My lovebird's leg is bleeding.

by jordan

Hi there, i have 2 peach faced lovebird, and they were fighting, and one got bit on the leg. and i have now seperated them both. But one has a bleeding leg, are there any home remedies to heal the bleeding? and how long does it take to clot the blood? im very worried about my bird. oh and it constantly bites the leg that is bleeding.

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Apr 17, 2009
Bleeding bird
by: Tracie

You need to get your bird to an avian vet for the wound to be treated and also to help the bird to quit opening the wound. If it gets infected it will cost you a whole lot more money to fix and the bird will suffer and possibly die without treatment.

I am sorry, Dr. B can not help you with this because he can not see and treat your bird. He does not recommend over the counter remedies because some of them cause more harm than good.

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