my lovebird is losing its feathers on his chest

by rekha

my lovebird is plucking his/hers hairs on its chest and has been for a good few months now it looks sore a little

what should i do

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Dec 07, 2009
its not sore
by: rekha

i know i said it was sore but ITS NOT its just the colour of his/hers skin

Dec 02, 2009
my lovebird is losing its feathers on his chest
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. Your bird may be plucking her feathers out, and you will need to take bird to an Avian Vet to find out if there is a physically-based reason for this. Your bird may be ill and in need of treatment, so do not delay taking bird to an Avian vet.

The feather plucking becomes a habit, and talk with the vet about ways to discourage it. Diet plays a critical role in bird's overall health and well-being, so make sure your bird is on an organic, pelleted diet and not just seeds. Changing from seeds to pellets takes some time, so take it a step at a time. An Avian vet has written an article to help you with the change. Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Tracie carries several organic pellets out here, so take a look and see which one you'd like to try.

Your bird will also need toys to play with, and most birds like toys they can chew on made with wood and cotton rope. Do not give your bird toys using nylon rope as this rope is dangerous for birds. Birds like to unbraid rope and make it all fluffy, so you will need to find toys made with cotton rope or get some yourself and make a toy for your bird. You can make toys using safe wood with 3/8 to 7/8" holes drilled in center of a small piece so the 1/4" white cotton rope will fit through the holes. Always put knots in between toy pieces and leave some hanging down at the end so bird can "preen" the rope. This sometimes helps birds who are plucking feathers out as it gives them something else to work on besides themselves.

So, take bird to an Avian vet, get bird some highly nutritious, organic pellets to eat and buy or make some toys bird can play with. Also do what the vet recommends if he finds an infection present.


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