My new Blue fronted amazon not eating at all

hello i've just bought a blue fronted amazon like 2 weeks ago, when the bird was in the store he was so active and i saw him eating and i heard him talking .. once i brought it to my house i noticed him that he became lazy and he didn't eat at all for like 7-8 hours so i decided to take him to a Vet

The vet told me that he should make a blood test for the bird in case he has a virus or health problems, so he made the blood test and the result was negative, he doesnt have any health issues, and i kept the bird in the hospital for 5 days so they take care of him until he start eating by him self .. but he's still not eating. note ( im giving the the same pellets that he used to eat in the store ) but still he's not eating. Now i want to take the bird back to my house but i want to make sure that he's going to eat and he's not going to die cuz he is not eating. what do u recommend me to do so i can get my bird start eating. thank you

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Jan 24, 2018
Any help
by: Anonymous

My parrot coughs all day hardly eats and drink water and doesn't talk anymore and it is a Blue fronted amazon parrot

Editor's note: Dr B isn't answering here anymore. Hopefully you got your bird to an avian vet for help. Dr. B couldn't have helped over the Internet anyway.

May 21, 2013
New bird not eating
by: The Avian Vet

This sounds like a bird that is not eating because of the stress of moving to a new home. There are some other things you can try that will make the transition easier. First, if the work up shows no disease or illness, then you need to take him home. Encourage you you purchase a gram scale to monitor his weight at home.

Moving to a new place is very stressful, and, although you did the right thing by seeking veterinary help, hospitalizing him cause him to go through another transition that affected his eating. It is normal for a bird not to eat on the first day of moving in, but should be eating within 24-36 hours. If not, then there are techniques that can be implemented to encourage eating.

I am happy to counsel you on the transition to the new home, but this would be a phone consultation as an email correspondence is not sufficient to manage a serious situation as this. (Contact Tracie to get information on scheduling an appointment with me.)

Dr B

May 20, 2013
My new Blue fronted amazon not eating at all
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there, I don't know about the arrangements you and the bird shop manager has. Was there any agreement if the bird gets sick or any problems in 15 days you can return the bird? I would've called the bird shop and let the manager knows about the bird since the first day that I brought him home and he wasn't eating. He may've had their shop vet checked the bird and do the necessary tests.

I bought my birds from PJ's so I would've had 15 days if anything happens to get it checked and get another one. Thank God that I never had any problems with ANY of my birds (past or present). I'm very sorry for you and I do know how this is breaking your heart.

Do you have another bird? Maybe he is feeling lonely and wants a company of his own then he may begins to eat and be happy. If you CAN AFFORD more than one bird it would be nice to have a company for him. If not I'll recommend that once you take him home, monitor him and see how he's doing.

Give him plenty of love if you can hold him and sing, play music and dance with him. If not, play music and dance and do fun things FOR HIM TO SEE. I feel he'd then trust you, get comfortable in your home and of course he'd eat and be himself also loves you.

You said that the tests were negative of any illnesses then I won't worry too much if I were you because you know for sure that he's not ill. Would you please update us about him, thank you.
Take care and God bless.

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