My Lorikeet male breaks eggs

by Lesley
(Ngongotaha NZ)

My female lory has been laying eggs for quiet sometime now and when she comes out of the box the male goes in and plays with it and breaks it. what can I do about that? Have tried taking male out, but they both screech all the time.

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May 03, 2017
Broken Eggs
by: Margaret

I have a breeding pair, they have successfully hatched one baby about 2 years ago, but he was smart and let himself out of the cage. Every time she lays, she sits on the eggs for the whole time, then when it should hatch, the egg is broken, this has happened so many times. Can anyone advise what the problem is. I will remove the male next time she lays and see what happens.

Sep 13, 2009
my lorikeet male breaks eggs
by: Leazy

reply to linda, they are my lorikeets and the male is almost 3 years oldand the female 2 years 3 months.

Sep 07, 2009
Breaking eggs
by: Linda

After the pair have mated and you know it, I would remove the male BEFORE hen lays anymore eggs. Sounds like this may be a younger male who is still playful, and does not have a really good grip on what it means to be a father yet.

The screeching will stop once both birds realize they are NOT going to be put back in together for a little while. Keep their cages close together so they can kiss each other if you can get them that close.At least keep them close enough so male can do his job of protection.

Once the male mates with the hen, his job is done except for protecting the nest. I'm not sure about the Lorikeets, so someone else jump in if you know for sure, but most parrot males do not help with the feeding of the babies. Once they mate with female, their job with the babies is over. They will stand guard, and he can do that from another nearby cage.

If anyone knows actual breeding behavior of the Lorikeet, and it is different from I explained above, feel free to correct me. Otherwise, separate the birds after you have seen actual mating and not just playing around. You can tell if eggs are fertile by what is called "candleing" them. Carefully remove an egg at a time, hold it softly between thumb and pointer finger with a bright flashlight shining behind it. If you see a little spot in middle of the egg, then it is fertile. If you see nothing, then your egg is clear or not fertilized. Be very careful when doing this procedure, and you may wish someone else hold the light behind egg--just work it out so egg stays safe. Once done, carefully place egg back in nest or throw away the clear eggs. Broken eggs are dangerous for the birds if they eat any of the fluid as they can die from albumin poisoning.

Good Luck and God Bless!

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