my Macow does not eat

by Dean Kritzinger
(South Africa)

my newly saved miniature macows what i saved from a home where they where not looked very after does not want too eat please help me and tell me how too get them too eat any advice guys

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Feb 18, 2008
changing diet
by: Lori/Texas

I too rescued a 5 year old african grey who was fed only a seed diet.His feathers were a mess because he chewed on them probably because he had never been given any toys to play with. He was also afraid of people.

It took a long time and a lot of patience to convert him to a healthy diet. You can't change his diet overnight. If you know what he was eating keep giving it to him and add new and healthy foods to it. I started out using a weaning formula pellet. I gave him vegetables and fruit in a seperate dish.

For months he didn't touch them. Then slowly he started tasting and throwing them to the ground. I've had him 5 years and is doing great. His feathers are beautiful and he is now on harrisons organic pellets, fresh or frozen fruit and veggies and a little bit of organic seed mixture. He also gets cooked food. You can buy mixtures for birds and cook it or there are a lot of recipes on the internet that you can mix up yourself. Most of the organic food I have to buy on the internet.

The most important thing right now is to get him eating something. So I would offer him any and everything. Hopefully he eats a little when you aren't watching. Rescued birds have so much love to give but you have to earn their trust.

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