my male macaw has small black patches everwhere is that normal

by Carol Spinale
(oceanside ca.)

My macaw is 10 years old looks healthy and has small black patched all over. Is this normal

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Nov 02, 2014
yellow skin on the Side of my Cockatoos tongue
by: Anonymous

My approx 1 yr old Cockatoo seems to sleep a lot & is not eating his food.took him to a Vet 3 days ago & got the all clear. We have noticed a small yellow patch of skin on either side of the tongue. Is there a problem with our Cockatoo?

We used to feed him a mix of seeds for a cockatoo & fresh fruits & veggies on a daily basis. The Vet did advise to give him Pellets & also to deworm him. Got the dewormed & mixed it in his water. Not sure how much he had as he did not like the taste. Since then he is not keen on drinking water. How often should we deworm him? Day before he inly aye pears all day & nothing else. Since then we have been hand feeding him tiny dehusked and broken up sunflower seeds and finely chopped up apple peices that he swallows. This is the only thing he eats.

We cannot find any pellets specially for a Cockatoo. Is there a special type of pellet for Cockatoo's or can we feed him the one for Parrots & Galas?

Please advise

Editor's note: Take your bird to an avian vet, and convert your bird to Harrison's pellets.

Sep 11, 2014
Nutritional defeciency
by: Tracie

This is likely a nutritional problem. Some call them "stress bars" but many people report it ends up being nutritional. If you are not feeding 80% high quality pellets, like Harrison's, then my bet would be on this.

Honestly, you need to have your bird checked by an avian vet, to find out what is really going on. There could be a health issue that is totally unrelated to to nutrition.

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