My lovebird has seizures or fear

by Terri
(West Palm Beach, Fl)

I have two healthy lovebirds about three years old. One of them has started having odd behavior when I pick up the cage and move it.
He grabs the bars with his wings, his heart beats furiously, and then his eyes start to droop and close. He'll try to fly from the perch and flutter to the bottom of the cage.
If I move the cage very slowly and carefully this doesn't happen.
Could he be traumatized by a car ride/move that happened six months ago? Thats the first time I noticed it. Fear? Or is he having a seizure based on the movement? And what should I do? He calms down after five or ten minutes and returns to normal. The other bird acts fine. Thank You!! Bird Lover

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May 16, 2008
Lovebird question
by: The Vet

You are correct, two differentials are behavior related to fear or insecurity, and seizures. It is also true that the ride 6 months ago could have been the inciting factor. If you can video this and send it to me I will try to sort it out for you. (You can contact Tracie and she will forward things to me.)

However, you should have your bird examined in person by an avian veterinarian, annually for well bird check ups. Other differentials include calcium deficiency and idiopathic epilepsy. Calcium deficiency can be avoided by feeding a good pellet diet, such as Harrison’s pellets (80% of the diet, 20% should be treats). You also need to make sure that the room they live in is very bright, and it is even better to use a full spectrum light.

When traveling with your bird, you should put them in a transport cage and not move them in the cage they live in. Also, if you have to move the cage to clean behind it or for some other reason, then you should remove them from their cage first to avoid frightening them.

Dr B

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