my macaw died

by sommer
(trinidad west indies)

hi my name is sommer and i live in trinidad i had a 3 yr old blue and gold macaw and he died 2 days ago. i'm in a mess and i cant stop crying, it all started with arthur thats his name he was bringing up everything he ate and started to loose weight very quickly . and he was all fluffed up i took him to the vet and they said he had an infection in is crop . i gave him the meds that they gave me , i hand fed him for 2 weeks as he was too week to feed himself..i tried everything, and he still died ...i just need some answers i dont know what was wrong. please help me get some answers.

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Jun 26, 2012
Very sorry
by: Chris

Hi im chris im very sorry to here about your baby macaw yesterday my baby macaw who was only 4 had died i still cant stop thinking about him he was fine until i moved then he started loosing weight and his colors werent as bright and he wasnt as active i didnt have the money for the vet but at this point i would do anything to bring him back noone knows how importan he was there like little children his name was sammy i wish i could just forget about it but i miss him so much now but what really bothers me is a bird that is supposed to live to be 100 dies all the sudden so early and the hard part is i have had him since he was born i was lucky to have him brand new and not handed down i guess thats whats so hard about loosing him.

Jun 23, 2011
My too

Sorry I really know how You feel My blue and Gold Macaw Died 3 days ago,His name was Max,and was 5 yrs old,and he died only in a Day,he was fine ,then My wife call me at work at 7:18 P:M to tell me He was sick when I got Home He has mucus (a lot) in face, Then I run to the pharmacy to buy a pump to clean up the mucus but when I came back only in 20 minutes He was dead,Now i feel a pain in My chest when I see his empty cage, My wife put a plug ins close the cage and was toxic for him,

Nov 24, 2010
B&G macaw died
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss. Unfortunately Dr B can not tell you why your bird died. The only way to tell would be if you had taken your bird to an avian vet for a necropsy.

There are so many things in our houses that are toxic to birds, it could be that it chewed, licked or breathed something toxic. Also, if your bird was eating human food, instead of pellets, it could have died from a chemical in the food.

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