My Lovebird experince!

On April 21, 2007 I got 2 wild peach faced lovebirds for my birthday. Their names were mango and kiwi. I enjoyed having them to look at. But whenever I would put my hand near them they would bite me really hard. I started to work with them every day until they started to step up.

I left them home while I went off to summer camp for 2 weeks I got a call saying that mango had died. I was pretty up set by it so I decided to get another bird for kiwi.

So I started to look for another bird. I found one at a breeder near by so I stopped in and picked up a hand feed pied baby lovebird named peachie. She was beautiful and she was very tame something that I had never experienced before. I took her home and I had read not to put to lovebirds together right away so I waited about a week. So they could get used to each other. Then

I got a new cage for them. I put them together for about a week when I started to realize that peachie the little pied baby was attacking kiwi. So I keep them separate. I could not keep up with two big cages. And one of my friends wanted kiwi so I sold kiwi to her. Kiwi still comes over a lot and her and peachie are starting to become better friends, now that they have done some growing up.

But I felt like peachie was alone and she seemed quite and lonesome (peachie was never a quite bird.) so I went to the same aviary they I had gotten peachie from but this time I wanted a pair so I got lemon and lime. Lemon is a cremino and lime is a sea green. They are a breeding pair but I still hold them they are very cuddly.

All my birds get along well I love to let them all out to fly around it is interesting to find out how all of there personalities mesh together.

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Mar 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

that's a very touching story! I also had 2 lovies but one died at the age of 3 months old... I HAD no idea what killed him till now... but my other one ichigo is a very tame one! she loves flyig to me! but overall yours are def the best!

Aug 15, 2011
aggresive to loving- my love(bird)
by: Anonymous

i have a peachface lvebird, pierre.
he went thru many homes and classrooms becuse he was aggressive & bit eveyone. I took him home for the holidays. He never went back.I spent a lot of tme with him every day, talkng to him and reading nearby. He is a very happy and affectionate. but only to me and my husband. he is beautful, and spunky, and curious.He is still possessive abut hi cage, but that is the breed. He love spending time with me and my husband, but not children so much. He still bites people he doesnt know well if he feels threataned, or tries to prtect his cage,but has been able to go to an experienced fiend for pet sitting.He is the love of my life now. Pierre is so cute, and cuddly, and entertaining. I will never again be without one.

Oct 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow that is really cool I'm doing a school project on them and their really interesting i never heard of them before i started the project!! They are really pretty!!! do you still have them!!! How many babys do they have each time they have baby's!!!

Oct 24, 2009
Hey wasn't that hard?
by: Anonymous

My parents would NOT let me go through all of that for a pet. That must have been so frustraiting. But, at least you were honest. I have a Labradoodle named Jasper who is really nice. But, when I had a hamster he tried to eat it. Nicley. Anyways, I'm trying to decide between a hamster and parakeet. But, from what I hear, parakeets make noise, and they could die when you leave them, etc. So...I think a hamster.

Apr 12, 2009
by: Victoria

I have always admired Lovebirds. You are very blessed to have little feathered friends living with you and blessing your home!

Aug 20, 2008
pretty birds
by: Stasie

your birds are pretty and its neat they stay nice.

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