My lorikeet cant talk.

Why does my lorikeet not speak yet? He is a year old!

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Apr 18, 2013
Lorikeet cant talk
by: Anonymous

Not all birds talk. Some of the larger ones do mimic words and sounds and smaller ones can too. I have had my Quaker parrot for three years and she does not speak any human words and probably never will. Talking birds are a novelty to most people but they are just copying what we say. When someone sees my bird for the first time, the first question is "Does she talk?" She communicates with me through different chirps. I know when she says "thank you" "go sleep" "yes" and "no". She does whistle some tunes, though, and that's enough for me. She tries very hard to say "pretty bird" but hasn't done it yet. This is not to say your bird will never talk, you just have to interact with it and talk to it a lot and maybe over time it will pick up some words.

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