my new cockatiel that is 4 months

by raneem

my new cockatiel that is 4 months and i have some questions plz answer
hi every one , today my new cocatiel has arrived his name is spiky and he is 4 months and a boy he is so sweet and when we say hello he waves (sooo sweet) he also says hi and nods yes when i tell him "isnt it?" and "huh" nd yah i forgot i have my baby 1 yr sunconure nd seems to like bikey da tiel(bikey is nick name) and i have som questions .... i have done reasearches bout tiels but dint find good information .

now bb(sun conure) when its night he sleeps in his bed nd blanket so can i (when bikey is comfortable ) to let him sleep like bb in a bed and blanket even if he is 4 month ??

what can i do with the biting problem?

do u think that bb and bikey will bb good friends cuz bb liked him at first but then tried to bite bikeys feather at the top off his head(it was funny when he tried to do it LOL)

like he is small only 4 months what should i be carefull of? like i means give me what and what not to do?i want every thing about baby tiels plzz

i tried to give bikey AN apple but he dint want it why?

i know u will think i dont know anything about birds but i do know but im just asking cuz this is my first time with cockattiels i only have conures

thank youu gonna appreciate any answers

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Sep 25, 2011
my new cockatiel that is 4 months
by: Linda

Cockatiel and Conure care and handling is the same. The Cockatiel is a less aggressive bird than the Conure, so keep them apart unless you are right there to watch and make sure Conure does not hurt Cockie. The Conure will hurt him in time, so do not cage them together and always be there if they are playing outside cage.

The Cockie does not need a sleepy bed. Birds actually do not need these things and sometimes end up injured because of them. All birds sleep sitting on their perches as that is the natural way.

Food is important for both types of birds. All your birds need to be eating organic high quality pellets and not all seed diets, people food or nuts, eggs, pasta and all that garbage. Here is article about how to change from seeds to pellets, and there are several types of organic pellets found here:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Changing diet takes time, so follow directions and do not be in a hurry.

Cockies do not like many fruits and veggies. Fruit and veggies need to be no more than 10-15% of diet with the rest in organic pellets. Feed no people food or junk food of any kind as this messes up their digestion and will make them sick.

Thanks for writing and write back anytime you need to. It is up to you to learn all about your new bird, so get a book or two and make use of the internet to find out more info about your Cockatiel.


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