my macaw stressed or sick?

by Tara Reed
(north port florida)

my 8 year old blue and gold macaw and i just moved down to florida by car,and the first few days he was acting normal then all of a sudden he turn aggressive and didnt want me to touch we took him to the vet to get his wings and nails cliped and the vet said he was fine but every since then he stopped likeing me which was odd because we are so close. and today he has been breathing heavy and his feet look kinda swollen and his face is hot does this mean theres anything wrong with him?

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Apr 27, 2008
Macaw question
by: The Vet

The behavior changes are likely associated with the move. He is feeling very insecure in his environment. He may not like where his cage is located; something is making him afraid. It may have even been the long car trip. Give him a couple of weeks to relax, then judge his behaviors.

Be consistent in how you handle him. Treat him as you did before you moved. If you feel like you are becoming frustrated with his behaviors, walk away and leave him alone for a few minutes until you relax. Then work with him again. Work worth him for only 15 minutes at a time so he does not become frustrated himself. Gradually increase your time with him until he is back to normal.

Make sure he has plenty of bright light. Birds cannot see well in dim light and can act insecure and even aggressive if they cannot see well. A full spectrum light is recommended.

The red face and feet may be that he is hot, it may be that he is agitated, or excited. The swelling is not normal and should be investigated by an avian veterinarian.

Dr. B

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