Billy in a towel, he had drowned in the toilet. The bathtub in the hotel room had towels hanging over the side and he must have climbed up on them and either got scared and flew or just wanted to perch on the toilet seat. I always kept the bathroom lids down or shut the door. On this ocasion my husband and I just forgot. We feel so horrible and quilty. He was my buddy, my saving grace, my everything. Ive never cried so hard in my life and the pain of how he died is excruciating for both my husband and I.
I am getting another bird but this one will be caged and only out when I am with him. I am so sorry for al your losses. I know how it feels.

Dec 17, 2014
Thinking of Jasper and you
by: Jack and Billie Sue

My friend and I are so very sorry for the loss of Jasper. We understand how Jasper was a best friend and probably a member of the family. People just seem to inadequately do 'the best they can' when trying to offer sympathy. I see you are concerned that he may have suffered from the fumes. I've been in a situation where I was enclosed in with fumes also. I didn't experience any suffering. I just wanted to lay down and be still. A family member coaxed me out in the open and after awhile, I felt like doing stuff. I'm sure Jasper didn't suffer, but we're still sorry he's gone. We've lost birds also, and we know they're very special. This is a really good website to study what happens when people lose their birds. We learn from others, so thank you for sharing. We'll be thinking about you in the coming days and hope things will be better soon.

Jack and Billie Sue

Dec 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone.... I lost my beloved african grey, jasper 6 days ago due to my 20 month old daughter turning on the grill as we left one morning. I returned at 2pm to house full of fumes, my dog on brink of passing away but jasper was already gone... Laid on his back with his eyes part open. I'm killing myself with guilt and pain. We'd had him ten years and I was the only person he truly loved. Ten years,( a third of my life) of laughs, dancing, shoulder sitting, and best of all cuddles. I can't believe I'll never hear his voice again.... I wish I'd just shut the baby gate behind me as I entered the kitchen then he'd still be here. People keep saying ''at least no one was hurt, I been so lucky' I feel like screaming I LOST MY BEST FRIEND HOW CAN U SAY THAT! I am grateful my dogs ok but I do anything for jasper to be here with us..... The house is too quiet. I'll always miss u jasper, I hope U didn't suffer too much. Im so sorry I couldn't save u. I will never forget you. Love from Mummy xxx

Dec 11, 2014
sincere condolences
by: pamela

So sorry to you all for the loss of your babies. The most important thing is that you loved and looked after them to the best of your ability. We can all make mistakes or be unaware of something that can potentially be harmful.I've made wrong judgements and beaten myself up about it, but the important thing is that we learn from it and we can educate others.You loved your babies and they knew it and they loved you. also you will see them again. They have gone over the bridge and are waiting for you. They will also be with you in spirit at times. Never really gone. God Bless you all and look after yourselves xx

Dec 10, 2014
My stupid mistake
by: Anonymous

I lost my little sun conure Rio 3 days ago. I put her to bed as normal and had some friends over for a couple drinks. After they left i decided to cook some dinner. I fell asleep on the lounge and the food was still on the stove. I was woken by my neighbours who had called the fire brigade. They have a spare key and the whole street entered my house thick with smoke as i did not wake up to the smoke detectors. Not only did i almost die but i also killed my little girl. My next door neighbour who looked after her whilst i am away for work handed her to me in all the confusion. I was devastated and still am. I burst into to tears and have so ever since. The house is so quiet and i am so lonely without her. My stupid mistake cost her life and i don't know how to forgive myself. The guilt and grief is killing me but i feel i deserve it. I still think i hear her when i open a door or see her fly towards me when i enter a room. She was one of a kind who talked, laughed and gave the best cuddles. I have not been able to eat since. I love you my little girl. I am supposed to protect her and she suffered the ultimate price. Good girl, kiss and nite nite RIP XX p.s please give your pets a hug and kiss for Rio

Dec 07, 2014
sorry about Conners
by: jack

So very sorry for your loss. Hoping your recovery will be quick. This forum is very good for an education on what not to do. I’ve referred to it several times. I’m glad you found it. Will be thinking about you.

Dec 06, 2014
My wife lost her bird
by: Conners Dad

I am so glad I came across these comments. My wife just lost her bird Conner this morning - the result of having the bird in the bed. She is now dealing with the loss of the bird - she and Conner were inseparable - and her guilt over the cause. While I also loved Conner I am not as much of a pet person as she is and I need to do all I can to support her. My heart breaks for her. Not looking for answers - but sure nice to be able to put it out there to folks who know what it is all about

Nov 27, 2014
by: parakeet lover

I am scared my parakeet,colors just got attack by my moms cat,tiger.He is a very large cat and also has huge claws,paws,and teeth. He got bite in the stomach and a cut in his wing.My dad mom and sister says he will be ok but i don't belive them. My heart is gushing with guilt.I had my hand in the cage petting angel his girlfriend and he slid out the tiger pounced on him.Now he is asleep i do not know what to do i just want him to be ok. hope you find the love to get a new parrot sending love <3 :]

Nov 22, 2014
my best friend Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

My best friend Sun Conure (Lucky) died 11/20/2014
I have been crying since then I loved him so much he was 7 and half years old.
He went through allot with me during the past 7 years.
I am going to miss him so much I hope to see him one day. He was my sunshine.
I didn't know he was sick. He just died suddenly. The night before he died his eyes were different I thought maybe he is sleepy. I should have known and taken him to vet. His brother a green cheek (Luie) cries every night and knows that he is gone. I am so sorry to let him go so soon I thought he would stay alive for a long time I will miss my sunshine.

Nov 17, 2014
How to say sorry
by: melinda

I am sorry about your little friend.I wish i could say something to help you

Oct 30, 2014
Sending love
by: Anonymous

Sending love and hugs

to you all in rememberance of the unconditional love and happiness we received from our beautiful companions

Oct 29, 2014
by: J55cmn

So sad to hear all the losses with Harley, budgie and the dog.
I miss O'leet who died 3 weeks ago and was only 18months old.
Thought I would have him for years.
I posted on here when it happened and it helped knowing I could share my grief,shock and guilt.
I thank God for my time with O'leet because I sure learnt about unconditional love.
Thinking of you.

Oct 28, 2014
my bird
by: morgan

yesterday 10-27-14 my bird died at the age of 1 and 8 months. his name was night when i was saying good night he was fluffed up and making low chirping noises just like your bird.i was wondering why and the next day after school i was going to play with him and instead i found him on his back with his feet curled up and one wing fanned out. i ran to my mom with tears in my eyes and said harleys on his back. i do have glade (lysol) but i dont recall spraying it near or close or ever in my mom said it could be any of the possibilities below:
.stress from when we move the day before
im sorry for the loss of your bird, i send my sympathy
i am only 11 and i love your birds name :)

Oct 26, 2014
My heart feels for you
by: Anonymous

I have had a similar experience with my beloved dog I waited before going to the vets and she died because of my negligence I don't know how we can carry on do you

Oct 19, 2014
I accidentally killed my budgie
by: Lily

Can't stop crying.. My budgie was very sweet and I bought him few weeks ago. He didn't look well and was pearching on the bottom of cage n was fluffed up throught. I called a vet n he checked n declared that the bird was healthy..Only problem was his poop was sticking to his vent as he had loose motion n the doc cleaned it. After he left we could see that poop was constantly getting deposited in his vent and my mom used to grab him n I used to clean his vent.Today after cleaning his vent he looked unstable and lied on the floor cage. After some time he turned over with shallow breating.. And he eventually passed away. I feel so sad to loose him n I feel that mayb we didn't grab him properly n injured him someway..but he wouldn't have survived if we didn't clean his vent regularly as poop would get dried n eventually close the vent.. Me n my mom are so broken hearted .. Feeling so guilty n soo sad . Can't stop the tears n the heart ache :-((

Oct 16, 2014
All i know it's not easy to be a bird owner.
by: meandmeena

What a sad story, I am crying here at the office. Poor Pauline. I heard about the doggy pads are very bad for birds.

All i know it's not easy to be a bird owner.

Oct 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

It was really sad to hear about your bird. I can feel the pain as I too having a sun conure bird with me.

I don't blame you for this, it's just been an accident and thanks for making us aware of this.

Hopefully you will overcome this grief and may god bless you with another cute parrot

Oct 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you Jack and your friend for your understanding and support.
God bless you!

Oct 13, 2014
checking back in
by: jack

Yes, in fact, I have birds now. A sun conure and a couple of parakeets. I agree that they are amazing critters. I’ve subscribed to this forum to learn from other’s who post here. I’ve seen several instances of animal attacks, having the bird in bed and accidently rolling over, crushing the bird, spraying chemicals whether cleaners or insecticides, and the list goes on. We were lucky early on with our loose birds and cooking. Birds are attracted to the sounds of cooking and will try to hop into the pot/pan with the cooking food. I know of a family in St. Louis who lost their bird to this kind of ‘accident’. Losing a bird is a really hard way to learn how to have a bird, but so far, I seem to be doing ok. I thought about you over the weekend and told a friend of mine about your loss. She also hopes you’re doing ok. She likes to play with my birds also. We both hate that you are going through this loss.

Oct 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you sooooo much Jack. I so appreciate your acknowledgment of Olee (O'leet). He was a magnificant bird.
What he brought to my life could never be repeated.
Did you have other birds after your loss?
Birds are so amazing!

Oct 10, 2014
response to the loss of Olee
by: jack

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I've also lost birds to a dog years ago, and I still remember it. I have a rule that no other animals are to be around my birds. I have this rule because of this kind of loss. I miss the birds I've lost, much like you're missing your Olee, I;m sure. It sounds like he was a magnificent bird, and I'll be thinking about you too. Hoping you'll be better soon.

Oct 09, 2014
My precious buddy O'leet (Olee).
by: Anonymous

April 2013 - 8/10/2014.
I never knew the love I could have with a bird until a hand raised scaly breasted lorikeet came into my life.
I knew nothing about brushed tongue birds I read everything I could to look after my bird.
It was very challenging and often for the first couple of months I became anxious about whether or not I could keep him. (DNA test).
He nearly died from pneumonia,was on anti-biotics and ended up costing me heaps of money (didnt have a lot).
He pulled through (I would pray for him often).
He flourished, and I went all out training him, making so much fun for him, spending time with him, The first thing he always said to me was "Do you want something to eat".
Olee was so much fun I loved him and he adored me.
In every way I looked out for him.
I came home from work 2 days ago and put Olee on the back verandah as I always did. I went out to my car to get something and two very small dogs were in my driveway.
I knew they would get run over if I didn't locate their owner. I unthinkingly let them out on the back verandah, they were very small and Olee was up high on his cage. I quickly went inside for a second to get my mobile to ring the owners (#on the dog collar.I heard Olee's muffled cries and ran out to find him being mauled by one of the dogs.I managed to push the dog away. My beautiful Olee was dying in my hands. I feel so sad that I didn't protect him. Everything happened so fast.I thought he would be safe "for a sec" seeing as the dogs were so small. I'm not sure what happened.
I have been so involved with Olee in so many ways,I loved him for the gorgeous (lots of times challenging)bird/buddy he was. I was careless and
now he's gone. God bless you Olee and me. God I thank you for my treasured feathered friend.

Sep 30, 2014
In the arms of the angels, fly away from here!
by: Christine

This site has brought me so much comfort when I need it the most. My mom passed away of cancer in 2009 and all she was worried about was her precious green cheek conure, Beejay. I knew nothing about birds, loved to see birds in the wild but never imagined having one as a pet. Whenever I went to visit my mom I had to say my hello's to Beejay or she would be mad.

Well, I kept my promise and took in my mom's bud when she passed away. This little thing stole my heart. She was so funny, cuddly, friendly and sassy. She brought so much joy to our lives. Well, this morning I found her at the bottom of her cage. To make along story short took her to the sweetest vet in Toronto who believes she had a stroke. He went over everything we could do to see if she would make it through but I just didn't feel right doing that to her.

Now I sit her thinking about all the things I could have done differently, it is an awful feeling. I feel like I lost my mom all over again in that little bird that brought me so my unconditional love. She will be so missed. My condolences go out to all who have lost a bird for we all know how much they can bring to our lives.

Sep 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

forgot to add sorry for your loss ;(.

Sep 23, 2014
so sad
by: Anonymous

What did she die of?, Omg id die if my birds dies to, hes plucking atm came across this article accidentally.

Sep 16, 2014
by: Anonymous

You never really get over it unfortunately. I lost my little Maroon Bellied Conure, Gizmo, 6 years ago a week before Christmas. He was a rescue, plucked totally naked (aside from tail, primary flight & head feathers) and the woman I adopted him from told me he was a Green Cheek (we have two GCCs and even minus feathers Gizmo clearly was not one). Upon bringing him home we had him fully vetted, blood work, stool samples, everything... even DNA sexed. Nothing came back abnormal, nothing even suggesting anything abnormal. He was terrified of hands (something left over from a previous home I guess), but would readily step up on a stick and sit on our shoulders snuggling in our hair. After we had him about a month it was like his soul lit up, there was light in his eyes (again, maybe, or maybe for the first time...). We had him just under a year. Sunday evening I noticed him acting a little off, it seemed like he was a little wind up toy winding down... He ate dinner and drank like normal that night, but I knew in my heart he was leaving. He slept in his little night-night cage on my bedstand and I hoped to god he would just pass peacefully overnight. I kept waking up to check on him... in the morning he was still hanging on, but not by much... Emergency vet... He died in my hands there. I held him, petted his little head and preened his pin feathers for the first, last and only time while I watched that beautiful, wonderful, sparkling light fade from his eyes, felt the life leave his little body and watched his soul flutter away. His eyes closed slowly and I hope the last thing he saw (me) was a happy thing or at least a comfort. I still cry for him. He died from fatty liver disease, nothing I could have done and yet I still feel like I failed him. Fly free little one, I will never forget you.

Aug 26, 2014
To Heartbroken July 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you and everyone else on this forum on the loss of their dear pets birds.
We had a sweet green cheek conure that loved to sit on our shoulder while in bed. One night we were tired and lazy and didnt put him back in his cage. We accidentally rolled over on him and crushed him. I cannot fully express the pain and devastation we went through, not to mention beating ourselves up on stupidity and laziness. Its been four years now. My wife still cries every night since. Time does help but the pain never really goes away. We eventually got another green cheek conure. This new conure also loves to sit on our shoulder and snuggle with us. But we make sure to put her away in her cage at night where she belongs. Please dont beat yourself up or blame your son. It was an accident. It wont bring back your precious baby. However, keep her in your memories and learn from this tragic mistake to put her away each and every night. Try looking online for parrot rescues in your state. Hopefully you will find another sun conure.

Aug 25, 2014
So sorry :'(
by: Jess

I was so sad to read this (and everyone else's stories too). We lost our 7 month old Green Cheek Peanut yesterday. We did everything we could, making sure his environment was safe and clean, that he was well fed and taken care of. When we realized the signs of him being sick, it was too late, and he died in our hands before we could rush to the vet.

I can't even begin to describe the devastation we felt (still feel), but reading through all the comments helps us realize that we really did everything we could and that should we bring another into our little family again, we have some very, very helpful and great information thanks to all of you. We can avoid making him sick at all, and what to look for should the future baby become ill. I just hate that we lost such a beautiful little baby because we just didn't see the signs immediately.

Thank you all for your words, they are comforting, even if they aren't directed at us.

Aug 21, 2014
to SP
by: jack

I'm so very sorry for your loss. My mother and I also lost birds to a pet dog. It really hurts in a way one would not expect. For us, its been 30 years ago. Time helps. Try not to lash out at the offending animal(s). It may help to turn them over to another home. We did not. Looking back, it may have been the best thing to do. We have spent time remembering how special our birds were. I'm sure your your birds were also very special. I have several birds now, and my rule is, no other animals in the house, period. Again, I feel so bad for you right now, and I know it hurts. Know someone is thining about you and your birds, and hoping you can get this behind you. Take care - jack

Aug 21, 2014
I am broken
by: SP

Tonight was our three year anniversary. We went out to dinner...had a wonderful time. Came back home and sat on the couch. I opened the conures' Cage to let them hang out with us. They were a little grumpy tonight...and I was frustrated with them for it. They had been grumpy since we returned from vacation.
My Gf's daughter stopped by to get some keys. They were in my car so we both went outside to get them and give them to her. We were out a maximum of two - three minutes. When we came back in I discovered the dogs killed both conures. It was a horrible sight.
The bigger dogs have never hurt anything in their lives. The little Italian Greyhound, was an avid hunter. He seemed to be getting along fine with the birds and any time they flew to the floor he knew to leave them alone. This time was different.
I keep kicking myself for not putting them back in their cage or taking them out with us. Two minutes and birds we put a lot of love and attention into are the most horrific way possible. I am broken. It is a nightmare. One of the birds was born with a crooked neck. I got him at a huge discount because no one wanted him. I loved him so much. It hurts my heart to know he would have been better off anywhere but, here. I feel so stupid. My heart hurts!!!

Jul 24, 2014
by: Heartbroken

My female sun conure died in my hand this morning. I'm devistated to say the least. CJ and tj are eight months old and the female passed due to a horrible accident . My son didn't listen took them into the bed and rolled on top of her. It was horrifying I've been in bed all day tj keeps looking for her and my son is a mess. I'm so so upset I was very attached to her she was very loving and she was MY girl:( watchingy mail look for her is painstaking and trying to find another female same age is nearly impossible. (email removed, we do not share emails here.)

Jul 18, 2014
i feel your pain
by: Anonymous

i took my conure outside for a bit of fresh air and sun when i went to bring her back inside i found her dead in her cage..still wondering what happen she was in good health..this was 5 days ago and it is haunting me that i failed her...

Jul 09, 2014
How incredibly sad!
by: Svetla Konstantinova

Oh, no! I am so sorry you lost your beautiful birdie! My heart goes out to you!

Jul 08, 2014
so sorry
by: Anonymous

I fell so bad I sorry that happened to you you must fell sad or something

Jul 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

Oh you are forgiven

Jun 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

Do not blame yourself.. You loved your birdie. That is so obvious from the way you wrote about her. She loved you too. I am so sorry you lost your little friend. Thank you for writing so other people can learn things to help with their own birds.But please do not blame yourself. <3

May 29, 2014
It wasn't the puppy pad
by: Lisa

Although I wouldn't use them, if your bird had been on the bottom of the cage, she was already ill or dying of old age. Birds usually act perfectly fine right up to the time they're close to dying. Our Senegal was fine one day, the next day on the bottom of his cage. He died within a few hours at the vet's office.

The vet said it is a necessary behavior, otherwise acting sick signals predators and they are taken before they're ready to go.

Really, I don't think the pad had anything to do with it if she was already hanging out on the bottom of her cage.

May 28, 2014
For Cara and Pauline
by: Anna

Dear Cara,
PLEASE do not beat yourself up over the death of your dear Pauline. We are only human.
I have 2 Sun Conures that I have hand raised. 4 Pekin ducks and 2 Rhode Island chickens. I have lost ducks and animals before due to something I did not know happened. I am an avid animal lover.

In reading your ad, my suspicion is that you changed the paper in their cage to some sort of pad baby pad you had never used before. Because birds forge for food they love to chew material of most any kind. I am thinking Pauline chewed and ingested this pad and something in it was toxic to her. Her symptoms sound like a toxic reaction. Also watery stool is a sign of her not eating and hydrating. Her ruffled feathers were the sign of a fever and chills as she was getting more and more ill. I have been through this a few times with my ducks. You have to remove them from their enviourment and put them in a small cage with close contact with you. Force feed them with a mixture of honey and yogurt until they will eat again. Keep them warm with a heating pad under their bed. When they improve, let them enjoy an Epsom salt bath. They should recover. I am so sorry for your loss. I actually have one Pekin named Donnie who now scams me with an illness so he can go to the sick bay because he likes the attention so much. Remember we are only human and learn from experience. And yes, birds do cry. Even a poor distressed chicken will cry a pathetic cry. And birds do lay eggs without a male. They all lay eggs but need a male only for fertilization.

May 21, 2014
Accidental Death
by: Rachelle

Zephyr died on Saturday. He didn't get around too well and I noticed about a month ago that he hadn't been talking or whistling as much. When I did hear him talking, it's because he would go down to the end of the hall and climb up one of the empty cages. So I brought him into my bedroom by the window. For a while I'd let him stay on the top of the cage to sleep because he didn't find the perches very comfortable to sit on. For the past few weeks I've been locking him up when I go to bed, and opening his cage when I got up. Then he would just go on top and stay there. He never got into anything, just liked to sing out the window and talk and say Hello to anyone who would listen. His cage was next to the blind lovebird I rescued and I noticed the lovebird was coming out more with him talking and whistling to him every day. Friday night I had woken from a nap around midnight and around 6am I was feeling pretty good because I got my work done and I could spend the weekend doing my own stuff. I went to bed but noticed Zephyr wasn't in his cage or on his cage. Sometimes he would fall down so I turned on the light and asked my bf to help me look. He was annoyed about the light when he was trying to sleep. I couldn't find Zephyr anywhere and I asked him to look under him just in case. He found him between his feet, dead.
I've relived that night over and over and there's nothing I really did wrong. My intention was to lock him in the cage when people are sleeping. It just happened that Johnny was cold when he went to bed so I put an extra blanket on him. It wasn't because Zephyr was in my room, because he was more happy than he'd been in months there. It was purely an accident.
To think I do play in the bed with my linnie, Blueberry. And I fell asleep earlier that day with Blueberry as well. Close call. But when close calls are death, you learn a lot more from them. I've put a sign on the bed anytime Blueberry is playing in the sheets, and he goes into his cage before I close my eyes. Zephyr never played on the bed. He was such a good bird, I miss him so much.

Apr 22, 2014
by: Dee

Since my poor African Grey has been plucking so badly after I inadvertently sprayed her from a water bottle that had contained bleach, I managed to spray her with fresh warm water 3 times a day and dried her off with a soft towel. I went onto a homeopathic vet internet site and there they suggested I rub coconut oil on her feathers and also let her eat a little of the oil every day, which builds up her immunity. It must be the coconut oil which humans use for frying, not the medicinal one. But I first began by putting on a little homeopathic Calendula cream onto her back every night where she was plucking and it's helped a lot with the itching, so the plucking is a lot less now. It's possible she's developed an allergy now due to the bleach spray going into her nostrils and into her lungs. I also give her less sunflower seeds and incorporate chicken bones with the chicken on it in her diet, dried fruit, grapes and apple pieces which she loves, and lots of fresh water with parrot vitamin powder (just a little pinch), and also parrot tonic, to build up her strength. I take her for vitamin A injections once a month, as the sunflower seeds are deficient in vitamin A, and that causes itchy skin and feather-plucking. I talk to her every day and apologise for hurting her by mistake, and tell her she must get well as we love her so much. Believe me, she understands. She's whistling and talking again and seems happy most of the time. And I'm so careful NEVER to spray fly-spray or anti-flea carpet spray or any type of aerosol spray near her. Birds are so sensitive to that type of thing and can die easily. She gets lots of fresh air and I leave her in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day to get her vitamin D from the sun.

Apr 18, 2014
green cheek conure
by: alice

I am so sorry. I came on this site to get advice about my own green cheek conure chewing metal. I thought it was a diet deficiency since she has been laying eggs. she is 10 years old. I love her and my African grey. I am so ignorant also and I am an rn. Metal could poison her. I am going to call my vet now, before I do damage. Thank you for writing about your loss as you may have saved my little cookie. I know that it is very difficult to know when a pet bird is ill because they hide it . My African grey was ill and I only could save him because he is so active and gets in trouble a lot.I thought he was just being so good. I spent a day before I realized hes too quiet, hes not being good, hes sick. Also avian vets are few and far between I found.

Apr 11, 2014
So sorry
by: Dee

Oh your story made me cry! Oh God, I am guilty of the same thing. I sprayed my carpets with anti-flea stuff cos of my dog's fleas, then I sprayed my African Grey with water for a bath but she went ballistic! I realised I had sprayed her with a bottle that had contained pure bleach! Took her to the vet, but her plucking is now out of control and I fear she's dying. We changed her diet as the vet said she had a vitamin A deficiency due to too many sunflower seeds in her diet, but I fear she's not recovering from all thesd factors. She's 6 years old. I have decided never to get anymore pets or birds as they suffer from too many problems, and it breaks my heart totally!

Feb 20, 2014
Female conure
by: Anonymous

My bird died today at 8:30 pm she was in my room with her other mate a guy and she fell to the floor and she couldn't walk as if she was dizzy and I picked her up and she wanted to fly and started flapping her wings and then she started breathing heavily then I didn't know what to do so I payed her down on the floor and next thing you know it she stopped and that's when I knew she died. but when she was breathing heavily she was like numb because I was opening her wings and like petting her and she usually starts to bite me but well she couldn't move so she didn't so anything

Jan 04, 2014
In memory - smoody
by: Audrey

My little love parakeet - departed 4th jan
She is my joy n comfort . Came to me me after the loss of my mother . Only 5months from a wild bird that bits but now a Love bird that will kiss n smooth all over me !
Did I caused her death ? I could not get help in time n she left suddenly !
She keeps me company when I am at work n my most of all my bedtime mate too.
Why n what is the cause ? Just woke up in early hours to find her shits on my bed bedside me n looking weak n motionless ! Not able to get any medical attention but by the time I get one ,she died mid way to the clinic !
Google n checks for reasons n still cannot find the answer .
She loves sweets n she had pistachio nuts the night before .
Have noticed her fluffing her feather n think she is showing off her beautiful feathers . Also starting to recall that she have been panting lately too after couples of chase !
Did I caused her death ? How much I cry will not bring her back but really regret all my negligence to her n too late now to find out all these possible answer .
When I got her , I only google for teaching n training site but never google for possible death site !
Now will live to regret !
To all bird lover , do your research well to prevent breaking your own heart ,

To end :
My dearest smoody , you have bought so much joy , love n companionship to me that I thank you and regretfully seek your forgiveness if I am the caused of your early departure .
Without you now I am trash out ! I will get another parakeet in replacement n hope you find your way to better land or if not back to me again n I will treasure my next love bird me in memory of you .. Smoody

Jan 04, 2014
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I just got a baby boy sun conure. I have been paying attention to him constantly since I read this. I feel so sad for you I know how you feel my dog died and my fish.

Dec 10, 2013
sorry for your loss
by: Jack,

Really sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure star was a wonderful bird. - jack

Dec 10, 2013
A Star has Fallen
by: Armani

My GCC Star died last Tuesday or Wed. I took a 10 day vacation and my neighbor who was checking on her and my Cockatiel Haley daily and changing the water and food.

My neighbor told me last night that Star died. They found her on the floor of the cage lying still. We don't know what happened. Star was totally fine and happy when I left. I've left them before and my neighbor looked over them and the birds were fine. The only difference is that I left the cage closed this time only because they both once flew behind my DVD towers and couldn't get out without my help.

Haley is now back to standing next to the mirror (before I kept them separate so they could get along) and doesn't come out of the cage anymore. The mirror is like she sees another bird. She doesn't really cater to people and hisses at me. She followed Star all over the place and curiously did what Star did. Star always liked being around people even though she bit but not to the point of breaking skin. She liked bathing and taking showers but never played with the toys. She always went on my finger and loved standing on my shoulder. She also nibbled on my shirt and face.

Haley played with the toys but she's totally not being active now. I'm debating to whether to get another bird or just give away Haley and not deal with this again. It's frustrating not knowing why Star died so I can prevent this from happening again if I chose to continue owning birds. Star was only 7. I really miss her...

Nov 26, 2013
rest in pet heaven...
by: mr.X

Really sorry to everyone who lost their pets, I just lost my green cheek conure dooby (opus) today, i feel horrible about it more than when I feel when I hear a human died...the sad part it was only 2yrs old. I adopted the bird with her friend a sun conure (mango) they was cool pals they would call each other when the other was far apart or when they hanging out
They would chase my quacker parrot around also and try to take the was funny! I don't know how my bird died I just got back from a one day vacation and found out about it.... I feel terrible, I don't know what to do with my sun- conure and it's reaction to it ...I don't want to lose the other one!

Oct 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

A steamer! I have the ladybug.

Sep 22, 2013
by: Jason

I had my pet fancy green cheek conure since July 30 2012 (my birthday)and it was born in july 7 2012. I've always loved that bird, every time I come home from school I would hear it chirp.There was something different about my bird's personality than other birds. At the biginning it was alway's scared of me, but then it personality changed it started to be more brave and bites alot. After that I usually ignore the bird. Then, after a few more months the bird would become more kind and would only bite if you mess with them. After that it doesn't bite at all. My bird represent a kind of freedom. The bird only bites when it's in the cage or just got out of the cage ,but is so kind and cudly after that. The bird is also smart, when most of the seeds is eaten it would use it's beak to drop the food container to the ground and also water if it's filfty. It would always want to come out of it's cage and play with me but my mom would even kick the bird if it flies. Every day It sees me it would jump up and hang on the cage bars until I leave. I woul let the bird go outside almost everyday ,because I know it will never fly away. It likes to sun bath and it only flies when I force it to fly and it onlys fly around the place. I've been through many great and sad memories with the bird like one time the bird was sick and was puffed up, on the bottom of the cage, and would just waddle.My mom covered the cage and when I opened it ,it looks all healthy. one horrible morning my mom was cleaning it's cage and she let the bird on hte tree for a whole hour and she came back and it was gone. I was asleep when this happened and when I heard about it I just cried and cried ,go to my room and skip breakfast, and lunch. I searched every where for it.But hope was lost a week after. It rained, hailed and stuff. I knew my bird couldn't make it alive. It is hard to find water, food, or a safe place where there's no hawks. I couldn't imagine it suffering or dying, laying there still, not moving it has always been a strong bird that would never give up. Its now been over 2 months since this happened and it gave me the ability to cry when ever and where ever I want. The worst part is it probably did even get to live a year yet it was so smart. It was born on july 7 2012 and my mom lost it on June 29 2013. Just over a week before we get to celebrate it's first birthday. And now I walk past my livingroom starring at an empty cage.

Editor's note: I am sorry for your loss. Please understand that you can NOT allow your bird to sit where wild birds have been, because it may contract a disease. You must never allow the bird to fly free, because it can get eaten by a predator or fly away, as you have found.

Sep 22, 2013
09/21/13. Our Baby Girl Sunday Died Today!!
by: Joe

Our Sunday, a Sunday Conure Died!! Sunday got caught in the lining inside her bed wrapped around her neck!! The kicker is my wife stated to me that maybe we should replace their bed!! My wife looked over the bed and thought nothing was wrong, just a few rips. When we were at the store, I asked my wife should we replace Their bed and she said maybe next time!! Well now there is no next time!! I Should of done it!! Sunday would of been alive now!! Now Conner is all by himself!! Sunday was his mate!! The reason we got Sunday is due to we felt so bad, she was in a tiny cage at the pet store. Sunday looked so unhappy until we held her. This is why we took her home!! Now because of us she is dead!! I know it was an accident. To Picture her losing air to fight to stay alive is hard to deal with!! These two birds were babies growing up together!! As of now Conner is searching the cage for Sunday!! what can I do to help him?? I feel so helpless!! Conner is stressing out!! I don't want to lose 2 birds!! My wife thinks we should get another bird, Yet I am no longer working due to medical reasons to afford another bird. Even if I do buy one, This would be taking a chance due to they may not get along with each other!! Sunday was going on 2 years old and Conner is going on 2 as well!! Sunday never had a chance to even have babies!! Sunday was a good girl!! SO SAD!!

Sep 03, 2013
by: Natalie

You are not ignorant and it is not your fault that Pauline passed away. Birds are animals of prey and they do whatever it takes to hide any symptoms of illness, it is part of their natural instincts and makes it difficult for us bird lovers to tell when our baby is sick. Although you saw symptoms for a few days she may have been feeling sick for some time before that, but again, birds are highly skilled at masking their symptoms. Thank you for sharing because this just let's us all know how important it is to take our birds to the vet ASAP if we see any symptoms at all.

Aug 23, 2013
thank you for your story
by: Jack

So very sorry for your loss. I know you miss your Pauline very much. I've lost birds also, and it's always when my back was turned. I also thank you very much for the education your story provides because I have a sun conure. I research various things that could cause her a problem. I'm feel so bad that you and others have to go through these experiences, but thank you for sharing. I hope you're doing ok now. Jack

Jul 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a friend who's parrot died from lysol

May 20, 2013
this happent to me too :(
by: emilio

In may 19,2013 my bird died, it looked exactly like yours. Reading this made me very upset and i can relate to what happened to you. I almost bursted into tears when i found this out. His name was kiwi. We put him inside his cage so he can go to sleep, my mother had guests over when we put him inside the cage. My mother said that she heard a slam at the cage and when she checked it, kiwi was laying on the bottom of the cage. My mother picked him up to realize that he had both eyes half-way opened. Thats when i came to check on kiwi so i can play with him but i found out... he died. He had the same cause of death as pauline. I really find that wierd. Look the same, died the same day(i think), and had the same cause of death. I really am not sure if it was the same cause of death but i want to know, why? He wasn't even 2 years old yet. If anyone can tell me why, that'll be helpful. Thank you, goodbye.

Apr 17, 2013
My Sadie-Luv is gone also.
by: Hollie

My Jendaye Conure passed away birthday because my cleaning girl used Pledge Orange Clean and sprayed it on a duster around her cage. I had no idea. I got up in the morning and Sadie (her name was Mercedes) was lethargic...not herself. She was on her perch by her food but using her beak to hold herself up. I thought it strange, changed her water and food. I offered her some banana but she would not take it so I left some in her fruit cup. blew a kiss to her and left for work..I thought she was just not herself. I got home 8 hours later and she was at the bottom of the cage...could not stand on her legs and could not breathe. I picked her up and held her...for a few minutes. She bent her head and back, took her last breathe in my hands. I noticed that her head and back feathers were sticky, and thats when I knew what killed my little sadie-luv. My baby was 20 years old...she was my only daughter. There is a hole in my heart - I miss her so. I have to believe that the cleaning girl had no idea...because I didnt either.

Mar 19, 2013
So sorry. :(
by: Ella

I am so sorry for your loss and everyone else's that posted about their birds. There is nothing that can take the pain away from losing your beloved pets. It's a deep pain. So many love their pets as if they were their children. I am one of them. :)

Some advice I would like to pass on that may help is that before you buy any bird do tons of research online and even talk to an Avian vet about the particular bird you want to buy. The more you learn before you get your bird the more prepared you will be as a new bird mom or dad.

Chemicals are very harmful to birds. The only thing I use now is Simple Green but even that I don't use in the room where my bird lives. I do highly recommend miracle cloths that you can use hot water with for cleaning and they really do the job with absolutely no chemicals! Furniture polish, lysol, hair spray, perfume and yes teflon coated pans are very dangerous. When you cook you should shut the door to the room your bird is in because just about any type of fumes can harm their lungs.

Never let them chew on anything that's not approved for birds. Yes there will be times they chew things you don't want them to but the more careful you are from the beginning the more routine it will become.

I have been a pet owner since I was a kid and have raised and release a wild robin in the past year. I love bird, always have and hope this info I passed along helps someone.

Jan 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I was so sorry when I read your story and know exactly how you feel, as my beloved Green Cheeked Conure died the year before last because my ferret managed to escape through a door into the room where my conure, Alfie, was sitting on top of his cage. Alfie was so friendly that he climbed down from his cage to see the ferret. When I realised the ferret had escaped from my office into the living room (which was only a matter of seconds) I was too late - the ferret was on top of Alfie. I shouted and got him off and Alfie seemed OK but a little ruffled and I couldn't find any blood anywhere. However, he wasn't 'right' so I took him to an avian vet the next day, who gave him almost a clean bill of health and some treatment through a dropper (not sure what it was). However, I wasn't convinced that all was OK and I spent the next 2 nights sleeping on the floor next to Alfie's cage and the 2nd night, he screamed and died in the middle of the night.

To say I was devastated is a complete understatement. I have never felt grief like this in my life, even when I have lost humans, and not a day has gone by when I haven't thought about this little bird. I so wish I could turn the clock back and miss him every single day.

They say time heals, but it doesn't seem to be working in this case - I so hope the pain will go away one day and my heart goes out to you, as your experience was similar, in that you will always blame yourself for what happened.

We can only comfort ourselves by knowing in our hearts that we gave these birds a good life and looked after them to the best of our abilities whilst they were with us. Both situations were a total accident, and as many people have said to me - accidents happen. But it doesn't seem to make it any easier.

I thought it may be a comfort to you to know that someone else is feeling the same as you are.

Jan 08, 2013
Sorry for your loss
by: Steve

I am so sorry for your loss. I too have a sun conure and I almost killed him and my quaker parrot a few months ago. I got some new teflon coated bakeware. Seems that teflon on high heat gives off fumes that are very toxic to birds. A visit to the emergency room vet and $1000.00 later, thank God my babaies are ok, but it was a costly lesson to learn. There are so many households products we as humans take for granted and cannot harm us. BUT they are deadly to our pets. Cleansers, wee-wee pads, bakeware, etc. The list goes on and on. Please be very careful when using products around your pets. Again, my sympathies to you on the loss of your baby.

Jul 18, 2012
Sorry for your loss
by: koki

I was saddened to read your tragic story.
I thought though about the courage ot took to write it. Although you were heart broken you were prepared to risk others judging you to share our story so others could avoid the same pain.
I take muy hat off to you. It is so easy to judge others on mistakes made. This is however done upon reflection or with greater knowledge.
I know that if you knew that you were doing anything wrong then you would not have done so.

I wish you all the best, do not be too hard on your self as you did not mean for this to happen.
You did what you did with good intention.

God Bless

Jan 23, 2012
Thank you so much
by: Carol

You may have just saved my Cherry-headed conure's life by sharing your sorrow with others. I am so sorry for your loss. We thought our conure was a male until she laid eggs. I was talking to my sister on the phone and crying that I thought my bird was dying because she was staying on the bottom of the cage. My son said MOM Rio (now Ria) just payed an egg!

But why I am writing is because I just put a puppy pad in her cage and googled to see if it was ok and believe me, I have removed it!

Thank you for saving my bird's life! She is over 20 and so precious to me.

Oct 14, 2010
My little girl conure died in my hands yesterday because of my ignorance!
by: Linda

Cara, I am very sorry for your loss. and I thank you for your eloquent words that not only express your sorrow for the loss of your lovely bird, but also the love you had for her.

As for safe household products, most of the products you find in the grocery store are poison for birds, cats and most dogs. Never use bleach, ammonia or Lysol type products. Tracie has a bird safe cleaner out here( Pet Focus ), and it comes in a concentrated form which can be mixed with water and is a very economical alternative to all the other poisons grocery stores sell. Even room deoderizers are killers of birds just like perfume including that found in dryer sheets. Buy organic clothes washing products, and carries several kinds. Pet Focus can be used to clean not only bird cages and floor but also their toys, kitchens, bathrooms and other household cleaning jobs. It is called Pet Focus and is available in several sizes.

For cleaning up puppy pee and poop, there's a product called Nature's Miracle and it is sold in a gallon container and used straight from the jug after being put into a plastic plant sprayer. It is an ezymatic cleaner which literally eats the pee crystals and the poop and makes it easy to clean up. Spray it on, use a nylon brush on the poop to raise it up to the surface of carpet and then use a towel to dab it up. You may have to use it twice and once it dries, you just vacuumn it up. It is non-toxic and has no harmful fumes to hurt birds or cats and is also economical to buy.

With the Pet Focus, make sure it is not sprayed where any can get on birds or in their eyes. Take out toys that need washing, spray some on them and rinse them well and allow to dry before putting back in cage. You can spray some on a cloth to clean cages and spray some on the bottoms and grates, and the poop will come off much easier. Make sure you spray everything out of bird's room or area to make sure none gets into the air and into birds eyes or mouths. Though it is non-toxic, this does mean it won't hurt them if it gets into their eyes or mouth or nose, so err on the side of caution with any kind of cleaner even those non-toxic ones. The Pet Focus can be used for all cleaning jobs and will cost less than all your other cleaning products combined.

The other thing is never use any kind of puppy pad or bedding products with birds as they may eat it plus whatever they treat them with is also poison for birds. Use only clean, non-printed newspaper. You can find this at your local newspaper office where they have partially used rolls of paper that has not been printed on. This is a very cheap cage liner and if bird happens to get a hold of some will not harm them.

We have ALL made very bad mistakes from ignorance, so please don't be too hard on yourself.

Thanks for writing, and we are always here if you have more questions,

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