my macaw - apple cider vinegar?

by Eileen
(Madison ohio)

Is it ok to give my macaw apple cider vinegar for his sneezing he does it alot and if so how much do i give him

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May 12, 2011
No apple cider vinegar in bird water
by: The Avian Vet

Apple cider vinegar is not going to help your bird. If you put it in the water it will only prevent him from drinking. You need to take him to see an avian veterinarian a diagnosis and proper treatment.

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Dr B

May 11, 2011
my macaw - apple cider vinegar?
by: Linda

NO, do not give your bird apple cider vinegar. If your bird is sneezing a lot, he may have a bacterial infection. If this is the case, the bird HAS to be taken to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Since you nor we know what is wrong with your bird, you nor we can offer suggestions as to a treatment plan. First, bird has to be diagnosed and then avian vet can give you a prescription for medicine that will actually get him well.

Never give home remedies or over the counter meds to a bird. Home remedies do not usually work, and over the counter meds like those found in a pet store can and will kill your bird as they are too strong and too generalized to be of any use.

Please take your bird to an Avian Vet at least once a year for a well bird checkup to make sure there are no physical problems, and ALWAYS take bird to avian vet if there appears to be some kind of illness present like you mentioned here.

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