my new conure

by Katie
(Anderson, Indiana)

I got a new sun conure off a older man. He says he doesn't know the birds sex or age. I have always owned cockatiels so this is my first conure. I know it takes time to tame any bird, but the man said the conure has never been handled. He is obviously an adult conure I plan on taking him/her to a vet soon. But are sun conures hard to tame?

I can feed him snacks through the cage and touch his beak and maybe even touch him just a tiny bit before he shies away. I put my hand inside his cage he was more shy with that but still took snacks from my hand before scurryin away. He doesnt bite hard if I touch him he gently nibbles and runs away. Is this a good future taming sign?

He did all this the first day I had him. Just curious, like I said I grew up owning nothing but cockatiels so give me some conure advice!! Either way I am in love with my new conure pyro!!

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Dec 23, 2009
my new conure
by: Linda

Congratulations on your new friend! Conures care is similar to the Cockatiels, so you won't have any problems there. Your bird needs to be taken to an Avian vet immediately to be checked out for infections. It is unusual for a wild bird to take food from your hands at all, so yes, this is a good sign. There is also a possibility this bird has been abused, so go slowly with him and allow him to start trusting you before you push him too far. He must be seen by an Avian vet before ANY training program can be started as a sick bird will not want to learn.

Diet for your birds is the most important aspect of their care. They need to be changed over to an organic, high quality pelleted diet if on an all seed diet. All seed diets are low in basic nutrition. In the wild, birds are able to find a variety of foods and seeds are only a part of this diet. Tracie has several kinds of organic pellets here, like Harrison's, and make sure you buy the organic as some of the others have dyes and preservatives harmful to birds.

It sounds like your little bird is a really loving one, and his trust must be earned, so allow him to get used to you and your home, take him to an Avian Vet, and start getting both your birds onto a healthier diet before any taming and training is begun.

Happy Holidays to you and your family, and sounds like you have received the very best gift anyone could ask for--a loving friend!!!!

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