my lovebird is itching and lose hair

by jacqueline
(raleigh n.c)

can i put cortizone cream on my lovebird he is itching?

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Dec 28, 2009
Itchy Lovebird
by: Anonymous

No Cortizone. My avian vet recommends a triple antibiotic. But please do take the bird in to be looked at. As previously mentioned you need to find the cause. When you call to make an appointment ask if it is okay to use corn starch to relieve the itching until you can get the bird in.

Editor's note: Our avian vet does not think greasy things should be put on birds, it spreads on all their feathers.

Dec 28, 2009
Itchy bird
by: Tracie

Absolutely not. Please take your bird to see an avian vet soon. You don't want to relieve the itching, you want to solve the problem that is causing the itching. The problem will just get worse if you don't find out the cause.

Dr B can not diagnose what is wrong over the Internet and says not to put over the counter creams on birds.

Itching and feather loss means your bird could have an internal fungus infection or any number of other problems. Let us know what your vet tells you and the treatment prescribed so we can all learn from your experience.

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