My new Parakeet is not doing any activity

by KD

Hi, I got 2 new parakeets. I have all sorts of toys in their cage. Its been 2 days and I cant see them playing or doing any activity. One of the parakeet, for most of the time, sits in one corner for most of the time.

Can you please help me in identifying if its normal behavior for a parakeet if they are in a new place.

Thanks in advance

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Mar 11, 2010
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by: KD

Hi Tracie,

Thanks for answering. I guess it was just a issue of few days. Now they are eating properly. We change their water and food daily, do the cleaning too. Sometimes when i try and put my hand inside the cage they run off in the corners while other times they just remain sitting on their place.
I was planning to start their finger training soon. I just wanted to know that am i going too fast or they are ready for the training.

Thanks in advance

Mar 08, 2010
New parakeet not active
by: Tracie

It is normal for birds to sit still, hoping you don't notice them, the first few days of their arrival.

If the bird is sitting fluffed up, not eating or not drinking then take the bird to an avian vet ASAP. It is actually best to take your bird to an avian vet before bring it home, to make sure you have a healthy bird and for it to be vaccinated.

We have some parrot information and training articles on our Parrot Training page that I think will be helpful.

Thanks for writing, it shows how much you care.

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