my love bird black masked died suddenley

by maria perilli
(new jersey)

Lovevird - my baby mimz - i love you always

Lovevird - my baby mimz - i love you always

my black masked love die yesterday suddenley he was 5 years old i had mimz since he was 8 eeks old.......he had fatty liver but was on a new diet for 2 years and was fine.....dont know what happened very sad and heartbroken love you always mimzxxxxxxxxxx

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Oct 27, 2012
my little baby
by: maria

Thank you so much for caring. mimz had a brother he is 5 also i did get a baby lovebitd 8 weeks old. the baby has help me and my othet love bird lolxxx

Oct 23, 2012
my love bird black masked died suddenley
by: Linda

Very sorry for your loss! Hopefully his new diet was organic pellets like Harrisons. There are many pelleted diets out there, and Zupreem and Lafaebers are junk pellets. Harrisons is avian vet endorsed. All seed diets cause fatty liver disease as do great diets with human food added as treats.

Fatty Liver disease will usually get better after changing to an organic pellet, and it also depends on how bad the disease was and how far it had progressed before you made the change. Any pellets with preservatives will continue the fatty liver disease because of the dangerous chemicals in them. It could have been that his liver was worse than the avian thought, and it's not a far leap from fatty liver disease to a necrotic liver which is incurable.

Again, I'm so sorry you lost your little bird, and in his honor please open your heart to another bird when you can. It won't bring this one back, and it will reinforce your love for him by giving to another. As with all of us, there is usually one or more waiting which takes the edge off the grieving though does not stop the process. You want to complete grieving as this process is nature's way of preparing you to be able to give your love to another again. My heart goes out to you, and we are here for you whenever you need us.

The Harrisons is found here, and below is a link to an article written by avian vet about how to go about the change:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

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