my new afican gray parrot

by Joe

hi there, i have just bought a parrot and have no clue what to do i have fed him and have hin a good cage but he shouts at me when i come closer he will not want to feed from my hand and he is only 7 month can you help me to what to do and how to act.

thank you Joe

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Dec 28, 2009
African Gray
by: Lori

I have to disagree with Hillary. African Grays are Highly intelligent creatures and learn very quickly. However you do need to take it slow and don't try and force him to do anything. Let him get used to you and his new home. Speak softly and always be calm even if he lunges at you. Read everything you can on this bird. They thrive in a learning enviroment.They need lots of attention and interaction as well as a good organic pellet diet. Mine eats Harrisons. If they get bored or stressed they can become feather pluckers.

Dec 27, 2009
my new afican gray parrot
by: Linda

Joe, I recommend you look for some books on this site about the African Grey and books on caring for birds in general. Homework needs to be done BEFORE you buy a bird as their needs can be quite complicated.

Look at the books on this site, and there is more information on the internet. You need to study and you need to do it quickly as your bird has special needs with feeding, housing, perches and toys.

He will also need to be seen by an Avian Vet soon as you can because birds frequently contract infections when being moved around.

You'll also need to take a look at some of the training materials on the Parrot Training page to help with taming and training your bird. MAKE SURE HE IS TAKEN TO AN AVIAN VET BEFORE ANY TRAINING BECAUSE A SICK BIRD WILL NOT LEARN AND WILL GET WORSE WITHOUT MEDICAL HELP.It is your job to learn all you can and then keep learning. The learning is a lifetime commitment, so get busy soon as you can.

Dec 27, 2009
new bird
by: Hillary

Mercy you picked a handful for a first bird. Is it guarenteed? Did you buy from a breeder? If you bought from someone reputable they ought to trade you for a smaller, sweeter handraised bird you can handle. That's too bad. But remember they have pea brains it may take weeks just to get the bird acclimated to your schedule and life at your house. Birds scream for a lot of reasons and not all of them are fear or anger. Just talk to your new bird and be regiminented in your schedule, varied in its diet and respond when he yells at you with sweet words. Don't yell back. Really. They just try to match your decibal level. It will work out.

Mine still lunges at my head while I'm cleaning the cage sometimes but as soon as I start singing she runs for a scratch. They are just pea brains with love attached. Be patient.

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