My mccaw doesn't want to go back to her perch

by Pamela
(Phoenix az)

My mccaw has recently been hanging out in the laundry room and doesn't want to go back to her perch. Shes always been on her perch while I'm home. Gets ansty at night and wants to be with me....but recently she hates it. And she doesn't try and sit on my lap anymore. She's only 17. She seems to stay with some of my flip flops. Usually she ate all day while on the worried, I put a bowl of food and water on the floor in the laundry room today and she ate it all. Still only comes out to poop. She's sort of potty trained.

Should I be worried? I am fine with her in there....she's just never been on the floor so much. I am talking all day this Sunday.

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May 12, 2012
What's up....
by: Anonymous

You might want take your bird in to a vet. because the first sighn that she is not feeling well is that she is on the floor. Is the laundry room a different temperture, has the perch been moved maybe and your bird does not like its location, too much sunlight too much AC draft? I guess what Im asking have you made changes that your buddy doesn't like? Whats in the laundry room that he does?

I hope you find the problem with you friend.

May 07, 2012
you are making me out like I"m awful to my bird
by: Pamela

this is a bird safe room. She has toys and climbing stuff on her perch. It was a matter of speech - I take very good care of my mccaw. I cook for her and everything.

She doesn't chew on furniture or walls and doors. When I was outside - she was on her perch for 2 hours...she has toys everywhere!

She's healthy - eating and just hanging in the laundry room.

May 07, 2012
Macaw wants to stay in laundry room
by: Tracie

I think Linda was saying she needs to be climbing around in cage or on a play stand, not just standing still on a perch.

The concern I have is that your bird made it to the laundry room at all. There are soooo many toxic items and dangerous places a bird can get into when not supervised. My avian vet is of the opinion that NO bird should be allowed to roam a house freely, unless the entire house is bird proof. (Unlikely for most homes) They see so many birds die from getting trapped somewhere or chewing something toxic due to bird owners thinking they are being sweet to let their bird explore the house. Did you know even the metal on your ceiling fan could be toxic if your bird licked something off of it?

Please either make a bird safe room in your home or clip the birds wings and never, ever allow the bird to leave your side and especially NOT get on the floor where your shoes could have brought in a bird disease from outside.

Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list

May 07, 2012
Cage and perch
by: Pamela

She has a huge cage - tons of toys and great wooden pieces.

where is she supposed to be other than her cage and perch.

May 07, 2012
My mccaw doesn't want to go back to her perch
by: Linda

Sudden changes in behavior indicate illness, so have her checked out by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area. The other thing, is her on the floor is not good because no matter how clean we keep our floors, they are filled with bacteria all the time. Take her to the Avian Vet first to rule out illness or other physical problems and then begin a training program to get her to enjoy her cage.

Find an Avian Vet

It is not healthy for a bird to sit on a perch all day, and she needs a very large, roomy cage with some Macaw sized toys with wooden pieces to chew on. Birds love to be able to chew on wood, and getting or making toys with wooden pieces keeps them from chewing on perches as much. Perches need to be safe natural branch wood. Manzanita works very well for Macaws. Make sure you sand down any sharp places on the perches as these will cut your bird's feet.

So, your bird may be ill, and a trip to Avian Vet is necessary before any training can be done. She also needs to be eating organic pelleted diet 80-85% pellets and only 15-20% in fruit and veggies which means smaller amounts several times a week. Harrison's is a very high quality pellet, and my Amazons have been eating it for almost 20 years now and are healthy and happy and very seldom sick.

It is found here, and it costs a bit more than the junk pellets or the starvation diet called all seeds, but you save in avian vet bills and know your bird is healthy. Below is link on how to go about changing from junk pellets or seeds to organic pellets and was written by an Avian Vet. Do not begin any dietary changes or training until your bird has been examined by an Avian Vet because both dietary changes and training are stressful.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

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