my new bird wont come out of its cage

Hey everyone :) I just brought a lovely rainbow lorikeet bird (6-12 mnths old) three days ago from a bird shop. This is the first time I’ve ever had a bird so was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

It wouldn’t let a hand near it at the time we met. Now after a few hours of taking it home and sticking my finger through the cage for it to lick I eventually had him stepping up on my fingers and letting me touch it.

After a hours of playing with it I eventually managed to get it out of its cage a few times now but it wasn’t easy! i had to put an apple on my hand for it to come jump up and come out. The bird is fine when its out of the cage and sits on my shoulder and comes onto my fingers easily.

Now it wont come out of its cage, I have finger trained it but as soon as i take it near the door it flys back in. It wont step up on my fingers fully anymore.At the moment i am just leaving the cage door open while i'm home to see if it will come out eventually by itself. Any tips on how i can get it to come out of its cage again ??

Thanks heaps


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Apr 09, 2009
Bird scared of coming out of cage
by: Tracie

Shay, somehow I thought I answered this question, but it doesn't look like I did. I am sorry.

It will take patience on your part to help the bird know that it can trust you. Also, you will need to establish that you are top bird, gently.

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