My Lovebirds legs aarent working anymore.

by Cherise
(Dallas, Pa.)

Hi, About a week ago, I noticed my lovebird (Roadrunner), holding up one of his legs. It was almost as it was paralyzed. I picked him up, and he didnt react to my touch on his foot or leg. Now today I found hum on the bottom of his cage and the same has happened to his other leg. He is eating and I moved everything down for him.... but what does this sound like to you. He was a rescue bird... the age was approx. 5 or 6. Note that he seems fine otherwise..except maybe for meing scared. :-( My heart is breaking. Is he going to die? Do u think I will have to have pts? I just dont know what to do?

Cherise from PA.

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Sep 22, 2011
Lovebirds legs don't work
by: Gale

This sounds exactly what happened to my approx 15 yr old lovebird. I first noticed her moving up and down in her cage by only using her beak, and left foot.
Then, a week or so later, she is staying on the bottom, and when she tried to fly up to a perch, she could not grab on, only by her beak, until she let herself fall back down. Now, neither of her legs work, so I have moved everything to the bottom for her, and put a flexible cutting sheet over part of the floor for her to rest on, off the bars. Her tent is on the bottom, too.
She does manage to move herself around, and is still happy to see me, and talk to her.

Mar 13, 2010
Lovebird legs who legs haven't been working for two years.
by: Anonymous

I have two 11 year old lovebirds almost 2 years ago one bird lost the use of it's legs and the ability to perch and after several visits to the vet and medication my bird still doesn't have use of it's legs this also broke my heart, two weeks after this happened my bird seemed fully recovered it could fly but still did not have the use of it's legs, so I made the following adjustments.

I have put platforms at the top of the cage instead of a perch and have covered with soft fleece which both birds now use. I have done this so the joint on it's legs will not get sore from hobbling around on them. I change the fleece weekly, I have lined the bottom of the cage with a soft cloth puppy pad which I also wash weekly and have put a happy hut at the bottom of the cage where they both now sleep. I keep food and water at the top and bottom of the cage. If you live in a cold climate I would put a heating pad on low under your cage make sure the heating pad is fully covered so your bird will not be able to chew it.

I have always let my birds fly freely three or four times per week and have also made adjustments here by putting small a couple of small shelves where they use to perch. Both birds have adjusted well to the change.
It still breaks my heart, but my bird has adapted well to it's disability, it takes extra work but I could not put my bird to sleep.
Don't give up on your bird and good luck with care it will adapt.

Mar 02, 2010
Lovebird legs not working
by: Tracie

I am sorry to read this, poor bird and poor you. This is not something that Dr B can help with, because he can not examine your bird. He suggests that you get your bird to an avian vet immediately.

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