My little love bird is going crazy!

by Chloe
(Wollongong, Australia)

Hi, We have a pet love bird and it seems as though her temprement is changing. She bites when we go to take her out of the cage, seems cranky and picks up her toy ball and throws it around everywhere.

When we go to take her food bowls to give her food and fresh water she puffs up and runs towards the bowl growling at us and she is constantly running backwards and forwards in her cage as well as rubbing her beak up and down on her cage!!!

She recently got out of her cage a few months ago and flew away. 4 other birds attacked her a bit and we were lucky my sisters friend from school her little brother found her so we got her back a week later.

For obvious reasons I don't roll her cage out the back anymore but we let her out inside all the time, change the scenery in her cage for her and I wheel her over to the windows and doors for a different view but she is always a bit cranky?? Please help us..

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May 15, 2009
My little love bird is going crazy!
by: Anonymous

another thing to consider is that lovebirds cant have constant change. this stresses their behaviour. maybe that iss why she is mad. they need to have a constant place that they are familiar with. i would change the toys around maybe once a week and let her go to the window every other day. when we renovated the house, my lovebirds went crazy. they couldn't handle the change, but they eventually got over it. it may be hormonal, orr it may be the change. but i think that those birds might have mites and when they attacked her, they rubbed some of those mites onto her. or they could have a disease. im sure a regular to this website will know for sure!

Nov 01, 2008
Lovebird aggressive
by: Anonymous

I once looked into getting a Lovebird and the breeder would not sell me a bird because I wanted a bird that would be good with kids.

She told me that many times Lovebirds become aggressive when they mature and are ready to breed. She raises her birds with her kids in their home and many of her birds become aggressive.

It could be that your bird is becoming hormonal.

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