my lorikeet

by kris

my lorikeet has layed two eggs , she gets alot of other lorikeets coming 2 visit her and they sit on her cage .. is it possible that the eggs will hatch, or can they lay eggs that are not going to hatch?

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Sep 09, 2008
hatching eggs
by: Anonymous

Yes to both questions. Eggs that are not fertile will not hatch. If she has been only with a female and the two have bonded then she can lay unfertile eggs that will not hatch. If she has been with a sterile male that can preform then the eggs still may not hatch, If she has been with a male that is prooven then the eggs will hatch. In certain species of birds the flock will take turns sitting the eggs and feeding the young. Sometimes the dad takes an active role and in some species not.Birds are facinating creatures to watch.You can usually tell who the mom is because she is the primary care giver. I have had the experience of one mother loosing interest in her brood and I promptly put the babies in another breeding pairs nest so that they would finish feeding the baby! It's hard to tell if the egg is infertile unless you have experience in candeling. If the egg is just clear inside the mom knows and will throw it out of the nesting box. I've always trusted their ability to choose. I only get concerned if the parents stop feedinf their young.Zupreem baby bird formula is good , but natural feeding from surrogate parents is a better way to go if you can. However, hand feeding makes for a very tame baby! Good luck!

Sep 09, 2008
Lorikeet eggs- To hatch or not to hatch?
by: Kralice4u

It is very possible that the eggs will hatch if there is a male present that has fertilised them.If there is no male amungst the group that has fertilized the eggs, the will not hatch.

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