My new baby conure is biting but not aggressively...

by Brea
(Spencer MA )

I just got a baby conure yesturday and he is so smart, cute and friendly. He does bite but it is not out of agression, I can get him to step but but randomly he just nips at skin,fingers, lips. I try the "make him off balance" type thing but he bites harder.

I do cage him and say "no biting" but I feel bad becuase I just got him and I don't want him to be caged so often. I understand he is a baby but is there a way to detour him from "tasting" everything. I mean he already knows trinks and I just got him yesturday so he is smart so I think he knows what hes doing, we never yell or hit or even say *ow* just a stern "no biting" and back in the cage. Should I wait a few weeks becuase I do understand it's still all new to him. Help?

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Mar 05, 2012
My new baby conure is biting but not aggressively...
by: Linda

Do no more of the "off balance" thing because birds are afraid of falling, and they hold on harder if they think they may fall.


Mar 04, 2012
New conure biting
by: Tracie

You are doing the correct thing, by returning him to his cage with a "no biting" phrase. If you wait to do this, then it will be more confusing.

You don't have to wait long to get the bird back out, in fact it would be good to just turn your back on the cage and wait about a minute and get the bird back out again. This way if the bird bites again right away, you get to reinforce the idea to the bird that biting is what is sending him back to the cage.

If you just put the bird back, and then don't quickly give the bird another chance, it may just think it was time to be put up, in my opinion.

We do have some bird training material on our Parrot Training page that may be helpful. In fact there is even a story about my biting green cheek conures.

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