My lorikeet is eating her bedding

by Tayla

My little baby lorikeet(Nearly 4 weeks) is eating her bedding as if she is still hungry but she only does it after a feed. I dont know why she does it. She is fed the right amount and I have never seen her throwing up if it's too much. So why is she doing this? Is there something wrong or is it normal. It is only for about 30 minutes after every feed but never any other time.

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Feb 10, 2012
My lorikeet is eating her bedding
by: Linda

You did not say what kind of bedding she's on. If it is wood chips, remove them immediately because they will kill her. Eating wood chips is the quickest way to a compacted crop/gut I know of, so use folded paper towels or folded unprinted newspaper instead so she can be safe. Unprinted newspaper is found as roll ends at your local newspaper office. When they get so far down, they pull the rolls and sell them to the public. We use this unprinted newspaper for our birds' bottom trays, and since it is unprinted, it is also safe for baby birds and very cheap. It goes a long way since the roll ends have lots of paper left just not enough to do another run of newsprint.

Since there is a possibility your baby is not getting enough food, it would not hurt to have her examined by an Avian Vet ONLY to see if her weight is normal and if any infections show up.

Find an Avian Vet

Also, do not use wood chips in nestbox either. You can use the unprinted newspaper in them and shred it up some. If nestbox floor is concave, nothing actually needs to be used because the concave shape keeps the eggs in the center and together. Shredded or folded unprinted newspaper would be ideal for brooder to keep baby warmer and cozy.

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