my nanday has weak legs?

by bobbie
(las vegas)

hi i hope you can give me an answer my nanday conure "romeo" is 11 years old all of a sudden i find him sitting in the bottom of his cage well hes become very aggresive hes ruffeld up constantly and weak in bouts. my husband said hes possibly egg bound because he has all the symptoms we do not know if he is male or female after i plucked from the bottom of his cage he drank alot of water and sneezed alot of it out of his nose he is eating and drinking though he honestly reminds you of a women in labour one minute he seems fine and the next few hes just out of it like labor. he sufferd alot of seziures between 10mo and three years but other than that has been healthy ever since ive lost a lot of birds to cancer and old age i dont believe he has either this time im puzzeld so any info you could give would be great thankyou.

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Jul 15, 2008
my nanday has weak legs?
by: bobbie

thanks for any help you may have been able to give me but it turns out hes not pregnant it was just a calcium deficency he will not eat anything calcium related so i just ground up a cuttlebone and put some in his water and in his food and he is getting better he is not ruffled up and he is climbing all around his cage ill keep him seperate from my other birds for a while longer but he is doing great now dont get me wrong you should take your bird to a vet when needed but im allways one to try the simple things first i used to do this alot i owned close to 400 birds at one point everthing from a mouloccan to a finch but that was then i only have 3 now and i came across alot of illneses some even vet worthy but never this belive me if giving him calcium did not work he would have gone to the vet so people the moral to my story is dont be like me if you have tried all your options and nothing seems to work get them to the vet and thanks again for trying to help.

Jul 14, 2008
Nanday with weak legs
by: Tracie

Hello Bobbie,

Any bird that is fluffed up on the bottom of the cage needs to be seen by an avian vet asap. Dr. B can not help birds that are obviously sick because he can not run the tests and prescribe medicine over the Internet.

Please take your bird to an avian vet asap.

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