My lovebird does not seem to be eating a lot...

by Ashley
(Pickering, Ontario Canada)

I just brought home two 4 month old lovebirds, one dutch blue and one peach faced. They both lived together in the same cage before i got them but now i keep them in two seperate cages in order for them to bond with me over each other.

The dutch blue is eating alright but the peach faced does not seem to be eating much at all. I have a seed/nut mixture that they were eating before i brought them home, Exact rainbow pellets, and some nutri-berries, I have no seen her interested at all. So, today i went out and got a seed mixture, millet, another brand of pellets and some other treats and still nothing.

She is full of life and talks a lot. I am just curious if there is something i can do, make or purchase that may make her a little more interested in the food.

Also, do you think it's because she is not with her friend? I let them play together for about 2 hours everyday so they can still interact.


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May 04, 2018
Please help me
by: Shreya Gupta

Plzzzz help love bird is not eating anything.....i don't know what suddenly happened to it......plzzz tell me what to do with has become is not speaking.

Editor's note: Only an avian vet can diagnose and treat your bird, nobody can help online. If you don't know of an avian vet, please contact a good bird breeder and they will know.

Jan 21, 2010
by: far

hi,ive put my lovebird out of its cage and they were flying of them knock against the wall and fell down..the behavior of the bird has change..he stays quiet and do not want to drink as well..he sit down quiet in a corner

Mar 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

Just a thought, maybe the appetite is down because you seperated them. Once birds are bonded, it can be very upsetting to them to be seperated.

Mar 28, 2009
New lovebird not eating properly
by: Tracie

In order to help Dr. B answer your questions, I need more information.

How do you know the bird is not eating much? In other words, what method are you using to determine this? Do you weigh the bird every day or measure the food when you put it in and when you take it out? Weighing the bird every day is very important if you think it may not be eating.

How long has the bird not been "eating very much?" A day, a week?

What do the droppings of this bird look like?

Have you taken your birds to an avian vet for their initial check up? What did he/she have to say about what you are feeding the birds and the weight of your birds?

It is normal for a bird to have a day or two of adjusting to a new environment and not eat normally. The bird should be eating and drinking or it would not be "full of life" as you described.

P.S. Someone just posted that I was rude in asking the questions above. (I did not post the comment because I am trying to take care of it here.)

If I come across rude, please forgive me! I am just trying to get more information so your questions can be answered. I honestly do not know how to word the questions any other way.

Sometimes words in print can be taken many different ways. I am the type of person that gets angry about once every 10 years and gets along with just about everyone. So read my questions just as questions and please do not take offense.

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